Flyer on stray animals published

A circular containing regulations regarding street animals and pets, which was questioned after the pit bull attack in Gaziantep, was published in recent days. The circular sent by the Minister of Environment, Town Planning and Climate Change, Murat Kurum, to the governors of 81 provinces focused on banned dog breeds.

After a pit bull attack in recent days, President Erdoğan said stray animals would be collected from the streets. Some municipalities have already started this process. Recently, a new circular on the subject was published.

The circular which formalized the decision, which provoked strong reactions in particular in social media, was published today. in the circular Dangerous animals will be constantly monitored.It was announced that the unclaimed would be confiscated and taken to animal shelters. The types of dogs included in the circular and referred to as “dangerous animals” are as follows;

  • American Pit Bull Terrier
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Fila Brasilerio
  • japanese tosa
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • American bully

Continuous monitoring will be carried out

President Erdogan’s first statements on the subject sparked strong reactions on social networks. ‘#StreetAnimalsNot Owned’ The main idea of ​​the posts collected under the tag was that pit bull attacks have nothing to do with stray animals. Because although these dogs are not aggressive by nature, they are aggressively trained by malicious people and made to fight for money because they are strong. However, this is not the case with stray dogs or stray animals in general. The decision was therefore seen as the same logic as rounding up people in the city because someone attacked someone.

In addition, in the shelters where the animals would be placed, the animals quickly fall ill and die of disease, starvation and psychological problems. If these shelters, which do not have sufficient financial resources, are already like this, cramming thousands of animals into the streets will only cause mass deaths.

However, the published circular is much more than stray animals. prohibited dog breeds He specified the lines of his diet. The circular, which decided that animals at risk would be kept in nursing homes after being collected, rehabilitated or sterilized, was sent to the governorates of 81 provinces.


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Here are the articles of the circular:

  • 1- In accordance with Law No. 5199, the production, ownership, possession, lodging, supply, barter, display, donation and entry into our country, sale and advertising are prohibited. endangered species (American Pitbull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasilerio, Japanese Tosa, American Staffordshire Terrier and American Bully)Perform 24/7 inspections by our related municipalities; confiscate unclaimed animals in cooperation with the competent services and law enforcement agencies and take them to the animal shelters of our municipalities for their rehabilitation and keep them in retirement homes,
  • 2- According to the procedure indicated in Law No. 5199 and Circular No. 2021/48 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests of 7.12.2021, of those animals that present a danger. For owners, the obligation to wear a mouthpiece and a leash and ensure that the ban on entering densely populated places and children’s play areas and parks is strictly enforced; In the second violation of this prohibition, these animals are seized in cooperation with the relevant units and law enforcement agencies, and these animals are taken to an animal shelter, rehabilitated and kept in these shelters,
  • 3- These dangerous animals in case the owners wish to be left at the nearest nursing home on their own keep them in a retirement home after their rehabilitation by responding without delay to their requests
  • 4- Whether they are owners or not, inspections are reinforced in collaboration with units and law enforcement related to dangerous animals and do not cause any victimization or abuse. and rehabilitation by marking with digital identification methods,treatment and control of parasites, vaccination, sterilization
  • 5- Stray animals brought to animal shelters pest treatment and controlRehabilitation by vaccination, sterilization and marking with digital identification methods,
  • 6- Register animals rehabilitated in retirement homes in the corresponding database and without being rehabilitated none of them should be left in the environment where they were taken,
  • 7- Stray dogs that have not yet been rehabilitated are kept in animal shelters or temporary units by municipalities. save and save to database; After sterilization in temporary units, the necessary measures are taken to restore the animals to their health before being released into the environment where they were taken,
  • 8- The work of the stray animal collection team in our municipalities or following any notification If stray animals are detected, these animals are taken to shelters, and our municipalities, which are not required to establish an animal shelter, take them to the nearest rest home and deliver them,
  • 9- In accordance with provisional article 4 of law n° 5199 that municipalities must allocate from their budgets attach importance to the use of the resource for the purpose of sterilizing stray animals; Since the tariffs determined in this matter are the minimum tariffs, our municipalities should prioritize the determination of these shares at higher tariffs, taking into account the order of priority in the execution of the services, the financial situation and the urgency of the service.
  • 10- For those who have difficulty finding food from stray animals, houses and other places of human residence, and at points that will not threaten road safety, are regularly adapted for animals, availability of perishables and water
  • 11- For the purposes of feeding stray animals, foodstuffs suitable for animal feeding formed in places engaged in food production or consumption activities in the region are collected and suitable for animal consumption Carry out the work necessary to make
  • 12- In nursing homes for the adoption of stray animals make announcements on bulletin boards, the Internet and other appropriate media,
  • 13- In the activities to be carried out concerning stray animals with the Provincial Animal Welfare Committee Anxious to act in cooperation with the coordination and associations,
  • 14- Creation of animal shelters The necessary support and convenience will be provided by our ministry in matters remaining within the scope and competence of our ministry, including the allocation of free real estate related to its operation and operation, and in this sense, our municipalities will carry out the process in collaboration with our ministry,
  • 15- Quickly correct the shortcomings, if any, related to the construction of animal shelters by our municipalities as soon as possible, the recruitment and furnishing of staff, and Ensure that animal shelters operate at full capacity,
  • 16- Non-compliance with the duties and responsibilities entrusted to them under the Relevant Laws and this Circular, or municipalities found guilty of violating these Since legal and/or penal responsibilities will arise, our municipalities must meticulously and prioritize their duties and responsibilities in this area,
  • 17- To the measures to be taken by our municipalities in the implementation of the provisions of this circular, do not violate the right to lifeHowever, in order to prevent the repetition of the sad events caused by these animals which threaten human life, and to ensure the safety of our fellow citizens, especially our children, I would like to ask that no disturbance be allowed in the setting implementation of these measures.

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