Dogs on college campus become students’ nightmare

The stray dog ​​problem at Kocaeli University is getting worse day by day. Claiming to have been attacked by dogs, the students want a solution to this problem for the health of dogs and students.
Stray dogs abandoned around the Umuttepe campus of Kocaeli University have become a student’s nightmare. Dogs that get angry over time have been reported to walk in groups, attack students, and sometimes run after them, giving them moments of fear. University student Aleyna Güven said she was attacked by a group of dogs on campus while walking with her two friends on Thursday, April 7. Güven also reacted to the incident on his social media account.
The students asking for help from the authorities want the dogs to live in a healthier and safer area.

“We want to go to school and the library comfortably”
Güven said he was unable to access security camera footage of the incident which happened on Thursday, April 7. We shouted but no one came. We were between two security guards. We were closer to Homeland Security because we were in the school cafeteria. . At that moment, a car passed by by chance. The driver of the car ran them over to scare the dogs away. We didn’t take long to descend. We are animal lovers, we are against dog starvation and torture. But we also want to go to school and the library with ease. We have classes in the morning and we have to leave the dorm early. Our families are also nervous for us and until we enter a closed environment. duration They are at the end of the line. Because of the dogs, we must act collectively. The things they suggest to protect us from dogs are squatting, having water in a water bottle and spraying it on, carrying a baton, picking up signals that dogs are uncomfortable. We are afraid to wear them because we don’t know how dogs will react to them. Because the dogs can’t see anything at the time of the attack,” he said.

“A regular area must be established for dogs”
Stating that there are a lot of dogs on campus, Aleyna Uyar also said, “We use the bus to go to the Faculty of Sports Science. The reason we use this bus is because there is an incline that we have to borrow to go to school. They leave food on this slope and all the dogs come there. The discomfort that we feel from the dogs, It has increased even more after our last experience. We are very against their evil There were some dogs that we were getting used to. But we “I can’t get used to dogs coming from outside. There are dogs that hurt and dogs that don’t hurt. Establishing a regular area for the dogs is better for them and for us will be,” he said.

“The habits of dogs have started to change”
Noting that the problem of stray dogs at Kocaeli University has gone unresolved for years, Demet Özdagan said, “This problem has started to spiral out of control. Before, they didn’t attack, they overtook us. They even made them love each other. . There are many dogs that grew up with us here. Since staying away from people during the pandemic period, their habits have started to change. “Then new dogs arrived here. As dogs have instincts to defend their territory, they started attacking new dogs. As a result of this attack, we were caught in the middle. It’s not really a solution for dogs to stay at Kocaeli University.

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