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Dönertaş, who has taken responsibility for solving this problem, which is one of the most important problems in the district, without expecting anything in return, wants citizens to be sensitive.
Dönertaş, who has long devoted his life to helping stray animals in the neighborhood, voluntarily performs labor-intensive work such as feeding the dogs and cleaning the living areas of the shelter, which has not yet been put into operation, for 11 months. in Cuma Mahallesi, with the support of YIKOB, Karacasu District Governorate and Karacasu Municipality. The 58-year-old retired teacher also drives to and from town for dog treatment and neutering. Stating that it is a crime to throw dogs into areas where they cannot find food and that it is not religiously appropriate, Dönertaş called on residents of the district to deliver leftovers from daily meals and wedding from their home to the Cuma Mahallesi shelter. Dönertaş, who highlighted the actions to be taken to solve the dog problem, which is on the agenda in the district, saying: “If I had the authority, I would solve the dog problem in Karacasu in 6 months,” he called on citizens to be sensitive. Dönertaş also said that he expects those who will help him for a fee to contact him.


Briefly introducing himself, Dönertaş said, “I was born in Karacasu. I graduated from Karacasu High School. After becoming an English teacher, I worked in various places in our country. I started teaching at Karacasu High School in 1992. Between 1994 and 1996, I was in Canada to improve my language and gain various experiences. I retired from Karacasu High School in 2015. After a rest period of 2 years, I started working in an online language school in Japan 4 years ago due to the house payment that I bought at Nazilli. I teach English from home to students from countries like Japan, Austria and Canada. I am one of 20 teachers working in this school in Turkey. For some time I have been meeting the needs of stray animals by giving extra English lessons in the evenings.


Talking about his voluntary work, Dönertaş said, “I am not a person who likes dogs very much and is crazy about dogs. I can’t stay silent, no matter who the victim is. Even if a snake is killed for fun, I cannot remain silent. I am a person who is true to the saying of the Prophet “to pull up a weed for no reason”. I don’t want to see victims, animals or humans. The condition of the dogs was very bad. This is a train station. It is not considered a refuge by any standards. The number of cages is very low, but I have taken dogs there that needed care. We have 2 paralyzed dogs, we have 5 abandoned stray puppies. There are two puppies whose mothers are in a coma. It is very difficult for them to survive under normal conditions. I also have puppies at home. They couldn’t even drink breast milk. They are very small, we try to keep these dogs alive. The dogs are in very poor condition. Their population is not controlled. The authorities do not have a serious study like castration, canine population control. The units concerned by this problem are not aware of the sterilization studies. It is also expensive for citizens, as the cost of neutering a dog is 850 lira.


Dönertaş, who feeds sick dogs that cannot be fed with a syringe, said, “We don’t have any friends who are allowed sterilization. We take these dogs to the private veterinary clinic by taxi. Thanks to them, they see our business without profit. Some of our dogs are neutered as a gift. They leave the dogs from the surrounding villages and neighborhoods in our neighborhood. They leave it in remote forests, it’s an ugly thing. They can’t find a sip of water. It is very difficult to revive them. I don’t see much sensitivity in our people either. If I compare the number of people who feed the dogs with the number of people who fight with me, everything becomes clear. People turn on me like I’ve committed the greatest crime in the world. I receive 4-5 packets of dry food per month from the District Governorate. I support most of my needs out of my own pocket. The Green Artvin bakery helps out 50-60 stale loaves a week. Thanks to our school principal, Abdullah Özcan, we bring leftovers from lunch to Anatolia Vocational and Technical High School in Karacasu, with the help of the cafeteria service and the municipality. That’s how I get their food. I meet all their needs myself, 2 hours a day. I prepare their meals, give them water, clean their dirt, take care of our sick dogs, take care of our dogs who are neutered and take care of them on a daily basis. I’ve been doing this for about 11 months. In no case did they come to an outside person and tell him that I would help him. I am currently looking for people to work here for a fee. There is not a lot of demand. Candidates give reasons like I’m disgusted by distance and dog poo. I was disgusted too. But someone has to do it,” he said.


