The Mask of Vengeance – Elizabeth Hoyt Book Summary, Plot and Review

Who made the Vengeance Mask? Who is the author of The Mask of Vengeance? What is the theme and main idea of ​​Vengeance Mask? What is the Mask of Vengeance book about? Revenge mask PDF download link? Elizabeth Hoyt, author of The Mask of Vengeance Here is the summary of The Mask of Vengeance book, lyrics, comments and review…


book label

Writer: Elizabeth Hoyt

Translator: Nalan Yuce

Editor: Publications Pegasus

ISBN: 9786052990919

Number of pages: 384

What does the mask of revenge mean? Topic, main idea, summary

Aliens in the Darkness

St. The masked vigilante known as Ghost of Giles lives in the shadows. His sole purpose is to protect the innocent in London. But one night, he meets a fearless young woman. As the young woman points her gun at him, the Phantom realizes that she is his wife.

When they fall in love

Lady Margaret Reading made a promise: St. Gilles Fantôme. When she returns to London to her husband, whom she has not seen since her wedding day, Margaret does not recognize the man behind the mask. Bold, charismatic and dangerous, St. Ghost of Giles far exceeds Margaret’s expectations.

The greatest danger is passion

When the passion between them erupts, these two strangers start revealing more secrets than they want. But when Margaret finds out that the truth is that the Ghost is her husband, it’s game over and the players will have to give in to the lust that can flay them…

“The Mask of Vengeance is a testament to Hoyt’s overflowing imagination. Readers will love this book.

-RT book reviews-

“Hoyt’s heartwarming, heartwarming story is as heartwarming as it is sweet.”

-Editors’ Weekly-

Revenge Mask Quotes – Lyrics

  • Even the worst sniper could sometimes hit the mark.
  • Godric St. The first night John had seen his wife since their marriage two years ago, he held a gun to her head.
  • Godric searched for a feeling within himself… and found what he found every time. Nothing.
  • The young woman blinked slowly, almost seductively. Stupid. He must have been sleepy. Was it possible to wink seductively?
  • How could a body survive through so much pain and tears?
  • But it seems that he was not dying of sadness.
  • Who was the last person to worry about themselves?
  • “But you have to understand that men are terribly stubborn and irrational when they are hurt…”
  • “…A mother never abandons her child, even if the child seems to want it…
  • “Is it possible to save a man determined to destroy himself?
  • Even the worst sniper could sometimes hit the mark.
  • It must have been some kind of hellish torment to see a loved one suffer.
  • “Is it possible to save a man determined to destroy himself?
  • … It’s like he’s drifting away from his own soul day by day.”
  • She had abandoned a living man for another already dead.

Vengeance Mask Review – Personal Opinions

Yes. I just finished the last book of the year. Anyone who reads Elizabeth Hoyt knows this. No bad book comes from this woman. Average maybe, but never bad. And I loved all the books in this series. It gives you what you expect from a history with its themes and characters. Love, passion, excitement… He is one of the few authors I have read with affection in this genre -which is not beyond the fingers of one hand- if you like this kind of novels , you can read them without hesitation. I take care to read a history every month. How often do you read History? (Sage Taylors)

The book was definitely a great book for romance lovers. Godric closes his doors to love and women after the land he loves so much falls ill and dies. Things change when his wife, whom he had to marry 2 years ago, suddenly arrives in London and learns that he wants a child with him. Meg on the other hand marries Godric with her brother’s strength after the man she loves dies and hasn’t seen her husband for 2 years after the wedding day. Meg came to London for 2 things. First, she wants to get pregnant. She wants to be a mother. The second is to avenge the dead he loves. Let’s see if two broken hearts can mend each other. Good reading.. (Persephone)

As an Elizabethan fan, I was bored at the beginning of this book and then I started to understand. But I can say that it gradually improved. But I can say that it is quite light compared to other books. The subject of godric, who married our daughter at the request of his brother, is completely closed to love and relationship from the moment he lost his love, until his wife came with megs plans , it is considered a beautiful book by Elizabeth Hoyt. (PINAR MILLER)

Revenge mask PDF download link?

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Who is the author of the book Elizabeth Hoyt?

