The greatest enemies of freedom are the satisfied slaves.

The master-slave order after the abolition of the caliphate with the martyrdom of yesterday and today. Freedom is an innate reality brought by human beings from birth. No society has lived without freedom and it is unthinkable to live. To renounce freedom is to renounce humanity. The greatest enemies of freedom in the world are the slaves who are content with their own situation. Leaders who knowingly and believingly accept their enemies as “masters” and fight against their own people and their own values ​​are true slaves!

Slavery is rampant in the world today, as it was yesterday. Slaves brag about their slavery. Those who are accustomed to the tools they have invented, those who live a life devoted to ideologies, are those who are content with their slavery.

“What you worship (ideologies) besides Allah are only the names that you and your ancestors have named. Allah did not send down any evidence for them. Judgment belongs only to Allah. He has commanded you to worship no one but Him. This is the true religion…” (Surah Yusuf/40)

Today, those who boast of democracy are actually boasting of their own slavery. Because democracy is choosing who will eat you!

Those who love slavery do not become freedom fighters. Those who do not rebel against bondage and slavery are actually imprisoned. Fighting for freedom is an honor for believers. Just as the soul, which is the slave of pleasure, becomes the enemy of the mind, the mind, which is the slave of speed, becomes the enemy of peace. The greatest disaster for a slave is to sing the songs of freedom in his ear and instill heaven in someone who is in hell.

Those who sought freedom outside the Quran found bondage and slavery before them. Let’s know this; The Quran is a treasure of freedom. Those who are hostile to the Koran can only be added to the caravan of slaves. One of the truths that cannot be denied is this; Slavery continues in the modern world, not in Islam. The modern world is the world of those who pride themselves on their slavery!

Capitalists never pay slaves enough to be free, only enough to survive. If you’re as dumb as a donkey they’ll carry your load, If you’re as fast as a horse they’ll ride, If you’re a cow they’ll milk them, Capitalist kenzos chop down trees they don’t profit from the shadow from.

We are Muslims; Our freedom is guaranteed in our religion. Know that superiority is in taqwa, in the sight of Allah. Our freedom and liberty are entrusted to us. Abandonment to human laws emanating from slaves is for us an abode of humiliation. Let’s know this; There is no doubt about the captivity of an ummah who raises her children like “cowardly rabbits”, who cannot take initiative, are not sociable, do not care to gain experience , don’t use their minds, are cowards, wimps.

consent to slavery; is to bury his humanity and Islam in the grave. Those who are content with their slavery are those who have given up the struggle to become and remain human. Know that; The world is beautiful with those who are human and those who can remain human. Anyone who does not consent to bondage and slavery and takes care of their freedom is special.

You and I are Yusuf in a blind pit. Victory does not come to me and to you in sleep. We were the flower that heralded spring, but we yellowed and withered before it was reached. We left the enemy, we tore ourselves away. We were Iraq out of sight, now we are wholeheartedly. We were filled with grief from start to finish. To be involved in non-existence. It is not hunger that causes us to die, it is satiety.

Those who decide to worship the minion are so used to the dark that if they see a light or a figure, they will attack immediately. They say that by rejecting the decrees that Allah has sent down, we may have gone down to earth… We have fallen into such a century that; The cries of the oppressed are heard in the air, the pharaohs of the century capture one by one the people of the nest!

Freedom is water from nature flowing through time and space. Every ideology put forward by humanity is a dark mist created for it. The cage called Democracy that captured human life. What we need is either a hernia or a blessed breath. The crowds are fighting for democracy, they are servile souls who are resisting to remain in a state of slavery!

“(Pharaoh) humiliated (crushed) his people. They also obeyed him. Because they were a lost people. (Surah Zuhruf/ 54)

The phrase that we translate as “he humbled his people” in this verse is very important in terms of the relationship between the ruler and the ruled. When a ruler tempts his people, it is because he wants to enslave them. The origin of the word comes from the root istihfâf, also used in Turkish. This word in Arabic means “he hastened, deceived, took advantage of their ignorance, underestimated them because of their ignorance and weakness, led them as they wanted”. What the administrators do not want in totalitarian administrations is to inform the people, to learn the truth and to become strong enough to claim their rights by organizing themselves. Pharaoh also resorted to the same way, Hz. He sabotaged Musa’s invitation to truth and tawhid, and prevented people from thinking straight.

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