Talking about the changes he experienced in himself, Dönertaş said, “After experiencing the spiritual pleasure of this, I will never leave these dogs. As soon as I let them go, we let them die. I will never do that. On the other hand, thank God, we have water to take a shower at home. We have food to eat them. Deliver your leftover meals to us. No, you do the dishes, but you throw the leftovers in the trash. Please deliver them to us. Experience this spiritual fulfillment. I met through dogs. There were sacrifices that I did not expect of myself. I too was surprised. I was a disgusted, pimply person. Even though my hand touched the dog dirt, I knew how to wash and file myself. God sees them. Maybe I trained with dogs,” he said.


Stating that the shelter issue is not a solution for dogs, Dönertaş said, “It can be a solution for injured animals. This may be a temporary solution. It can be a place of healing for a sick dog of any size. Shelters are like prisons for normal dogs. What is the solution to this is sterilization. If the population is not controlled, there will be dogs everywhere. We have neutered 17 dogs so far. Most came in skeletal form. We watched him for 3 weeks, brought him to the level for surgery. Then we left it around the shelter. They didn’t go to town because there was food here. They slept here. At lunchtime, I gave them food and water. Due to some of our friends mixing pesticides in the tanks at the bottom water fill point, these drugs got mixed in the running water and the dogs that drank from this water perished. We couldn’t do an autopsy, but that’s our guess. I live in jail because of the toxic waters here. I can’t let go,” he said.


Addressing teachers and the National Education Directorate, Dönertaş said, “Please bring our children here before schools close. We can sensitize our children. We cannot view dogs as creatures to be got rid of. The dog population in Turkey is 12 million and the population is 85 million. There is no getting around hungry dogs. The French population is 63 million. The number of dogs is 60 million, but you can’t see the dogs around. It’s a “I’ll fix this” problem. I counted 167 dogs in Karacasu. He may have gotten 200 now. I wrote to the Presidency and they promised me help. They talked about the law. It has been said that there is a jail term of 3 months to 2 years for dogs that are thrown from where they are to where they cannot live. Please feed your dogs, have them neutered, but do not remove or throw them away. These dogs die swearing. If every household gives a bite for 167 dogs in Karacasu, I will feed the dogs in all the villages of Karacasu. It’s a matter of saying, ‘I’ll fix it. “To be or not to be is a question,” he said.


Stating that they castrated 17 dogs, Dönertaş said, “Another 6-7 dogs are waiting to be castrated. I can’t release these dogs for fear of poisoning, so I can’t bring other dogs here either. A sterilized animal has a maintenance period of approximately one week. You cannot release it right away in its operated state. Please do not dispose of this toxic waste. Sheep and goats also pass here. We can prevent this dog problem with neutering. If I had the authority, I would fix the dog problem in Karacasu in 6 months, after 6 months the people of Karacasu would be looking for a dog to pet. We are not a poor society that cannot feed its dogs. There are 17 dogs here. There is a group that lives in the creek. I bring them food. There are 3 dogs next to the cafe. Someone had scabies. We gave him his medicine, we got his injection. The locals also took care of this dog. It was a very good thing. There are 2 dogs in this area. By the way, I’ll call you again. Throwing dogs into an environment where they cannot find food is both a legal crime and a religiously incorrect one. Let me know who’s throwing dogs, and I won’t shut up,” he said.


Talking about the lessons he teaches, Dönertaş said, “I am an online teacher in a world famous language school from Japan. I finished my 4 years. I started paying for the house I had bought in Nazilli because I couldn’t afford to retire. Recently, I owed my vet 17,000 lira due to surgeries. Evening classes are a little better. I tried to pay off this debt by giving extra lessons in the evening from 2:30 to 5:30 every night. I keep for myself what I earn from my daily classes. Evening classes are better. I dedicate it to stray animals. There is a 5 hour time difference with Japan. While it’s 2:30 for us, it’s 7:30 for them. The 7:30am, 8:30am and 9:30am classes are the preferred and income-generating classes. I give lessons for a month, including weekends. It is also difficult to find stale bread due to the high price of the loaves. I’m ashamed to have free bread too. Dry food is also very expensive. I have students from China and Japan, from a 4 year old college student to a 55 year old violin virtuoso. A Chinese businesswoman came out of Texas. Another businessman was connected from Canada”.

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