We will now follow the New Asia

Trabzon’s provincial DEVA party chairman Kubilay Çiçek said, “As for the Yeni Asya newspaper, it will be a newspaper that I haven’t followed much so far, but that we will follow from now on.”


A delegation of our representative from New Asia Trabzon visited the provincial presidency of the DEVA party in Trabzon and exchanged ideas. Trabzon DEVA Party Provincial Chairman Kubilay Çiçek answered questions from Ramazan Tavşan from the representative delegation. The interview with the flower is as follows:

– What are your opinions and views on the presidential party system and the parliamentary system?

We see the presidential party system as the source of all the problems. We call it the start of today’s collapse. We have moved to a management system where common sense is left aside and everything is transferred to one person. When you delegate these unchecked powers and responsibilities to one person, a good outcome cannot be expected no matter who uses it. Because everything depends on the words that come out of a person’s two lips. If there is a conflict between what he said in the morning and what he said in the afternoon, the point we have reached today becomes inevitable. Despite all our criticism, such a disastrous result should not have happened. As young people living in this country, beyond our political identity, I think we don’t deserve this point.

If you deactivate and neutralize a functioning parliament, if you violate the law, if you abolish the right to democratic opposition, if you declare traitors those who do not think like you. You will lose national and international trust. Then, in economic terms, today’s image becomes inevitable. The young people of the country are forced to seek their future abroad. We live at a level where the channels used in the international relations of a huge country of 84 million inhabitants, such as information, information, diplomacy and lobbies, which take years to form, are deactivated, and if all relations are good with the person governing the other country, the relations are also good, and if they are bad, bad relations are maintained. However, in the parliamentary system, where is a strong will, where these relations are discussed, where the common spirit is dominant, where the country’s intellectuals, scientists and NGOs are included, where is the will that is revealed as a result individual relationships of a single person? They are not even comparable. How rational it would be to impose this will on the youth of this country as a solution.

– The summit of the alliance of nations was held with the participation of six paws. There was also the Deva Party at this summit. What do you think of the summit?

In the 1990s, there would be public hearings on television with government and opposition participation. Country issues were discussed, where mutual respect and level of skill were maintained. It was also very pleasant. Everyone was watching these discussions. Reasonable and common opinions have been formed. There would be no such separation and marginalization in society. We have never seen such open sessions in which the country’s problems were discussed and addressed under the AKP regime. It is not a gain, but a lost value, both as a country and as a society. Thus, a way to hide problems and throw them under the rug was created. This alliance summit was a first for our generation. We attach great importance to the fact that parties with different points of view and ideas can come together and exchange views on the point of the interests of the country. We consider this a very important achievement for the country.

It was a model summit that will be talked about in 50 years. Despite all the difficulties encountered, he became a hope for the country. We want to be at this summit of social reconciliation and to contribute to the creation of this climate of hope as much as the decisions taken here. As the Deva Party, we find it important and support that people with different ideas can come together around a table and talk about the solution, and the common sense and hope that will emerge from this situation to overcome the social problems we face today.

– According to you, what is the main problem to solve first? What do you say if we solve this, the rest will be easier?

We will solve all our problems more easily if we return to the parliamentary system where the solution of our problems is nourished by the common spirit and provides an environment where everyone can freely express their ideas and criticisms without fear. We wake up a different morning. In economics, law, foreign relations, agriculture, tourism, industry, trust is present in all areas. Problems are solved more easily where there is trust.

– What are your opinions on the Bediuzzaman and Yeni Asya newspaper and its community?

As far as I know, Bediuzzaman is not a name that can be used by everyone, he has a title that is rarely used in the story and means unique, chosen. Even Bediuzzaman’s title is enough to express the depth of his knowledge. I know him as a scholar who devoted himself to his country and lived in exile and paid the price for this cause. We need to read and research more. At least that’s what I’m going to do from tonight. Also, people are confused with Sheikh Said and the Gülen community, and these should be clearly known. As for the Yeni Asya newspaper, frankly, it will be a newspaper that I haven’t followed much so far, but that we will follow from now on. Although it’s a community I don’t know much about, I’m glad to know you. I would like to continue our communication.

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