Animals Will Be Sold Online: This Torture Must End Completely

The physical “sale of animals” is prohibited in pet stores. However, the “trade” of animals will be able to continue on the Internet. Erman Paçalı, President of Turkey’s Animal Welfare Foundation, said: “This torture must stop completely.

animal sales

With the “Regulations on the places of production, sale, accommodation and training of domestic and ornamental animals” published in the Official Journal, sales of animals will now continue from the catalog.

The animals will no longer be exhibited but will continue to be sold. Animal sales will be done online. Photos and information of animals will be uploaded to the Internet by the seller. The selected animals will be given to individuals.

Together with the regulation, temporary articles regarding the types of cats and dogs in the places of sale also came into force, but their implementation is only after July 14. As a result, effective July 14, cat and dog species will no longer be allowed to be kept in workplaces with a work permit for the sale of pets. Vendors who sell animals will also be required to register certain species.

On the other hand, the move from pet stores, which have become an environment of torture for animals, to a catalog system, i.e. making animals a kind of “catalog product”, is not a change that prevents the sale and production of animals. Therefore, animal rights advocates are against regulation.


Speaking to bianet, Turkish Animal Welfare Foundation Chairman Erman Paçalı said: “They too have a heart and feelings. This torture must stop completely,” he said, adding:

“During the legislative process, we insisted that the production stop and the sales stop. They said that the sale in pet shops was prohibited, but they hid another trick behind it. The manufacturer will pursue the production and sales will continue with the catalogs of the Internet and pet stores, in other words, now you will choose the animals that you used to see in the window of the pet store from the catalog, they will be made custom-made or imported. Well, it wasn’t ownership, it was life. If it’s not a commodity, how can you sell a dog off the catalog like you choose furniture?


“The state of the production sites is deplorable. For years, they couldn’t even control the pet store window. Due to the feedback, they came up with a formula that would make the abuse invisible. No production stoppages or sales. Moreover, it is now even more impossible to control.

“If someone raising a pet can’t take care of it, they can take it to the pet store,” he says. For example, we met during an audit. Where is the place of production of the animals the man sells, where is the invoice, he takes out the documents saying “uncle’s son’s cat breeds at home, aunt’s daughter’s dog breeds at home ‘ and the list keeps growing. There is purely illegal production in the middle, but it is invented under its cover, and even tax irregularities are committed at the base.

“The tax aspect is not our concern, but the breeding and sale of animals as commodities must be stopped. They also have a heart and feelings. This torture must stop completely. Selling by catalog is nothing but a disgrace to humanity.


The name of the regulation, the principles of which were determined by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, was changed to “Regulations on the production, sale, accommodation and places of training of pet animals”. Thus, the term “ornamental animal” was repealed.

On the other hand, in accordance with the modifications made to article 19 of the same regulations, it has been decided that no modification or addition may be made to the layout plans without the authorization of the provincial direction of production, selling, sheltering and training animals. places that have received work permits. While this may prevent any change in the living conditions of the animals after the permit, it will also oblige the sales outlets to pay a penalty if such a change is made.

In the regulations, where it was stated that the said authorizations would be renewed by the ministry until December 2022, it was also stated that the places of sale should have the original of the certificate of formation issued by the local governments in accordance with law no. ° 5199. or a photocopy approved by the Provincial Command.


With the adoption of the amendment to the Animal Welfare Law in July 2021, selling animals by displaying them in pet shops in Turkey has been banned.

Regarding the catalog of animals, AKP Group Vice President Mahir Ünal also referred to the report prepared by the Parliamentary Research Commission on Animal Rights in July 2021 and said:

“The sale of cats and dogs in pet shops is prohibited, and the sale of animals produced in production farms under the control of the ministry from these places will be done through the catalog. In this regard, health and animal welfare are taken into account, and it is believed that this will prevent our animals from being abandoned later, who are taken on a whim.

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