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We arrested the German journalist of Turkish origin as a spy, we posted him as “hey Germany”, our leader of the century rested, he said “we have images, he is a terrorist spy complete”, he will not be extradited under any circumstances, he will never return while I am in this office, German Chancellor Merkel telephoned, said “you will leave immediately”, shh, we sent him by private plane.

We arrested the American priest as a spy, we put a post with the words “ayyy USA”, our leader of the century rested, he said “you can’t take this terrorist while this soul is in this body , this poor man is on this duty”, he said “if they have dollars, we have our God” etc. President Trump sent a letter, said “don’t be stupid”, shh, we sent it by private plane.

Israeli commandos attacked the Mavi Marmara ferry in international waters, they killed our people, we yelled and yelled “ayyyy Israel”, our leader of the century blasted, shouted “we will punish, we will not forgive, we will pay the price, we will isolate ourselves, our hostility is severe”, headlines our media “here comes the world leader” Israeli military intelligence and the head of intelligence of the Israeli air force, at the 7th heavy criminal court of ‘Istanbul, we asked for 9 life sentences and 18,000 years in prison each. , our esteemed media made the headlines “We stuck the Ottoman slap” , there was a first in the history of the Republic, the Parliament was closed, the general assembly in the afternoon was was canceled, our deputies wearing the kefiye went to the demonstration in front of the Israeli embassy, ​​down with Israel slogans were shouted, the Israelis flag was burned, then … Israel gave 20 million dollars, two per person killed He paid 1 million dollars, we closed the file, it was like this month of Ramadan, our leader of the century spoke at the iftar in his palace, he said: “You have me asked when you were leaving?”

Suleyman Shah’s tomb was besieged, we immediately denied it, we put the mail saying “ayyy Syria”, our ruler of the century rested, he said “Suleyman Shah’s tomb is the only homeland in outside Turkey”, he said “the action we will take in case something happens to him is clear, our sensitivity is clear” “We will not hesitate to protect the flag flying from the tomb of Süleyman Shah “, did he declare. He said: “We will pass the roadblock and we will pass the empty coffins of the tomb of Süleyman Shah, we brought him to Turkey at a trot. Our leader of the century spoke in accompaniment to the military anthem. The location of Süleyman Shah’s tomb has been modified as a result of a successful operation,” he said. Our government and our armed forces, who carried out the transfer operation that I carried out before any discretion, I congratulate our forces,” he said.

We found ourselves face to face with France in Libya, we said to ourselves: “Oops, France”, he put Macron, our leader of the century, in his ass, “Don’t buy their brands”, he said, then… Ayyy Macron, addressing Macron by name as if he were his best friend of forty years, he wrote a letter saying: “Dear Emmanuel, I would like to discuss our relations, let’s act together”, they hugged and chatted at the last NATO Summit, Macron fondled our leader of the century.

We came face to face with the UAE in Egypt, the UAE foreign minister tweeted shirk, our hero from Medina declared Fahrettin Pasha a “thief”, he claimed that we stole the manuscripts in Medina, he turned the word around and brought it to our leader of the century, “It was the relationship of Tayyip Erdoğan’s grandfathers with Muslim Arabs,” he said. He said, “these are Westerners”, he said, “we know very well what kind of monsters you are in, we will explain them to you in the future.” We came face to face in ., we printed the picture of the prince of the United Arab Emirates in our media, we made the headlines as “dishonest”, we said “spies from the West”, “15 July We said: “This dishonor made the coup”, we said: “It is dishonor that is the financier of the coup”, then… We welcomed the Prince of the Arab Emirates united, which we call dishonorable, like a prince charming, with a ceremony in the palace, our leader of the century has returned to visit. I warmly greet you and thank you for your kind hospitality.


In the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, the Saudi journalist Cemal Kaşıkçı, whom our leader of the century called “my friend”, was cut into cubes, the executioner’s team and the Saudi consul got on the plane and left, our century leader raised the world to his feet, he said “Cemal Khashoggi has been martyred”, “they are a sucker for the world. He thinks this nation is not a sucker, we will hold him accountable”, said he said, “since Istanbul is the place where the crime was committed, these will of course be judged in our courts”, he said, “the murder takes place inside of our borders, we are in the responsible office,” he said. We will conduct this process with state seriousness,” he said. “No one should even think that this issue will be covered up,” he said.

Iftar balls were dangerous in “old turkey” which they tried to humiliate as “old turkey”.

It was empty, but it was really good.

He wanted merit.

Anyone who wanted to detonate could not detonate it, if they were not skilled, it would detonate in the hands of those who tried to detonate it, causing serious injury.

The “New Turkey” iftar balls they call “New Turkey” are not like that.

His name is bullet, but not his own bullet.

Just like a firework, it squeals, explodes, makes a weird noise, the tee can be heard miles away.

The room is inefficient.

Even if it explodes in your hand, it doesn’t hurt the shooter.

Because there’s supposed to be gunpowder, but it’s cardboard as you know.

The heartbreaking blow comes not from the explosion of gunpowder, but from the tearing of compressed cardboard.

He doesn’t want a battery.

Where you want it is thrown from there.

He doesn’t want credit.

Anyone can cast.

wholesale cheap.

Cheaper than fireworks.

Rumble, roll as far as you can.

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