Rabbit heart olive oil has the highest level of antioxidants

Mehmet ÇINAR/ANTALYA, (DHA) Olive oil obtained from rabbit heart olive from ANTALYA was analyzed at the University of Cordoba, Spain. As a result of the analysis, it was determined that the rate of oleocanthal (antioxidant component that gives olive oil a bitter taste) in rabbit heart olive oil has the highest rate. high among the types of olive oil in the world. Associate Professor at Ankara University. Dr. Mücahit Taha Özkaya said, “The perfect natural extra virgin olive oil produced from the rabbit heart olive variety can be used as medicine.”
It has been determined that olive oil obtained from rabbit heart olives, which attracts attention with its size and meat ratio unique to Antalya and is mainly used as table olives due to its low in fat, has the highest ratio among all other types of olive oil in the world, with the ratio of oleocanthal, which is expressed in health components. Rabbit heart olive is produced in Antalya every year about 100 tons, and oil from this type of olive is about 2 tons.
Along with the rabbit heart olive, which was registered as a geographical indication by Antalya Commodity Exchange (ATB) in 2018, the other two types of Antalya olives, beylik and black olives, are presented by the University of Cordoba, in Spain, which is considered the best in the world in terms of olive oil analysis, in cooperation with the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Ankara. ATB President Ali Çandır and Faculty Member of Horticulture Department of Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture Assoc. Dr. Mücahit Taha Özkaya announced the results of the analysis.
Ali Çandır, who spoke about his work which will form the basis of the Geographical Indication of Rabbit Heart, Principality and Unique Black Olive in Antalya, said: “As part of this study, together with our professor Mücahit from the University of Ankara, has been pressing us for two years during the harvest period and transferring the oil from these species of olives to the University of Cordoba, Spain, for health.” It is really important that the oleocanthal level of our rabbit heart olive oil is very high in the test. This is the highest level that the experts have declared in the studies carried out so far. 191 mg per kilogram. They said there is no other oil containing oleocanthal at this rate.
Pointing out that according to this result, medical professionals said that rabbit heart olive oil can be used as a medicine in a sense, Çandır said, “We also observed that there are studies in some publications that it creates a preventive element against cancer and that it can be used in the treatment of cancer.We will obtain the registration of the geographical indication of our rabbit heart olive oil as ATB , but in line with these developments. We will try to make better use of our rabbit heart olive oil in terms of health,” he said.
Mentioning that rabbit heart is actually a type of table, Çandır said, “Therefore, its oil is 50% more expensive than other oils. However, after these test results, our teachers say that it cannot be sold for less than 100 euros per liter. “I think we can develop it further by planting it. Also, due to the recent pandemic, people have started turning more to natural products and in that sense the demand for olive oil, in especially rabbit heart olive oil, has increased dramatically,” he said.
Associate Professor at Ankara University. Dr. Mücahit Taha Özkaya prepared a report under the project “Determining regional differences of rabbit heart olive variety, principality and types of black olives grown in Antalya province in a way which may constitute a basis for the geographical indication”. Assoc. Dr. Özkaya made the following statements in his report on the letter from Spain:
“Perfectly produced extra virgin olive oil of rabbit heart and principality olive varieties and black olive type has been tested in terms of some important minor components by taking samples from different locations in 2 seasons Although it was possible to produce olive oil by taking samples from the three olives in the 2019-2020 season, black olive type olive oil was tested. was analyzed when found to be faulty It was not possible to produce olive oil from black olives, as the product could not be obtained during the 2020 season -21.With this study, the information given as an olive variety with a high level of oleocanthal in the project that we carried out for the rabbit heart olive variety was confirmed. of rabbit heart olive with the highest level of quality can be used as medicine Antalya should take advantage of this opportunity.
Stating that the amount of vegetable oil produced in the world is around 200 million tonnes, of which around 3 million tonnes is olive oil, Assoc. Dr. Özkaya said, “About 70-75% of this olive oil is consumed by producing countries. Considering that our country’s vegetable oil needs are around 2 million tons, and 150-170 thousand tons are satisfied by olive oil, olive oil alone can meet the vegetable oil needs of the world and our country. It is seen that there is not enough to afford it” , did he declare.
Assoc. Dr. Mücahit Özkaya pointed out that the production cost is much higher than other vegetable oils due to its unique structure.
Noting that olives and olives with geographical indications must obtain a geographical indication registration, Assoc. Dr. Özkaya said, “Rabbit heart is a cultivar with great potential. Therefore, it should be popularized in the region and introduced into the economy along with its fruits and oil.
Stating that olive oil production must be listed for health, Assoc. Dr. Özkaya said varieties of olive oil with high oleocanthal content find buyers for 100 euros per litre, and rabbit heart olive oil can be sold for 100 euros per litre. DHA-General Turkey-Antalya Mehmet ÇINAR
2021-09-15 14:24:06

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