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TRAHAYKO warned animal lovers in these days when cats were born. TRAHAYKO animal lovers, who warned citizens about newborn cats, made some suggestions.

Explaining how to approach newborn cats, TRAHAYKO said: “The cats started giving birth a few days ago. What to do and what not to do. If you have a newborn cat on your street, put water and food nearby so that it does not go far to look for food, because something bad could happen to it and the kittens would be left without a mother. Do not approach the mother and the puppies, especially never touch the puppies. I know they are very cute. However, your scent passes to the offspring and the mother rejects the pup upon smelling a foreign odor. Because cats recognize it by smell. Control it remotely, never move it. If you need to change it for safety reasons, call a professional. Surely there is a woman with a cat around you. Never give milk. Most importantly, make sure puppies grow up on mother’s milk.


Representation of President Hacısalihoğlu

CHP Trabzon provincial chairman Ömer Hacısalihoğlu said the sale of the property was approved despite the opposition vote on the sale of the municipality-owned property, which was on the agenda of the Municipal Assembly of Ortahisar. Hacısalihoğlu criticized municipalities’ disposal of public assets while borrowing with loans.

In his statement, Hacısalihoğlu said, “The sale of municipally-owned property in Beşirli district of Trabzon was approved by majority vote, despite the opposition vote in the Municipal Assembly.

While the Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality and the District Municipalities borrow with loans, they also dispose of public assets through sales. There may be a logic to selling without borrowing, but borrowing like selling is a clear expression of the bankruptcy of municipalities. It should be our responsibility to protect public property on behalf of the public. I want to express my gratitude to CHP Group and IYI Party members who rejected the sale. makes statements.

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New concession in Nwakaeme!  Won't he sign?

New concession in Nwakaeme! Won’t he sign?



l Director of Health Dr. Hakan Usta gave a critical warning about cancer screenings. Noting that citizens should get cancer screening at certain intervals before it is too late, Usta called on citizens to benefit from the centers.

Usta, “In our KETEM, District Health Directorates, Fatih Healthy Living Center and Family Health Centers, women aged 40-69 are diagnosed with breast cancer every 2 years, women aged 30-65 years old get cervical cancer every 5 years, women and men aged 50-70.Colon cancer screenings are done free of charge every 2 years, people found positive or suspicious after the screening are referred to our diagnostic centers and additional examinations are carried out.

Stating that diagnostic and treatment services are provided by secondary and tertiary health facilities, Usta said he expects all citizens to benefit from these centers before it is too late.


Citizens of Trabzon were worried that they could not get an appointment from which polyclinic this time.

Trabzon Family Doctors Association President Hakan Uzun reacted to the fact that the patient who wrote to the Communication Center of the Ministry of Health (SABİM) that he would commit a crime did not intervene. In the message written to SABİM, “I cannot eat. There is no intervention in the emergency services. He is directed to the outpatient clinic. They don’t beat doctors for nothing. I’ll get the shotgun and go to the hospital. Find a solution to my problem, you have driven me crazy. Something is going to happen today. Am I not a citizen of the country? Do I pay no taxes? “We have made an appointment on this date. If you don’t, will the dentist or dental technician die? You will also be responsible. Tomorrow you will resurrect the body of a doctor. I’ll raid the hospital tomorrow. I want an investigation into my inability to get an appointment. statements have been included. Responding to this message with harsh words, President of the Association of Family Doctors Uzun said, “Nothing is done in this country to the citizen who writes to SABİM that he will commit a crime clearly and distinctly.” he expressed his reaction.

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