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The life of writer Mehmet Anıl is under investigation. So who is Mehmet Anil? Where is Mehmet Anıl from? When and where was Mehmet Anıl born? Is Mehmet Anil alive? This is the life of Mehmet Anil…

The literary personality, life story and works of writer Mehmet Anıl are curious. Book lovers try to find out more about Mehmet Anıl in search engines. We have prepared Mehmet Anıl’s life, books, words and quotes for you. Here is the life, works, words and quotes of Mehmet Anıl…

Date of Birth: 1962

Place of birth: Izmir

Who is Mehmet Anil?

He was born in 1962 in Izmir. Graduated from Istanbul Saint Joseph

He graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Ege University. He returned to Turkey after completing an internship at Credito Italiano Bank in Italy with an AIESEC scholarship. He founded his own company in 1989. Since 2001 he is only interested in literature. The author, who won Yunus Nadi Novel Award 2008 for his novel Pink Bus, has books such as Never Back (2003), Ended (2005), Forbes Murders (2009) published by Can Publishing. He lives in Izmir.

Books by Mehmet Anil – Works

  • completed
  • Dede Ya Hu
  • pink bus
  • On cats, executions and ghosts
  • Disaster
  • Forbes murders
  • A state of desolation
  • never come back

Mehmet Anil Quotes – Lyrics

  • Finally, as a rational person, I accepted that the only way to be unhappy is to downsize. (completed)
  • Even in the most painful death, experienced in the heat of something that has ended, nothing seems to have changed for a while. (pink bus)
  • Although I strongly oppose violence, I want to beat the fragments of human beings who harm me and humanity until they come out of the water, without saying that God has created. (On cats, executions and ghosts)
  • Even the cost of not only the sins committed but also the most infamous sins imaginable should not require burning forever. It should be a long or short “time”. Isn’t eternity much longer than the equivalent of everything? (completed)
  • For example, I sleep a lot, Hakim. Sleep repairs tissues, renews aging and dying cells, and secretes chemicals needed by the immune system. But I sleep for my own pleasure. After ending my professional life, which is the subject of the case, I spent more than half of my day sleeping. Please don’t consider this as ordinary laziness, I have taken my job seriously in every period of my life. On the contrary, sleeping for me is something that must be done correctly, how to say, a job, a serious goal that I try to achieve in order to give meaning to my life. Just like a businessman wants to grow his business and live in prosperity, what kind of academician sets proud and serious goals in front of him, just like that. I have developed a special discipline for enjoying sleep. It didn’t take me long to create the order that would wake me up at ideal intervals. Even as a child, I slept with the window open in summer and winter. Besides not being able to stand the heat, it’s good that a street vendor interrupts my sleep. Pretending to wake up and surrender to the irresistible lure of sleep; The main thing is to fall asleep, not sleep. As I sleep soundly, I set the alarm clock 45 minutes after each alarm clock, in case I don’t wake up to the sound of the plumber passing in the street. It’s an appropriate range that I reached after long tries, on the contrary the insistent ringing of the alarm clock which bothers everyone makes me happy because it reminds me to go back to sleep. After reaching out and pressing the clock button on the bedside table with great pleasure, I stretch well and turn to the other side. This is the happiest time planned, the time when you wake up and realize you don’t have to wake up. (Forbes murders)
  • What could be more intoxicating than two lovers running barefoot on the moonlit beach? (completed)
  • My father was like a woolen garment worn in winter, Judge, I only realized his importance in my life in his absence. And I was always cold… (Forbes murders)
  • What would happen if you thought for once that man reflects God because of the essence he carries, that he has divine qualities within himself, so that he must act worthily of God. to be divine in him, without betraying trust? (pink bus)
  • Whatever aged and fermented friendships I have, they make my failures the most delicious appetizer of pleasant conversations, laughing smugly every time I stumble and fall to the ground. (completed)
  • True spiritual greatness is not in mourning the misfortunes of others, but in rejoicing in their success. (Disaster)
  • I was restless because I feared that the disruption of my usual order would bring me uncertain harm, and I could not leave myself alone. (Forbes murders)
  • If the purpose of life is to be happy, what is the difference between a flat ball or a house with a swimming pool? (completed)
  • What is the problem of these lovers of literature? Original author!… (On cats, executions and ghosts)
  • “Even a small punishment can become unbearable if it takes years. But it is only hope that gives the strength to endure the harshest punishment.” (Dede Ya Hu)
  • “I loved you with such passion that no one could love anyone else. This love instead of diminishing over the days, grew, grew, grew and covered my whole being, becoming almost ‘me’ .” (never come back)
  • “Loving what you love doesn’t mean you’re a good person, Aunt! You’ll love the cat, the dog, the stone, the earth, and the passerby.” (Disaster)
  • It’s not the fault of the trees, the wind that causes them (pink bus)
  • Let’s not forget the principle of Socrates to think well. Behaving well is possible with a good thought. (pink bus)
  • … we are the willing victims of violent storms that give meaning to life. (completed)
  • “I am my own god now, and I will do whatever I believe or not is right!” (never come back)

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