Akşener announced İmamoğlu’s request live

IYI Party leader Meral Akşener answered İsmail Küçükkaya’s questions on the Alarm Clock broadcast live on FOX TV.

Highlights of Akşener’s statements are as follows:

We arrived early in the morning, there was no closed area on the road. Before coming here, I spoke to Mr. İmamoğlu. He said he was continuing his studies at AKOM and had a request from the people of Istanbul. İmamoğlu asked Istanbul residents to avoid traffic as much as possible. He asked them to stay home except in very necessary situations. There is no opposition power in state institutions. The government must not overthrow the power of the opposition. I know good luck to people working in the field. This time, I hope that bad situations will not occur, as the citizen informed beforehand. I ask that they also work in coordination on the upper floors.


I wish there was a result of the meeting in Antalya, we would be very happy. I do not plan to meet at zero point, beautiful stages. But I expected results. At a time when capitalism, called neoliberalism, was moving in a new direction, the Western world turned a blind eye to authoritarian regimes and saw them as cheap production bases. He took all authoritarian regimes under his wing and closed his eyes. He focused on cheap labor and production. As such, authoritarian governments began to spread, and at this point a Putin who tried to invade Ukraine emerged. Zelenskiy openly declared “If I am elected, I will join NATO” and the citizens voted by 70%. Putin says “no you can’t do that, I will invade you”. You have already occupied Crimea. It is not possible for us to understand this in such a framework. The western world, on the other hand, failed in this case because it looked at it from the frame we call it.

Not giving up is something else, there is an unjust occupation against Ukraine, what could we do? We couldn’t do anything in this asymmetrical relationship. ‘How many dogs does the rabbit hold’ cannot be such an understanding. We have to take a stand.


We’ve done quite a few shows with you and we’ve talked about agriculture on every show. What happened in this war? It has become clear how dependent we are on Russia. Our sunflower dependence on Ukraine has come to light. The farmer withdrew from production because it was expensive. Turkey has abandoned all kinds of production and especially agricultural production. We thought they would learn because of the coronavirus. We talked thinking that access to food is a national security issue, and on top of that, you’re eliminating olives. You will remove 300-500 year old trees and mine and then put it back. To say that it could be so is an insult to us, to everyone who lives in Turkey. He was the man of the nation, he became the man of the supporters. He says “ok” to everything that is offered to him and walks away. When you look at those who manage agriculture and the economy, the situation is deplorable.

The Minister of Agriculture is gone, it has been said for years that it is an agricultural pest. I hope the new minister will take back everything the outgoing friend destroyed and do something about it.


We said VAT should be reset on diapers. It was rejected by the votes of the AKP and the MHP. At the point where Turkey has arrived, the citizens are forgotten. I meet poor women, the photo is very sad.


Erdogan should come out and say, “I’m sorry my people, I got my hands on it, it didn’t work out.” He should get responsible people in charge of the MB and the economy and say they don’t meddle. You will see, everything will be fine. Our friend is ‘mr expert’.


Here are the last doctors. Erdogan regularly declares himself enemies. In 2002, he said doctors did not help and he had his compatriots given injections. The lower field pits doctors against others. There is a president who says: “Let them go if they go”. I could not believe it. It is deliberate work.

When Erdogan first came to power, he said doctors were useless and nurses got their shots. He wanted to pit nurses and doctors against each other. However, we have seen how important all healthcare workers are to us in the coronavirus. But this friend divides.


İsmail Küçükkaya, who showed Ahmet Hakan’s article today to Akşener Live, said that Hakan said, “Why Akşener came to my mind when Tansu Çiller was mentioned”.

In addition to this, Akşener said, “Ahmet Hakan is wrong, after 21 years, when Tansu Çiller is mentioned, I think of Tayyip Erdoğan” noted.


We just talked about Russia. Russia has an expansionist policy. It started with Crimea and includes Ukraine. There are reports that he has set aside $650 billion. The funds that we could put into action are gone. The dollar had disappeared. The essence of all this is ignorance, waste and corruption. How are you going to make people money in a process where you remove villagers from their fields? This person has to come to town and is faced with another problem.

Turkey is out of all kinds of production.

We must move to a system that produces value added. Turkey has invested in concrete. Five companies emerged. A protected group of people appeared. Bridges Look at the money given on the bridge built by Demirel, Özal, and look at the present.

İsmail Küçükkaya “You have developed an interesting political discourse? What do you mean?” He showed footage of the IYI Party group meeting. In addition to this, Akşener;

I mean we will laugh and cry. I try to explain very hurtful things with a little humor. I have 4 sciences left. I went to a house and the woman said, ‘How much will it cost if I sell my kidney? I take the child in my arms, he is weak, his bones are numbered.

I try to explain with humor. Our very bad situation is that the income level has been opened. I entered a house. They bought the house. His wife is dead. The pension is 2 thousand 400 lire. The payment for the house is 2000. There are two children. The bill is 200 lire. Can I say, the middle class is over. There is deep corruption.


Küçükkaya: Your friend, your partner, but also your rival, what do you say?

It’s a beautiful thing. Every city in Turkey is precious and every citizen who lives there is precious. This identity is above all, provided that their ethnic and religious affiliations are preserved. This is what we look like. Very well received, it’s nice. In the houses where I went, some were Kurds, others were Turkish… It is important to go to the feet of the citizens. The wealth fund has reached a $1.6 billion deal. Because a company that will be transferred to the public treasury is unable to repay the loans. A company whose telecom company should be transferred to the public treasury in 2026. This is a situation that shows how Turkey should be governed.

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