teacher. Dr. Lokman Aslan – Agriculture and animal husbandry from another angle!

If you don’t record what you know, what you think, what you consider good or bad, you will be of no use to yourself or to society.

That’s why I decided to write what I considered right and wrong.

Agriculture is all the work carried out in relation to the soil in order to obtain plants that are useful and necessary for humans and animals.

It includes all activities from plowing, cultivation, crop tending and harvesting.

Agriculture; It is the care, feeding, production and breeding of animals useful to man and their products and powers.

The care and production of animals is also included in agricultural activities.

If one enumerates the indispensable conditions necessary for a society to engage in agriculture under the main headings; soil to cultivate, suitable climate, sufficient labor, seeds, breeding, knowledge sorted as.

When the conditions mentioned above are met, agriculture does not occur spontaneously.

spontaneous lifestyle natural life is called.

Life in nature continues in balance and order.

Natural activities determine the ecological balance.

Non-living things are needed to live in their natural life, both for themselves and for another living thing.

In natural life, all living beings are equal and complementary, the zero waste rule applies.

The rule of nature, the law of nature is never violated or broken.

If it is chewed up or spoiled, problems begin to arise.

But nature ends up taking its revenge and returning to its origin.

albeit briefly What did I try to explain natural life?

There is a purpose, and there are creatures we call nature and life that work in harmony with each other to achieve the purpose.

Having minimum conditions for agriculture may be enough for a society to practice agriculture, but it is not enough for successful and sustainable agriculture.

If profitable and sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry are to be done today;

First, the priority needs of the country must be determined.

First, what is needed, how much is needed, what is needed and to what extent, short and long term plans and programs should be developed.

This program should be well explained to the society, everyone should know their duty here, they should perform their duties fully, and they should believe in success.

Our country has all the possibilities to do agriculture.

There is no shortage, there is more.

Under present conditions, it has developed in terms of manpower and knowledge for agriculture.

Our generation grew up celebrating Home Goods Week with their poems everyone should use.

Good work.

Our agriculture and our breeding have developed, we have become a self-sufficient country in agriculture and even an agricultural country exporting agricultural surplus.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that all people in our country have practiced agriculture for the past 50 years.

In order to increase production in agriculture, we have opened up our cash areas, pastures and wetlands for agriculture.

We made drainage canals to drain the wetlands and canals to increase irrigation.

When surface water was not sufficient, we charged ground water.

We drilled everywhere and dug deep wells.

Since our country could not compete with other countries in agriculture, it was decided to develop industry.

The peasant population began to migrate to the cities.

The peasant population produced, but could not obtain what it produced.

When there was a cultural change, everyone migrated to unplanned and unplanned cities for a better quality of life.

People’s living spaces have transformed in stark contrast to the 1950s.

90% of our population began to live in cities.

We got rid of the agrarian society.

The majority of the population began to live in cities, but we could not become an industrial society.

Improve agriculture and increase production;

We have created Unions, Chambers, Cooperatives, Associations, Commissions, Foundations.

We have organized seminars, projects, workshops, congresses, conventions, advice.

We gave incentives and grants.

We have done everything to develop agriculture and animal husbandry.

We never missed.

Everything that was done was necessary and useful work.

He achieved his goal in accordance with his own purpose, and his impressions were also taken.

In our country, regardless of the field supported and the subsidies granted, this field has developed and investments have been made.

Production has increased in this region.

If we explain with examples; We imported bananas because banana production in our country did not meet consumption. Greenhouses have been supported to encourage banana production. Interest-free loans and grants were given. When bananas could not be exported in 2022, the cheapest fruit became a banana.

Our production has increased enough for us. However, the surplus production caused the prices to fall and caused the producer to lose. If the producer cannot afford the loss and stops producing bananas, there will be an increase in banana imports in the years to come and we will become dependent on foreign bananas.

We have supported the breeding of dairy cows in breeding.

We have built modern farms using state resources.

We brought in the best breeding stock in the world.

We gave him the best support to feed and produce.

We are not exaggerating if we say that nothing came out of citizens’ pockets.

The result is that most citizens with empty farms say they have suffered a loss.

We provided fattening support to meet our meat needs.

We imported beef cattle.

We couldn’t meet the meat requirements.

We imported meat this time because prices were rising.

As a result, herders suffered losses as they cost more than the price of imported meat.

It has become a losing sector in animal husbandry.

The barns are empty.

It is possible to see these examples in all branches of agriculture such as cereals, legumes, vegetables and fruits.

While the production of some vegetables increases in some years, there is a shortage of the same vegetable in some years.

If there is a problem in the production of grains and pulses, it will be a problem in the roughage and the discovery feed, which will affect the livestock.

If there is a problem in the production of vegetable oil in our country, know that there is a problem in the bagasse.

If there is a shortage of flour and corn, know that There is also a problem with the food.

While the producer in our country said that the prices of the products were below cost and he had to quit his job because of the loss; The consumer also states that the product he is buying is very expensive and he cannot afford it.

At this stage, the producer and the consumer are not satisfied.

In this case, there is an error.

Then We have to ask ourselves who is satisfied.

That’s not how it happens.

It is the problem that the eyes of the villager are not satisfied.

Artisan making broth

It’s not a simple matter of letting go of the trader being opportunistic.

The problem is that our country’s agricultural policy is dealt with one by one.

What should be done then?

Your goal should be defined.

All components; must function as if a mobilization were declared in order to bring the country’s agriculture and livestock to the objective by mobilizing all its means for the determined objective.

Coordination in the natural life should also be ensured in the agriculture and animal husbandry of the country.

In natural life, the life of a living being depends on the survival of another living species.

If we destroy a living species because it is useless and useless, the species most necessary to us will perish.

Order breaks down and problems begin to occur in the wild.

It is now either very expensive or impossible to replace and restore.

In short, when the ecological balance is disturbed, this situation causes problems in natural life and all living beings are affected by this problem.

If agriculture and animal husbandry are not carried out within the framework of a system as in the same ecological balance, problems will arise accordingly.

The whole of society is affected by these troubles.

If agriculture and animal husbandry are more expensive in our country, if the system intervenes by importing to relieve the consumer, if this turns into a system, agriculture and animal husbandry in our country will come to an end.

In natural life, no living being lives for itself.

His own existence depends on the existence of another living being.

The zero waste rule applies.

Everything found in nature is used.

There is nothing superfluous.

It is built on balance.

When planning agriculture and animal husbandry, we must think with all components and plan according to the zero waste principle and put it into practice.

Each branch must be indispensable for the other units.

If plant waste is not used as closed feed, if animal waste is not used as fertilizer, then animals will go hungry and our fields will be left without fertilizer.

If we work according to the principle of zero waste, this problem will cease to be a problem.

If the wool, skin, oil, offal and manure of the sheep have no economic value, only the carcass and its fine meat parts have value, it must be sold at a very high price to cover the expenses incurred. for the sheep.

The increase in prices is due to the fact that many sheep products are not valued.

This example can be reproduced for both plant and animal production.

Without wasting time to increase production and make it sustainable in the agriculture and livestock of our country;

Realistic and achievable goal,

correct planning,

Good organisation,

due time,

Minimal interference with the system,


When zero waste is achieved, the goal will be achieved as soon as possible.

I don’t want to think otherwise

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