Don’t get in the carriage, say stop to the dead horses!


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More than 400 horses die every year on the islands of Istanbul due to neglect, abuse, injury and unsuitable living conditions. Although the average life expectancy is 25 years, Phaeton horses can only live for 2 years. Last Saturday, another horse broke and died in Büyükada.

Watch Me, Responsive Living Association has produced two awareness films to draw attention to the death of tropicbirds. change.orgHe launched a signature campaign in #HorseRidesHorsesDie The hashtag has caused a lot of ink to flow on social networks. Famous actors Özge Özpirinçci, Melissa Şenolsun, Serkan altunorak and Birce Akalay also volunteered to support the films.


We asked about the campaign’s progress and actress Özge Özder, the head of the Association to Keep Eyes on Me, said, “It’s possible to say that the campaign has reached its objective, because the main mission of our association is to create an agenda on the chosen subject in the media thanks to the founding artists and volunteers of the association, in addition to creating an awakening in the society mentioned.

“Our association and many accounts with many followers sharing the film pirate.

Stating that the campaign films spread quickly on social media and especially on Instagram as soon as they were shared, Özder said: the campaign had adopted a common language, the topic moved from social media to the print media and even to the main newsletters, it prompted interviews with the artists of the association and remained on the agenda for days. The blocking of the municipalities’ complaint lines and the signature campaign reaching more than 150,000 in a very short time indicate that the company has reached the expected awareness and shown its reaction. Following these reactions, the counter-reaction also grew, and unfortunately, our association and many accounts with many subscribers sharing the film were hacked by units that were not comfortable with the put the subject on the agenda.


Two days after the first campaign film, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Adana, Hüseyin Sözlü, shared the image of a horse injury on his social network account and announced that the use of horses in the transportation of goods and people was prohibited in Adana. To draw attention to the ban, Sözlü drew attention to the ban by taking a couple, who were getting married, on a tour with an electric car.

Stating that the horse corpses were dumped in the forest areas, Özder said: “The Animal Rights Monitoring Committee (JUDGE) announced that there were thousands of horse corpses on the bottom of the sea of ​​the big island in this year’s pet rights violation report.” noted.


Stating that their main interlocutor is society, Özge Özder added that they would personally bring the petition to Ankara.

“Carriages are the symbol of animal slavery”

Journalist, writer, activist Zülal Kalkandelen, whose opinions on the subject we consulted, said: “The horse-drawn carriage is the symbol of animal slavery. There are horse-drawn carriages in various parts of Turkey, but most of them are found on the islands. Of the 277 phaetons there, 226 are on Büyükada, and there are about 1200 horses. These horses are driven like slaves on the hilly asphalt floors of the islands from morning until very late at night, in the heat of summer and the cold of winter. In addition to the weight of the phaeton, the weight of 4-5 people is added. Up to 400 horses per year do not support this exploitation and die. ” noted.

Zulal Tetovo

Kalkandelen said: “We, as independent animal rights activists, took action to directly inform the public with street activism in the early summer to bring the issue back on the agenda. We started a petition at the docks where ferries depart for the islands and let people know about the problem. When we go to UKOME (Transport Coordination Center), which is the authorized institution of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, we get the same response for years. . They say that according to the decision they made on 26.01.2012, they were considering the expropriation of 86 of the 226 phaetons on Büyükada and the purchase of 40 electric phaetons for transit at first, but some individuals and organizations, and of course the phaeton mafia, filed a lawsuit against this decision and issued a stay of execution decision. Since that day, the horses have cracked to death in the streets, the activists have continued to demonstrate, but the authorities have not moved! Also, as horses urinate and defecate where they are, there is an unsuitable situation in terms of hygiene. he said.

Expressing that solar-powered and electric phaetons can be used instead of horse-drawn phaetons, Kalkandelen said, “A citizen named Haluk Şahin produced and patented an electric phaeton and sent it to the islands, but the municipality returned it when the phaeton lobby was activated. There is a demand from abroad for this electric phaeton, but we are not using it! he added.

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