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“To see a horse in a dream is called ‘murat’. It is a good omen… But I take care of horses even in my dreams every night. Mine is now a professional deformity”, he says with a smile. He speaks with Hayat in a calm tone unique to those who have already signed a truce with themselves and achieved peace in their souls. Janbi Ceylan is one of the few masters of equestrian acrobatics in Turkey and in the world. With its light and tender touch, a huge horse lies on the ground like a cat and turns around. With a simple touch, it stands up and rears up… On the track, the excitement is at its peak. He goes back and forth between two horses, gets up, bends down… Unimaginable games, tricks… He dances a little with the horses. Of course, Janbi Ceylan does not do all this alone, as a hobby. For years he has toured circuses with his horses in many countries around the world. He put his signature on breathtaking performances… He marked the event with his horse show at the 4th Ethnosport Culture Festival… He was a boarding instructor for many Yahşi TV series and films Batı to Fatih Sultan Mehmet and Diriliş He also choreographed a horse and a horse… In fact, he is remembered by the public from recent times for his role as Byzantine commander Teo, which he played in the television series Diriliş . In other words, the horses he was in love with inspired him to become an actor.


Let’s come to the story of Ceylon. He is the son of a Circassian family. He was born in Turkey, but his ancestral lands attracted him from an early age. And he moved to Russia, to the Caucasus region with his family… He studied there in high school and at the conservatory. Let’s say it’s Caucasian folk dance from an early age. He also studied folk dance at the conservatory in Russia. After her studies, she became a civil servant as a dancer. From Canada to Jordan, from Moscow to Ukraine, there is no place where he does not go on tour. He even rises to the rank of star dancer. But as a Circassian, there is a great love of horses in his cultural genes, let’s mention that. He reads and researches horses. What happened to Ceylon when she was on tour again in Moscow. He attends a horse show in a circus. His passion for horses is rekindled…

In fact, what he did is not wise for “normal” people today. He put an end to his nearly 10-year career as a dancer and civil servant, declared “I will only take care of horses from now on” and began to take horse lessons… Then he began to work in circuses. He does horse shows. After all, there is also dancing in the series. In a sense, she combines the basics of horse riding and acrobatics with her dancing. This time, he begins to travel around the world again with different circus troupes… He works for a long time as an acrobat at the Russian State Circus and at the Moscow Nikouline Circus.


Ceylon now enters the world of horses. He takes care of their care, feeding and everything himself. At the invitation of the Jordanian prince, he even participates in the 12 Circassian Long Distance Horsemen project. They are on a two-month trip with 12 horses to the Caucasus via Syria and Turkey… Life in Ceylon experiences sudden turns. He can make decisions suddenly. Just as she left her career as a dancer for the horses she loved so much, this time she decides to put an end to her Russian adventure and return to Turkey. Before that, he comes to his family, which has returned to Turkey. Ceylan, who is 44 today, was 30 at the time. He always wants to do something for horses, but the interest in horses in Turkey is not as intense as it is today. Although these human-friendly animals have a big place in our past, riding training is not common, especially acrobatics on horseback. However, many cultural ethnicities that can be considered equestrian acrobatics, especially the javelin, silently endure in Anatolia.

First, he begins to organize small workshops and shows in Istanbul on his own terms… But this does not attract serious attention. This time, Ceylon is confronted with the film industry. He gives riding lessons to actors and prepares the equestrian choreographies for the film Yahşi Batı by Cem Yılmaz. He does serious work behind the camera. This time, his name begins to be heard in this sector. He performs the same task in the film Fatih Sultan Mehmet… Other films and television series follow. Where there is a movie or TV series about horses, Janbi reaches Ceylon, producers and directors. In fact, his passion for horses leads him to one of the important roles in the TV series Diriliş. He plays the role of Byzantine commander Teo in the series. According to Ceylan, the interest in horses and riding increased especially after the historical films: “When I came to Turkey, there was not much interest in horses. The interest in horses increased increased with historical films and TV series too… There are a lot of equestrian centers now, they started…” Well, how does Ceylon define horse acrobatics? Let’s listen: “Aerial acrobatics, where more than 20 acrobatic movements can be performed, is practiced with horses galloping in a straight line or in a circle, it can be applied for demonstration or competition purposes, vaulting saddles and additional equipment can be used for certain movements acrobatics.Today it is effective.In the Central Asia-Russia-Caucasus axis, which can be considered the starting point of the equestrian vaulting discipline, Caucasian-type saddles are taken as the basis and adapted per volt ige.”

Carnivore AND Herbivore FRIENDSHIP

Ceylon has important determinations on the friendship of horse and human: “This relationship is in fact the story of a carnivorous human being and a herbivorous horse… You cannot see a gazelle and a lion make friendship in nature. It is interesting that two people opposite natures trust each other. So the essence of our work is acrobatics and spectacle. More than that, trust. I think the horse and the rider are of a different nature and this unity turns into an inner journey, an experience of the road, in which the horse is the guide after a while.” Well, what does the horse say to the human with its body language? Ceylan also talks about it: “In general, the straighter the horse, the more excited it is when its head is raised and its tail hangs down. That is, a calm or tired horse keeps its head down, sometimes its nose touches the ground, and its tail hangs freely. The ears are the mental state of the horse. These are the most important organs that reflect. The more upright the ears, the better the horse’s mood, the more it leans towards the neck. . The general position of the ear is slightly forward and outward. With this posture, the surrounding sounds are followed in the best way.”


“The communication between the horse and the human is excellent. First of all, the horse is an animal that understands the language of compassion and trust. Imagine that you go to a show in front of a crowd with him. The one of the most shy animals in the world, by the way. Thanks to the confidence you have in you, he can remain calm there. Everyone thinks that humans tame the horse. In fact, the horse tames the animal. human. He tells that he is human. He teaches sharing, justice, love and compassion… It reveals the feelings that should be in a human being, in fact, that are deep in every being human.”

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