Delicious for us, vital for them


I attended an olive oil tasting with a group of scholars and experts. Experts would place a piece of olive oil on his palate, then close his eyes and list words like berries, ground, grass, one after another. At that time, I learned that the character of the olive tree is formed according to the soil in which it is planted and the plants that surround it. In other words, the wilder the olive tree, the higher its fruit and oil.

Dicle Tuba Kılıç, leader of Doğa Derneği, one of the callers of the “Hands Off My Olive” campaign, says the opposite is also true: “Olive groves also help support the wildlife and biodiversity that surrounds them. Spanish conservationists are now experimenting with olive groves that have not been picked and left in their natural habitat. The first results are revolutionary. The olive tree, which interacts with its environment, contributes to the increase in biodiversity.
as well as giving a much better quality product.

The poster shared by the association campaigning against the regulation of mining regulations, which paves the way for mining in olive groves, featured some of the animals that perhaps love olive groves more than we do. We also took a closer look at these creatures…


She likes singing
Warbler: This pleasant songbird, which likes to walk and sing in the olive groves, loves the insects that come to the olive trees. It is possible to see it throughout the year in the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean.

he is mediterranean
serpent eagle: The poisons used in agriculture are snakes, and the decrease in snakes also endangers the snake eagle species. This is one of the creatures whose numbers have dwindled over the past 50 years. He likes to live in regions with a Mediterranean climate and vegetation. The openings in the olive groves make it easier to hunt.

Healthy garden symbol
Bird Oak: A species that lives in trees and hunts in open areas at night. It prefers hollow wooded areas where it can easily hide while perching and where insects are plentiful. Even if you can’t see it, you might think the olive groves you hear are healthy and drug-free.

Olive trunk ideal for the home
Woodpecker: The diameter of the tree trunk must be more than 25 centimeters to build a nest. In other words, century-old olive trees are a blessing for him; he takes full advantage of it.


Take refuge in the Mediterranean and the Aegean
Caracal: He lives on the coastal line stretching from Antalya to Izmir in our country. He mainly uses the forests formed by abandoned olive trees in the mountains for hunting and as shelter.

In the category of sensitive species
Pied marten: It is part of the category of sensitive species of the “red list” of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Birds, frogs, snakes, lizards, rabbits, insects and a bit of grass… This is the variety that brings the marten, which eats everything it finds, to the olive groves.

The fight against insects is required of him
Jay: He has the ability to imitate other sounds. Olive groves are of particular importance for this bird, which can be seen almost everywhere in Turkey except in southeastern Anatolia. He is asked to take care of flies and insects in the olive groves.


Venue owner
Wolf: Balıkesir in the Aegean Sea, Antalya and Muğla in the Mediterranean are the regions where the wolf can be seen the most. The olive groves are for him safe transition points between the mountains and the villages.

night watchmen
Fox: Both carnivorous and herbivorous. Since it likes to live near people and homes, olive groves are places where it can safely roam during the day and hunt at night.

Their number is decreasing
Oklukirpi: On the coastline from Antakya to Bursa, olive groves can be seen almost there. The deserted slopes of the olive groves are areas where he likes to live. Their number is decreasing day by day in our country.

Where are the rodents, there he is
Poppy: Although it can be seen almost everywhere in Turkey, agricultural fields and olive groves have a special place for it. It likes to live near human settlements and feed on rodents that abound in olive groves.


Also attracts predators
Rabbit: One of the creatures that uses olive groves the most and therefore invites predators into olive groves… These are green plants, mushrooms, fruits in summer; In winter, it eats bark and dry plants.

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