Sick animals left for dead in pet store

There’s been a new crush on pet stores in America. The “breeding facility” that supplies birds and guinea pigs to the pet trade left sick birds and guinea pigs to die in dark, dirty cages.

A bird kept for days in a rusty and not big enough cage

Great Pets, a breeding facility in Ohio, United States, which supplies birds and guinea pigs to the pet trade, left paralyzed animals with difficulty breathing to die.

The animals in question were confined to dark, dirty cages or kept alone in small plastic bins and left to die.

Guinea pigs and birds did not receive the necessary care and intervention for upper respiratory tract infections, paralysis and other ailments.

Animals bred by Great Pets have been sold at Petland, a chain of pet stores located in the United States, Canada, Mexico and more.

According to PETA Animal News, an eyewitness working at Great Pets said the conditions at the facility were very bad for the animals.


Suffering from eye, upper respiratory and other illnesses, the cockatiels were kept for weeks in small plastic bins with perches and poor ventilation.

Birds always keep their survival and defense wings clean to be ready to fly. But the dirty bath floors at the facility became too covered in feces to clean, and the birds got too sick to clean their feathers.

Infected guinea pigs trapped in a small airless box


A guinea pig suspected of having an upper respiratory tract infection had difficulty breathing for at least three weeks until the pain was relieved.

The company that took place, Great Pets, claims to have taken “extreme measures to provide the best veterinary care to every bird and pet.”

But when a vet asked the witness if he should treat a sick young parrot, he said he couldn’t call the vet for “every little thing”.

A dead guinea pig

The eyewitness discovered that 27 animals had died at the facility within weeks; a symptom of severe psychological distress due to chronic deprivation and overcrowding, including these guinea pigs, one of which was allegedly cannibalized. Unaware of the frequent deaths and widespread illnesses, the owner said, “We have thousands of birds and animals. Not everyone will be able to live happily and healthy forever. noted.


Dozens of parakeets were also reportedly kept in small, dark cages. This has led to an increase in disease in animals. The birds were kept in cages for days alone.

Like the birds, more than 600 guinea pigs were kept for four weeks in small, unsterilized, ammonia-smelling metal containers.

Birds locked in transport crates from Petland stores

Heather Rally, supervising veterinarian, noted:

In my professional opinion, the sterile, overcrowded and exposed enclosures in which these animals are kept are both inhumane and dangerous to animal health, predisposing them to psychological suffering from chronic deprivation and social stress, dental disease and to infections.


The Great Pets owner used to torture animals for circus-style shows, including SeaWorld. It has a long history of animal welfare law violations, including neglecting veterinary care for animals, denying them access to shelter, and locking them in unsafe cages.


Few vents and a few stacked transport boxes

Every week, dozens of birds and guinea pigs are loaded into shipping containers, like a commodity, for distribution to Petland stores. Stores sometimes return guinea pigs to Great Pets due to common fungal infections. A worker suggested that the stress of transport caused symptoms in the animals.

The workers also cut the wings of the birds; This is a practice that can cause psychological and behavioral problems in birds and make them vulnerable to predators and injury.

Guinea pigs and birds have many needs, but stores that treat them as commodities but want a quick sale often mislead customers about the time, money, space, and specialist veterinary care needed. to provide them.

Places like Great Pets make animals suffer.

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