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Nature College’The second of the “Nature TALKS” conference organized by Prof. Dr. He held at Doğa College Sarıyer Campus with Itır Erhart’s “I am responsible for the planet” presentation.

The executives of Doğa College and BİLGİ, students and teachers of Doğa College attended the conference. The entire Doğa family had the opportunity to listen to the lecture online.

teacher. Dr. Itır Erhart gave important advice to students and listeners: “One person can change the whole world. We can take a step for the planet and contribute to the well-being of living beings other than ourselves by doing something for living beings other than ourselves through volunteering, donations, activism, social entrepreneurship and small behavioral changes. mentioned.


Sustainable Development Goals determined by the United Nations (poverty eradication, hunger eradication, health and quality of life, quality education, gender equality, drinking water and sanitation, accessible and clean energy, decent work and economic growth, industry-innovation and infrastructure, inequalities) sustainable, sustainable cities and communities, responsible production and consumption, climate action, life in water, life on land, peace-justice and strong institutions, partnerships for purpose)
Mentioned by Prof. Dr. Erhart explained why all countries have achieved these goals:

“If we don’t find solutions to the problems, it will be very difficult for us as humans to continue on this planet. There is the climate crisis, there is plastic pollution in the seas and aquatic life is in danger because of it. For this reason, we must cling to the issues included in the Sustainable Development Goals. It doesn’t matter if states or companies do it, we all have to do something. »


Talking about the Rabbit Ralph, who created a great awareness in society about animal experimentation, 4Ocean bracelets transformed with plastics recovered from the sea, and various social responsibility projects, Prof. Dr. Itır Erhart said that the happiest thing for people is to do something for living beings other than themselves, and said, “You can become a social entrepreneur or a volunteer by seeing a problem and by developing a product that will solve it. You can be a great person for the planet without doing these things. Being aware, being inventive, separating the waste from the source, not eating meat maybe once a week, asking yourself if you need the product you can’t buy, ditching single-use plastics, transforming the territories we live in, taking a step for the planet, allows us to live meaningful lives and make ourselves great for the planet. a human does,” he said.

Answering questions from Doğa College students, who have developed and contributed to many social responsibility projects, Prof. Dr. Itır Erhart told them that they can become volunteers, activists and social entrepreneurs, adding that they should talk about the work they have done or are doing for living beings other than themselves, and that By telling it, they will persuade and raise awareness. Stating that he started his regular volunteer career doing theater with children in the poorer neighborhoods of Istanbul during his university years, Prof. Dr. Itır Erhart said, “We were 6 people when we were founded, now we are 100,000 people. One of you, one person can change the world. mentioned.

teacher. Dr. Itır Erhart said that she also has art-related projects related to damaged theaters during the time of the pandemic, she wants to do more work for Africa, she is working on a campaign on blockchain for disasters and fires, and that they will contribute some of their work to NFT.

teacher. Dr. Welcoming Itır Erhart to their campus, students said they got useful information for the planet. Dr. He said that Itır Erhart’s experiences and works guide them. teacher. Dr. Expressing that he is happy to be with the students, Itır Erhart thanked the entire Doğa family.

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