The material and moral depressions into which young people are drawn have reached very dangerous levels.

HUDA PAR pointed out that the financial and moral depressions that young people have been dragged into recently have reached very dangerous levels and said that the media is the main cause.>

HUDA PAR headquarters made assessments on the internal and external agenda with its written statement.

In the statement, issues such as what should be considered during Ramadan, additional minimum wage demands, youth depression, the stray dog ​​problem, the Syrian issue and food waste were discussed.

In the statement recalling that Ramadan, one of the exceptional periods for Muslims, has been realized, it was declared that the month of mercy, forgiveness and salvation, Ramadan-i Sharif, would be a means of kindness to the country, the Islamic world and all of humanity.


Highlighting that the past two years have gone through a difficult time both financially and morally, the statement said: “Millions of people in many parts of the world need a piece of bread and a sip of water. On the other hand, a layer that considers itself elite squanders its possessions on luxury and pomp. Ensuring trust and peace is only possible with a sharing in accordance with justice. Our supreme religion has placed welfare and solidarity at the center of life in order to maintain this balance. Ramadan-i Sharif should be seen as an opportunity in this regard, all things to do should be in line with the spiritual atmosphere of Ramadan. it has been said.

In the statement, “Waste should be avoided in traditional iftar invitations, priority should be given to people with low financial circumstances in such invitations. We urge public institutions and organizations, especially municipalities, to avoid wasteful spending with entertainment, concerts and similar events in this process where our people have serious difficulty in earning a living Spend the funds allocated to these organizations to those in need and devote them to programs that will strengthen spirituality of our people will be both more adapted to the spirit of Ramadan and will contribute to the strengthening of social ties.” was called.


In the statement, which indicates that the government’s annual single-digit inflation target is now a dream, and that even monthly inflation is on the verge of double-digits, the current price stability mechanism, who cannot control prices, is not sustainable. This cannot be explained by the wars in our nearby geography, it mocks the spirit of society. The problems of the price stability mechanism and production infrastructure for two years are the main source of the current crisis. The 50% increase in the minimum wage at the beginning of the year, the 30% increase for civil servants and pensioners, the trend of increasing It has become a necessity to improve it by updating because it completely faded with statements were included.

So; Noting that even if the minimum wage is updated once a year, a new increase for the second semester has become a necessity. “The government must not be satisfied with wishes, but must correct the deteriorated balance. in order to make the most of the opportunities created by developments in the outside world. Time should not be wasted with vicious discussions, geopolitics, the power and experience of the companies of the country should be used as much as possible. it has been said.

While measures against Ramadan opportunists were on the agenda, the statement said that further price increases from sugar to meat, natural gas to market purchases followed one another, and that the increases of costs and opportunism passed on to the consumer in new price increases.


In the statement, “Despite President Erdoğan’s declaration to ‘offer meat to citizens at affordable prices during Ramadan’, the increase in meat prices by the Meat and Milk Institution opened the way to further price increases. Similarly, after the latest sugar price speculation by the private sector, TÜRKŞEKER raised sugar prices by 31%. “Excessive fluctuations in sugar prices, led by the private sector , created a kind of “reasonable” justification for TÜRKŞEKER. The private sector showed death, while TÜRKŞEKER persuaded malaria.”

The statement said the reduction in VAT rates on food and cleaning products, with the exception of certain token products, was not reflected in price tags, and continued as follows:

“The increases erased VAT rebates and the prices of many products increased further. The new price increase applied to electricity used in industry, as well as natural gas used in industry and power plants electric, means more costs go up, and that will trickle down to the consumer as they are. As prices keep going up, people’s purchasing power is going up.” He’s hit rock bottom. It is not uncommon for large increases to follow every minor VAT reduction. . This situation shocked the public. It is impossible to relieve the consumer with dressing measures.”


“The financial and moral depression into which our young people have been dragged recently has reached very dangerous dimensions.”

Emphasizing that these sad images reveal insufficient moral and spiritual education, the statement said: “The presentation of people devoid of religious and moral values ​​as role models on television and social media platforms, and young people who have been brought with the understanding of the unlimited freedom imposed by Western modernity, are the work of adults responsible for the protection of future generations. “Unfortunately, the state is not fulfilling its responsibilities to the younger generation with the education system, editorial approach and imposed family legislation. People who grow up in a violent culture tend towards violence. Therefore, they can having a temper tantrum and trying to kill yourself or someone else, even in simple matters, it has been said.


In the statement, “The unconscious tracking of television programs and series that cause suicides and murders continues to destroy young minds and the family institution. At this point, the necessary sensitivity should be exercised. For generations healthy and moral society, media and television legislation should be reformed immediately, and programs that will reinforce moral values ​​should be launched.


Despite all the sensitivity and pleas from the public, the statement stressed that no action has yet been taken regarding stray dogs, and it has been reported that there are serious injuries or deaths caused by strays. almost every day.

In the statement, “The increasing density of stray animals in public living places has reached an intolerable level in terms of human health and safety. School fronts and parks are no longer safe areas for children, they have become gathering places for stray animals. who attempt to reach mosques for morning prayers are uncomfortable and find it difficult to protect themselves. statements have been included.


“This increase in the number of stray dogs also shows the need to control the pet trade. Animals should not be used as tools for capitalist ends, the artificial gates of natural balance should be closed. One of the factors contributing to this malaise experienced by citizens is the ready-to-use food sector: “It is unfortunate that the sector is decisive in policies towards stray animals. Two of the most important dimensions of civilization are safety and cleanliness. Especially in large cities, the environments in which thousands of stray animals live have become a major threat to human life and health. The necessary measures must be taken without further delay.”


Stressing the importance of Turkey’s diplomatic efforts to achieve a ceasefire after Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the statement said efforts must continue to end the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, which is wedged between NATO and Russia.

However, the statement stressed that a strong will could not be put forward to end the civil war which has lasted for 11 years and left hundreds of thousands dead and called for the initiation of a process of political transition.

In the statement, “Turkey, which has pursued a humanitarian policy in favor of refugees since the beginning of the war, has recently highlighted serious allegations. The President of the Platform of Syrian Associations, Dr. Mehdi Davut, announced that the temporary identities of 200,000 were canceled overnight, and both Afghans and Iraqis,” the statement said. He claimed he was deported to Idlib saying “Syrian.” the country day by day is worrying. “The step to be taken to solve the refugee problem is to contribute to the stability of Syria and to create safe conditions for return. The Syrian issue must not be sacrificed to political ambitions, the bloodshed must stop. Efforts must be made.” it has been said.


According to the 2021 report of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), one in 9 people in the world, or 821 million people, suffer from hunger.

The statement included the following:

“On the other hand, according to this report, only 2.7 billion tons of the 4 billion tons of food produced annually in the world are consumed, and the remaining 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted. The financial value of this is about 1 trillion dollars.Only a quarter of the food wasted.With this, 821 million hungry people in the world can be fed.680 billion dollars of this waste is in developed countries,while that $310 billion is in developing countries.

In Turkey, which wastes 7.7 million tons of food per year, 93 kilograms of food per person are thrown away. Unfortunately, Turkey ranks third in the order of trash according to population. This image is not an acceptable situation for Turkey and the world. We follow a religion that forbids waste and commands us to share what we have with our brothers and sisters. Let’s start by preventing all kinds of waste these days as we enter the month of Mercy and Blessings. Let us turn the resources we have into an opportunity that will make the poor happy by using them economically. We shouldn’t have a single gram of food to throw away. We call on the government and all institutions to act sensitively and take the necessary measures to avoid waste.”

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