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Time’s Turkish Economics Director Mehmet Canıtatlı shared with our readers the citizen’s perspective, struggling with the cost of living, on the fatigue of the National Alliance’s ambiguity during the electoral process presidential.

In a politicized society, it is very difficult to think well and do intelligent things. No matter what country they are in, sane citizens do not like politicians to aspire to administer the country with a complicated image. In our country, we have seen on many occasions that the situation is not very good when the question turns around and locks itself into politics, no matter what field it is.

Although it is years before the election, the psychology of the people as well as the markets have been tested by the controversies that began in 2019 and the nostalgia of the constant atmosphere of early elections. How not to get upset? Think of a businessman who has to adjust every step he takes to the heavy atmosphere of politics. How can we invest in this scenario today, with the fear that something will happen at any time with another scenario tomorrow? In fact, there are businessmen who have managed to shake off this strained psychology. I warmly congratulate them.

What about other segments of society? It is an uncertainty. For example, I have heard that the presidential candidate for the Alliance of Nations will be announced closer to the date of the elections. When I look at it from the perspective of a journalist who has been involved in the news and political programs for years, I think one of the biggest mistakes of the alliance is not to announce the candidates for the Presidency. Because politics is field work. This is not a trick to pull a rabbit out of a hat. I am of the opinion that the leaders are misled on this question which has occupied public opinion for months. “Who will be named? The answer to the question is no longer very interesting for the citizen of the street. Because the same faces are constantly beating water in the mortar for hours on end on the same screens. People are fed up with uncertainty. The essence of the word; citizen with more than one year before the date of the election, They swim in the sea of ​​distractions with common words like “candidate will be this, that won’t happen, no waiting and will be announced last month, no leader will decide”. Citizens, on the other hand, will use the vote by analyzing the links between the candidate and the party they choose when they go to the polls. The number of voters who will vote for a little-known candidate will be negligible. While this table is in the middle, ‘What are you waiting for….’ don’t you have to say? No sir, gentlemen and ladies, it’s as if they were about to compete. If the candidate is announced early, it will wear out quickly. If such experienced politicians have to meet several times around a table and leave the question of the candidates to the end, expecting a good action from this matter will tire even their own constituents. If you stand up and name a profile without thorns, it is bound to wear out in a short time. And with the wrong choice of candidate, you will already lose the election. I would also like to clarify that what I mean by spinelessness is the candidacy of someone outside the political field. Because the Presidency has also turned into an electoral race. Leaders must also be highlighted in this area. The actions of the aforementioned presidents are obvious. They should prove their maturity with at least 5 years of practice.

Of course, you should know that it is not possible to ensure balance in politics only through the candidates. On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that the political orientation and harmony of the electorate, as well as the name and profile of the presidential candidate, and the ability of the parties to respond to it with a “realistic vision “, will put their minds on the balance. From this point of view, the Popular Alliance seems without risk. We can say that the Alliance Nation, which aspires to power and wants to bury the ERDOĞAN era with its presidential candidate, has its work cut out for it. On the other hand, it is just as easy to draw a line under a period because of inflation and some unfair developments that target the pockets of the people, minimizing the great gains made by the AK party, which came to power. with the promise to end the cost of living and social grievances, on behalf of our country in the 20 years since. probably not.

Let’s say that in 2023, the voters ousted the AK PARTY from power either because they were fed up or because their expectations could not be met as before. So what happens next? Will the number of MPs in the current government drop to 100 in parliament? Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whom we know with his identity as a fighter, will he say “everything comes from me”? According to the current picture, I say “no” to these questions. There is a high probability of seeing a parliamentary arithmetic where the majority will always be in the AK PARTY.

While it is more or less clear with which votes the parties that have formed an alliance, whose presidential candidate has not been determined so far, will be represented in Parliament, it is obvious that not everything is in the bag. In other words, we can say that the work of the Nation Alliance is really difficult. The presidential candidate must keep balance in terms of the parties he represents in his rhetoric, and clearly explain an agenda, if there is one, to the nation on the ground.

What makes a political party powerful is as much its performance on the ground as its identity. If the National Alliance tries to spend its performance just with the logic of “As long as Erdogan leaves, we’ll take care of the rest”, it will quickly consume its energy. Because the first concern of the nation is not the departure of Erdogan, but the boiling of his pot. If the current government pushes its means in this regard and can embrace the nation, it can still score points…

We would like to see the translation of the transformation of the crisis into an opportunity by those who once again hold the executive power. I have written many times that in the fight against inflation, which is vital, we must set objectives and move forward together, instead of only weighing down the government. A total fight against inflation is essential. I don’t understand what Ankara is waiting for. The deputies and bureaucrats of Mr. Nurettin Nebati, Minister of Treasury and Finance, are obliged to point out the Minister’s rhetoric. If you do not want Erdogan to be re-elected, please sit in these seats until election day. And then ! When the pot lid hits your head, maybe you’ll come to your senses.

I would like to go a little further and say this: if the elections do not knock on our door before November, we will have the chance to enter the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, with only one month of vacation this summer and with all shortcomings corrected until the end of the year. The most beautiful thing that can be given to the people of this country with its power and its opposition in 2023; There should be 85 million smiling faces who can live fairly trusting each other, bring home their bread with the blessing of their income, and can boast of their 100-year history beyond that. .

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