5 Golden Rules for Those Who Want to Get a Pet Hairdresser Service

After receiving training from famous pet grooming academies in Moscow, Kan recommended that pet owners get pet hairdressing services, but they need to know what they are doing. have to be careful when getting this service. Moreover, he briefly explained the very important issues that provide comfort to pet owners by telling us the 5 golden rules to consider before getting a pet hairdresser service.


Pet hairdressers can now receive training in our country. The courses taken to become a groomer and hairdresser for pets, which are very popular abroad, are now available in our country. Thus, it is also possible in our country to specialize and receive training from important people before opening a pet hair salon. For this reason, you may wonder about the training and professional equipment of your pet hairdresser in order to enjoy healthy and quality service, Kan said, adding that it is important to learn this information. in order to question their competence on the techniques they will apply. .

Although it may seem like a simple service, not all products used for pets are suitable for them. In order to understand this skill, it is necessary to have sufficient knowledge and receive training. Also, not all shaving patterns are suitable for our furry friends. Some animals should not shave. Merve Kan added that some people’s cuts can reduce the quality of their lives, adding that there is a list ranging from hair issues to critical health issues as a result of minor mistakes to be made while shaving pets. . He said that in order not to get a share of this list, people who know how to cut the nails and feathers of our legged friends should be chosen.

Feathers balance the body temperature of pets. It also protects them from external factors. In order not to be complicit in the deterioration of this balance, we recommend that you choose companies such as Petibom, which are trained and experts in their field. You need to make sure that you choose a company that knows very well which razor should be used for which cat, is very fond of animals and allows you to complete your hairdresser appointments stress-free.

The skin of pets is very different from ours. Chemicals applied to them are absorbed into their skin very quickly. For this reason, it is very important that the products applied are animal-friendly.


Pointing out some issues while talking about the five golden rules, Petibom Pet hairstylist Merve Kan, an affiliate of Petibom.com, made frequent repetitions about cleaning hair salons. “Before taking care of your pet, visit the barber shop and see if it is being used in hygienic conditions,” he said. He recommended that we look at the personal care of employees, how the equipment used is sanitized and if the right materials and products are used. He also stated that our pets can be exposed to infectious diseases through the use of improperly cleaned cat and dog shaving equipment or the use of towels that have not been properly sanitized. He warned that those who wish to benefit from a mobile hairdressing service should pay attention to the hygiene of pet hairdressing tools.


How your pet is treated is also an important issue apart from health and safety conditions. Because they can react to razors, other barbershop creatures, and more. They become stressed and tense. This makes the hairdressing service difficult. Merve Kan, who added that if the service is taken by someone who is not an expert in their field and does not like pets, the next process of caring for our legged friends will be more difficult and their psychology may deteriorate. Because when there are not enough people, they may have to tie your legged friend to a place with a leash when you leave the hairdresser. This gives the possibility of dangerous situations occurring,” he said.

It is very important for anyone working in pet hair salons to be patient, educated and above all know how to behave around animals. Harsh behavior negatively affects pets. Poor legged friends who have had a bad experience at the hairdresser will both go wild and strain for the next grooming service. For this reason, you should pay attention to the fact that everyone who works at the Petibom Pet hairdresser is a person who loves animals. Even when you walk into the living room, you should feel this warmth.


Cats and dogs are very sensitive to their senses. The same goes for the structures of skin and hair. Therefore, they react to sounds more than we do. They can hear frequencies that we cannot hear. For this reason, the sounds of tools such as blow dryers and razors in pet hair salons bother them. Due to their vibration and noisy operation, they can make maintenance difficult. It is therefore very important to work with experts. Because they can understand which equipment is most suitable and best. On the other hand, they also know which equipment the animals will react the least to.

Stating that the hair needs to be dried due to bathing after shaving, Kan said, “The dryer that will be used for this is an important factor. Because cats and dogs with snub noses can get short of breath from the powerful air from the dryer,” he added. He added that this situation can cause serious trauma and fear.


Emphasizing that the health issues and character structures of our pets should be reported to hairdressers, Merve Kan said, “Educated and expert pet hairdressers know the special procedures and can predict how to approach pets with health problems. Thus, the pet grooming service they receive can become more qualitative and enjoyable for them. For this reason, do not forget to indicate the character structure of your paw friend and why he is angry.

Merve Kan, an employee of petkufor.co, who responded to the interview in a pleasant manner, said that she does her job with a lot of love and that thanks to the services she provides, pets are more comfortable, neat and cute.

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