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April 09, 2022 | Saturday

Fenerbahce leader 15; Galatasaray are 30 points behind. Therefore, there is no great competition or claim. However, even though the great rivals are playing marbles with each other, there is great rivalry. Of course, Fenerbahce’s strong claim to second place should not be ignored. In principle, I think the host has a head start in the derby. On Sunday, fifty thousand Fenerbahçe fans in Kadıköy will be the driving force behind their team. However, matches are won on the pitch. When it comes to the pitch, Fenerbahçe seem to be one step ahead. The yellow-dark blue team is significantly in better shape. In Galatasaray, there is no name to fill Kerem’s vacancy. However, it’s obvious that Torrent will want to hold on to next year with a derby victory before the next election period. He will definitely try to pull a rabbit out of the hat. Anyway, I’m not going to repeat the cliché “there are no favorites in the derby”. Favorite Fenerbahçe. Still, it’s not easy to say “F. Bahçe will definitely win”. Suffice it to say that the derby does not end without goals.


Our football has chaos like a ball of light. Editing has become a mess. The current broadcaster does not want to lose the match broadcasts, but Saran Group is also claiming rights since part of the tender was concluded in their favor. The financial conditions having not gone as they wished, the Clubs are ready to give an option to the current publisher for one year, and to launch a new call for tenders next year. But the publisher is not close to the idea of ​​a simple one-year extension. Reportedly, they will reduce the number they offer if given a one-year option right. As you can see, neither the clubs, nor the publishers, nor the TFF are happy. I don’t know how to find common ground under these conditions. A difficult task awaits Servet Yardimci, who has taken over the presidency of the TFF by proxy. But it can also turn into an opportunity. If he resolves the broadcast chaos by the June election, it will be easier for him to take the presidency.


Turkish Football Federation President Nihat Özdemir has been struggling for a long time. Although he gave up his job and family life for about three years and devoted a lot of time to Turkish football, he couldn’t help anyone. It didn’t look nice for the Fenerbahce community, of which he was a part, or for other clubs. As if that weren’t enough, he was constantly burned out as a businessman who didn’t need money or public relations. The FOOTBALL community lobbies were easy targets for press and club social media trolls. If the referee made a mistake, the footballer threw himself dishonestly, the presidents contradicted the broadcaster, the FFP conditions cornered the clubs, Nihat Özdemir always framed. They didn’t make any mistakes? Of course he did. Who is faultless? But since I personally saw his efforts, I have to say in good faith that he worked hard and gave his due. That being the case, Nihat Bey was able to endure up to a point. He left clubs and the football community to their fate, saying: “If you can do better, you can do it.” He would have liked to have at least finished the season and erased himself by solving the mountain of problems that await him in the short term. But patience is up to a point. What don’t we know?


In Galatasaray, there will be a two-candidate election between Eşref Hamamcıoğlu and Metin Öztürk. First let me say what I will say at the end. G. Saray expects elections, not elections. Not even a year has passed since the last election. Two candidates who could not win the favor of the general assembly 1 year ago, what have they done in one year and will they be preferred? Therefore, what is decisive is not what they did, but what Burak Elmas did not do. In the last election with 5 candidates, 4731 members voted. In the Dursun Özbek-Mustafa Cengiz presidential race, this figure was 3416. I predict that it will be difficult to reach the number of 4000 in the next candidate election. Eşref Bey received 1500 votes in the last elections and Metin Öztürk received 893 votes. The preferences of those who voted for Burak Elmas and Yiğit Şardan will guide this election. He will take the rope at the approach of the threshold of 2000. However, above all the shortage of speculative money and the limited quantity of new resources to be created will complicate the work of the new administration. It is also a handicap that the contracts of nine players in the football team are about to expire. The new president has a tough job. The idea of ​​a strong candidate on which the whole community will unite will remain on the agenda. The success or failure of the football team will be much more decisive for the life of the new era than in the past.

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