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pit bull It is one of the most discussed dogs in our country, however, although it is discussed so much, almost no one has real and accurate information about these dogs. While we are still at the beginning of our article, we have to say that, pit bull There is no named dog breed, this word Pitbull covers several dog breeds. We think it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s unreasonable to constantly target these dogs when we don’t even have that basic information. Write the truth about Pitbull group dogs in an unbiased way and let everyone know. pit bull dogs We aim to provide recognition. Speaking of impartiality, we are talking about the fact that we will write the facts, not our feelings and thoughts, about the characteristics of dogs, otherwise we are of course on the right to life of all living things, including animals. Pitbulls, we defend and will continue to defend the right to life of Pitbull dogs like all living beings.

What is a Pit Bull?

Pitbull is a word used to describe several breeds of purebred and hybrid dogs. Dog breeds identified as Pitbulls include:

  1. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  2. American Pit Bull Terrier
  3. american bulldog
  4. American Staffordshire Terrier

As can be seen in the name “pit bull” the only race american pit bull terrierother races do not have this phrase in their name.

Were Pitbull dogs bred in a lab?

There is a claim frequently made by many people and websites; Pitbull dogs are bred in the laboratory. First of all, we have to say that this statement is not true, pitbull breed Dogs, like many other breeds, were obtained by crossbreeding. If crossbreeding dogs anywhere is to breed them in the lab, then almost all dog breeds that exist today should be defined as lab breeds, as most modern dog breeds have been bred by humans . If we have to give an example; Known for affection and one of the most common dog breeds in our country, Golden Retriever Yellow-haired Retriever, Water Spaniel, Newfoundland Dog, and a few other spaniels have been bred. That’s how Pitbulls came to be, so why would anyone stubbornly use the “lab breed” definition for Golden Dogs? Pit bull dogs uses the definition that has nothing to do with this reality? Of course, it is not possible for us to find this in good faith, because the purpose of those who use this definition is to make Pitbull dogs even more targets by creating the perception that this breed is man-made and therefore “unnecessary”. If these people’s claims are taken seriously, almost every breed of dog in the world right now is man-made, so all dogs are useless and should be destroyed. In short Pitbull is a lab dog The answer to the question is no, and those who make this claim either do not know the truth, or they willfully distort the truth even though they know it, and try to destroy these dogs.

Pitbull was developed in England

All dogs identified as pit bulls were developed in England by crossing terrier and bulldog. These dogs derive their valor and agility from terriers, and their strength from bulldogs. Pitbull dogs were used in various blood sports when they first appeared, but England banned all such sports in 1835. When blood sports were banned, these dogs began to be used in illegal dog fighting, pit bull breeds unfortunately, it is still used in illegal dog fighting in many parts of the world, including our country.

They became known in America as the “nanny dog”

Immigrants from the British Isles to America before the American Civil War took their pit bull dogs with them. Although they were used for fighting in England, these dogs played an important role as helpers for immigrants who settled in America. Pitbull dogs have become herding dogs that guard immigrants’ flocks, a hunting dog that helps hunt pigs, and a guard dog that protects their homes and property. In addition, these dogs loved their families and children very much, and they formed wonderful relationships with children, which is why Pitbull dogs began to be called “nanny dogs”. After this stage, the Pitbull began to be seen not only as a working dog, but also as a companion dog and became a beloved member of families.

Pitbull has become the American national symbol

During World Wars 1 and 2, Pitbull dogs were used as war dogs and became America’s national symbol. Indeed, a dog named Sergeant Stubby, a Pitbull, was indeed promoted to Sergeant in the military. These beautiful dogs were also very popular among politicians, scientists and artists of this period. Thomas Edison, Thedore Roosevelt, Mark Twain, Humphrey Bogart, Fred Astaire are just some of the famous pit bull names.


In 1976, the Supreme Court passed the Animal Welfare Act of 1976, and with this law, dog fighting was banned in 50 states in America. However, in the 1980s illegal dog fighting re-emerged in America and Pitbull dogs were the unfortunate victims. Illegal dog fighters began breeding Pitbull dogs for fighting. These criminals tried to turn Pitbulls into what they weren’t, trying to turn Pitbulls’ friendly and affectionate disposition into fierce and belligerent dogs. As a result of all this, Pitbull dogs have become synonymous with city bandits and crime. And with the involvement of the press, things got out of hand for these friendly and affectionate dogs called “nanny”.

time, Sport Illustrated Magazines like these produced covers with scary pictures of Pitbulls and published scary stories about these dogs. Thus, the media pit bull dogs they started portraying them as monsters, which had a big impact on the public, and Pitbull dogs started to be seen as monsters by everyone. Sport Illustrated magazine published an issue that surprisingly showed the cute side of Pitbull dogs in 2008, after many years of the scary issue that destroyed the image of these dogs.

It was so bad for the Pitbulls, at least in America, that their bad image kind of went behind them. Today Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel, Jon Stewart and many other famous names live with Pitbull dogs, they love these dogs very much and try to change the bad image about them.

Jessica Alba and the American pit bull terrier Bowie

Pitbull dogs make up 7% of the total dog population in the United States

According to 2017 statistics, there are over 90 million pet dogs in America, and about 7% of them are Pitbulls. This means that there are millions of Pitbull dogs in America alone. During the 13-year period from 2005 to 2017, the dogs killed a total of 433 Americans. Dog breeds that have played a role in these deaths include Pitbulls as well as rottweiler, German shepherd, mixed breed dogs, american bulldog, hoarse and mastiffs There are also dogs. Labrador dogs killed 9 people, golden dogs 4 people, chow chow dogs killed 3 people. So what does this data tell us? Of course, this shows that every dog ​​can attack and even kill people when attacked by bad people, tortured and attacked. It is simply a great injustice to attribute this situation to Pitbull dogs.

Pitbull and certain breeds of dogs are prohibited with the law enacted in 2004 in our country.

Returning to our country, with the Animal Protection Law No. 5199, which entered into force on 01.07.2004, certain breeds of dogs such as Pitbull terrier, Dogo Argentino, Japanese Tosa were banned. In I of article 14 of the law “pit bull terrier, japanese tosa produce endangered animals such as; It is prohibited to adopt, enter our country, sell and advertise, trade, exhibit and give as gifts. provision is included. It is intended to impose various fines on those who do not comply with this provision.

However, in Turkey Pit bull dogs are produced, sold and many Pitbulls fall into the hands of evil people, tortured from a young age and forced to become aggressive. Instead of rescuing and rehabilitating these dogs from their tormentors, the state imprisons them until dead in shelters or publicly kills them under the name of euthanasia. It happens to Pitbull dogs because the law is not enforced properly, and unfortunately, no matter how hard animal lovers try, they are not enough to prevent what happens to these beautiful and loving dogs.

Not to mention, the Pitbull and other prohibited dog breeds “banned” We do not find this reasonable and do not approve of this being the case, as dogs are not the reason these dogs are banned, but people. However, because of these bans, countless dogs are removed to their families every year, imprisoned in shelters or killed as mentioned above. Of course, it is not possible for us to conscientiously accept a law that caused all this.



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