12 facts about animals that will make you emotional

There are facts in the animal kingdom full of surprises that will likely make you emotional when you hear them. Today we take you into the realities of the animal kingdom.

Although we pretend to be the only ones in the world, this world is full of plant and animal diversity. Among these people who come near animals such as cats and dogssometimes ignore these animals. Just as we have problems, they also have problems: while they struggle not to be hungry, they also develop a defense mechanism against predators who want to kill them.

today you We’re going to tell you some sad facts about our animal friends that you probably didn’t know. We believe these facts will help you get to know them better and better understand that they are also partners in this world. If you’re ready, let’s get to our list without further ado.

Sad Facts About Animals You Probably Didn’t Know

If cats don’t like their food, they may starve.

When we give cats a meal, we have to make sure they eat it. Particularly Kittens can be very picky about what they eat. Some cats seek out different types of prey based on their sense of taste. Cats living at home, on the other hand, may seek a new taste by refusing the food offered to them. These cats may even choose to starve when they cannot find a new taste.

During World War II, dogs were used as suicide bombers.

suicide dog

Much harm has been done to animals by humans. One such loss occurred during World War II. The soviet union carried out by During this bloody war Dogs with mines placed on their bodies were sent under the tanks and exploded. Dogs trained with Soviet tanks, thinking they would find food in the lower part of the tanks, reached these areas and blew up the tanks and of course themselves.

Cows have “best friends”.


Having stronger social ties than previously thought Nerds choose a “best friend” for themselves. When these best friends leave, they feel a racing heartbeat, a sign of stress.

Chocolate contains a familiar chemical that can kill dogs.

dog eating chocolate

Most dog breeders know that chocolate harms our friends. So what is the reason for this? content in chocolate Caffeine is a deadly, or at least sickly, chemical for dogs. In other words, remember that the coffee you drink other than chocolate is also very dangerous for your friends.

Some cats purr for reassurance when stressed or sick.

purring cat

According to research Cats may purr when resting to stimulate their muscles and bones. Purring can help improve cats’ moods, an experience akin to the feeling humans get when meditating. Additionally, cats may choose to purr to show that they are in a good mood.

Although cougars are a breed of wild cat, they cannot roar.


Cougars Although it is a species of wild cat, it is like lion, tiger and other wild cats. can’t roar. Purring more like a house cat, cougars don’t make a very deterrent sound for their size.

Hippopotamus sweat is a liquid similar to blood.


The clear pitting of the hippo’s skin until it turns brown. turns red and orange. Hippos, which need to keep their skin moist, can meet their bacterial protection, sunscreen, moisturizer and disinfectant needs with this liquid.

Baby foxes cannot see or walk when they are born.

baby fox

Born when a fox gives birth puppies have no hearing or sight and cannot walk. During this time, the mother foxes stay in their burrows and nurse the young for several weeks, while the male foxes come out and hunt for their families. The cubs, strengthened by their mother’s milk, then acquire these senses and begin to walk. A mother fox can give milk to her young for about 8 weeks.

The gestation period of elephants lasts almost 2 years.

pregnant elephant

Elephants are the animals with the longest gestation period. The gestation period of an elephant lasts from 640 to 660 days. There is also a period of 4 to 5 years between births of a female elephant. Moreover, a newborn elephant weighs an average of 113 kilograms.

Cats are the only mammalian species in the world that cannot sense sweet tastes.

candy eating cat

Due to a particular mutation found in the genes of cats cats’ tongues can’t stand sweet tastes. Cats, which are carnivorous creatures, avoid sugary foods. Apart from this, cats also avoid foods that leave a bitter taste in the mouth. Because bitter foods contain toxins and cats don’t like these toxins.

Monkeys, with the exception of a few species, cannot see in color.


While Old World monkeys had eyes that could distinguish colors like humans Most monkeys today cannot see any color. These monkeys see the world in black and white.

About 33 different species have disappeared because of cats.


especially around people Nearly 33 different species have become extinct due to domestic and street cats. These species generally include birds, rodents and other small mammals. According to statistics shared in 2013, around 1.4 to 3.7 billion birds worldwide are thought to have died due to hunting cats for food.


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The mayfly is the smallest living creature in the world.


Short-lived Mayflies, called mayflies, only live for 24 hours. These flies, which mate after hatching and die immediately after hatching, are the smallest living creatures on earth.

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