Elizabeth was born in New Orleans but grew up in the town of St Paul, Minnesota. The place he was lucky enough to visit as a child: St Andrews, Scotland Germany; France; and Belgium. He spent a year in Oxford, England, and with a summer exchange Kawasaki went to Japan as a student.

He has novels written under the name Julia Harper.

Books by Elizabeth Hoyt – Works

  • Lover of the ugly
  • I gave you my heart
  • A love story
  • I wrote you in my heart
  • Tell me your love
  • wild lover
  • sinner lover
  • ice princess
  • bad desires
  • Insatiable pleasures
  • hidden desire
  • revenge mask
  • The shadow of the heart
  • Duke of Darkness
  • mysterious lover
  • lover on the run
  • Dear thief
  • When you find your soul mate
  • Duke of Sin
  • The sweetest of villains
  • Duke of pleasure
  • Duke of Desire

Elizabeth Hoyt Quotes – Lyrics

  • Ah, what a beautiful thing that feeling of victory was. (hidden desire)
  • “Anyway. What I mean is that this engagement will lead me to marriage with confidence. Otherwise, my reputation will be worse than a rotten egg.” “Certainly, my lord.” Jasper frowned and looked at the ceiling. “Pynch, you shouldn’t agree with me when I compare myself to a rotten egg.” “Yes my Lord.” “Thank you.” “It’s nothing, my lord.” (Tell me your love)
  • “I think it takes more than a title and money to be happy.”(wild lover)
  • “I was only nineteen, which I think is quite a dangerous age. You’re old enough to know a bit of everything, but not smart enough to realize there’s so much that we don’t know yet.” (I gave you my heart)
  • “The soul that is in us is much more important than the shell that surrounds us…” (Lover of the ugly)
  • …most people are afraid of their mortality – the fate that will take them away from this world… (The shadow of the heart)
  • You could kill the rats, sure, but only if you act fast enough. Some children even fried them on the fire and ate them. But no matter how hungry Harry was, and there had been days when his stomach was racked with need, he would never have thought to put that meat in his mouth. There was an evil in rats that would surely enter your stomach and infect your soul if you ate them. And no matter how many mice were killed, there would always be more to come. (I gave you my heart)
  • “Although sometimes it is covered with clouds, remember, the blue sky is always there.” (I wrote you in my heart)
  • I’m doing this for you, my soul. Just for you (Tell me your love)
  • “You may be my undoing one day, ma’am.” “Me?” said Messalina, lifting her muscles. “Huh” “There’s something about you that pulls me in, makes me lose my mind, my head and my control. You’re like an exotic poison in my blood; you keep me alive when I should have kill… ” (When you find your soul mate)
  • “You don’t know anything about pets?” “No. Well, we had a cat when I was little, but she never came when I called her, and she used to scratch everyone when she was unhappy. She was usually unhappy, unfortunately. ” “What was the name?” “Cat.” (Tell me your love)
  • “There was so much more to that voice than charm. There was life in that sound. (wild lover)
  • … I think a person can find happiness or unhappiness, whether they are hungry or full. (bad desires)
  • “What is this thing you call love? Silence came closer to him. “Something you’ll never have. Something you don’t even know how to feel. I pity you, Mickey O’Connor, because even though I lost my true love, I had it for a while .You’ll never taste love.” (hidden desire)
  • “I’ve never had such feelings for a woman before. I don’t think I’ll do it again. Don’t you understand? It’s a once in a lifetime thing. If you let it slip through your fingers, we’re both lost. Forever. (Insatiable pleasures)
  • Artemis took a step back. Then one more step. Penelope, Wakefield and Scarborough. They were the actors of this theater. He was just the cleaner sweeping the stage. (Duke of Darkness)
  • “I believe that I can truly love someone, even if it’s not just real love. I think…yes, I think anyone can fall in love, love with true, deep love, and he there’s someone out there to make that love deep.Insatiable pleasures)
  • “The past cannot be changed. I know that,” he said. “We accept the past and yet we look to the future with hope.” (I wrote you in my heart)
  • Life is rarely fair anyway… (I gave you my heart)
  • Nice wasn’t the right word actually. Naughty, cunning, seductive… (lover on the run)

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