20 dating services you’ll definitely want to try in 2022

Can you tell us what services you associate with the term “friendship app”? Most likely Tinder, Badoo, Bumble, Match and others. This is hardly surprising as these sites are very popular all over the world and have amassed millions of audience around them. What if we told you that in 2022 these are far from being the best options?

The biggest players in the dating industry aren’t that interested in you finding a match with their help. It is more important to them that you stay there as long as possible and earn money for the paid features. The realization of this fact usually only happens with time. And then it turns out that you have to look for an alternative. Fortunately, there are more than enough alternatives available.

Nowadays, in the era of covid restrictions, friendship has become more difficult in principle. Especially offline. The situation is much better online, the main thing is to find the right service. That’s exactly what we want to help you with!

TOP 20 interesting dating services that deserve your attention

a. Jungle Dating

original couple friendship

Do you feel uncomfortable talking face to face with a stranger? No problem! Invite a friend to the Jungle Dating app and find another partner. Communicate in friendship, have fun and feel comfortable.

2. Raya

New acquaintances and business contacts

Looking for more than a dating and chat app? Raya will not only help you find new friends or soul mates, but also help you make useful connections. Above all, Raya focuses on the entertainment industry and business in this niche. But the possibilities are much wider.

3.Inner circle

Detailed profiles and verified users

In the Inner Circle, each user must complete their profile in detail and share a list of interests. As a result, in a few minutes you can perfectly find out more about a person even without contacting him. And verifying each account makes communication in Inner Circle safer and more convenient.


Friendship on Thursday

Stop using the dating app every day! Thursday only works on Thursday and the other 6 days the app is inactive. Spend more time in real life and don’t make finding your love a daily routine. Thursday will value your time.


Friendship for bearded men and beard lovers

One of the most unusual dating apps. Bearded men and girls who love a man’s beard congregate here. Hipsters, bikers and simply stylish bearded men are here looking for their love, new acquaintances and like-minded people. Beards add air!


Dating without text chat

Are you tired of texting for hours and chatting for nothing? It’s time to try the intro. Here, the participants communicate only by video communication. It will save you time and effort. Every acquaintance here is a true friendship. You will like it!


Astrology is with you

An original dating service for anyone interested in astrology and horoscope compatibility. In the application you are waiting for astrological forecasts, daily horoscopes and natal charts. Nuit also has a pretty sleek interface. We are sure you will like it.


Classic Random Video Chat

Omegle is known to anyone with at least a little knowledge of the online dating industry. It is the first chat roulette in history and is in principle the ancestor of this dating format. Yes, the site is not very functional. But thanks to him, many Omegle alternatives have appeared that will definitely interest you.

9. Omegle TV

Friendship only with girls

A great alternative to Omegle where the algorithm only connects men with the opposite sex. Forget skipping male partners once and for all. Omegle TV will do everything for you.


Comfortable communication with strangers

Are you looking for your love abroad but you don’t know the language and it’s not practical to use a translation service? An Omegle alternative called OmeTV will make your life easier. This video chat has a built-in message translator that will automatically translate any text into the language you need.

11. Chatrandom

Friendship with like-minded people

It is a good alternative to Omegle with themed chat rooms, which has a very useful feature. Simply choose a “room” with a theme that interests you and join the conversation with dozens of like-minded people. A good choice for those not yet ready for face-to-face friendship.


More freedom for girls

Pickable users can view other people’s profiles completely anonymously without even topping up their accounts. And only they decide with whom to start communication. Others won’t even know someone has visited their profile.

13. Miss Journey

Traveling – best dating

Do you dream of going on a trip with an interesting person? Miss Travel will assist you. Find new people, choose a location and travel together. Strong emotions are the best incentive to develop friendships and relationships.

14. Boo Hiccup

Companionship for “Sad Happy Friends”

Thousands of people try to be funny and cheerful in public, but deep down they are sad. The Boo Hiccup dating service was created for them. Here you can find your soul mate, speak in the most candid way and stop pretending in public.


We don’t all look like a model

Does your appearance fall short of generally accepted standards of beauty? So what! That’s not the point. Theuglybugball.com is a dating site for those who know looks are just a cover. The main thing is the inner world of a person.

16. Gluten Free Singles

Friendship with gluten intolerant people

Sometimes differences in diet can disrupt a couple’s relationship. At Gluten Free Singles, you can find other gluten-intolerant people and not worry that a get-together in a cafe or restaurant will embarrass one of you.

17. Date My Pet

Pets are people’s friends

Do you like dogs, cats, parrots or tarantulas? The Date My Pet app is for you! Here people with a wide variety of pets at home are looking for each other. You can walk your dogs together, display photos of your cats, or tell funny stories about your pets. What topic is not ideal for conversation on a date?


Friendship for those who have a lot of money

MillionaireMatch is a dating service for those who earn $200,000 a year. There are tons of single millionaires who are really looking for love. And MillionaireMatch only works in the most developed countries.

19. Could do better

You deserve better!

Have you ever felt like you really deserved more or made the wrong choice of partner? The Can Do Better website will help you understand this and make better choices. What’s special about the service is that it helps other users find the perfect match. And it really works!

20. Veg dating

Vegetarianism as a way of life

Are you a meat eater and looking for a vegetarian partner? No problem! Vegdating dating service is the perfect choice for you. Only vegetarians and vegans meet here. No meat eaters!

Let’s summarize

As you can see, the options are really huge. And we have listed only a small selection of interesting dating services for those looking for something new. In fact, there are hundreds of times more. According to the latest statistics, there are about 8,000 dating sites and apps in the world, and this number is growing every year.

Of course, we haven’t compiled this BEST list for all sites to use. Our goal is to help you make your choice and find the best option. Try it, experience it, evaluate all the pros and cons, discover something new and meet interesting people every day!

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