Rabbit Sleep – Osman Aysu Book Summary, Subject and Review

Who is Rabbit Sleep’s job? Who is the author of Rabbit Sleep? What is the theme and main idea of ​​Rabbit Sleep? What is the book Rabbit Sleep about? Rabbit Sleep PDF Download Link? Who is Osman Aysu, the author of Rabbit Sleep? Here is the Rabbit Sleep book summary, lyrics, comments and review…


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Writer: Osman Aysu

Editor: Marty Bookstore

ISBN: 9786055872779

Number of pages: 416

What does rabbit sleep say? Topic, main idea, summary

Three powerful members of the central committee, the head of the Russian secret service and a former KGB agent.

II. Those who seek the works of art seized and lost after the Second World War and the astute acts of one man.

A complex chain of events involving MI6 and CIA agents.

A CIA bureaucrat who wants to grab a piece of the middle treasury in this big fight is also in Russia. Everyone is on alert; Turkish engineer Hakan Sarıoğlu is also involved in the story from the edge of these events. The CIA agent falls into Kate Taylor’s green eyes. Treasure on one side, manhunt on the other…

A thrilling new adventure the way you know Osman Aysu…

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Rabbit Sleep Quotes – Lyrics

  • “Yes sir”
  • People don’t follow a leader they don’t know.

Rabbit Sleep Review – Personal Opinions

In order to prevent valuable artifacts lost in Russia from going abroad, a man named Hakan is unwittingly involved in the events between Russian agents and agents from some foreign countries. His only crime is fulfilling a dying man’s last wish without even knowing what. it’s. (**Book a coffee**)

Rabbit sleep: Three powerful members of the central committee, the head of the Russian secret service and a former KGB agent. II. Those who seek the works of art seized and lost after the Second World War and the astute acts of one man. (Vacip Orger)

As a detective novel reader, I can’t say I like it very much. It seems a little strange that the characters are foreign and the sentences used are as we use them. That’s why it was the author’s narration that bothered me the most. (Monlivredechevent)

Rabbit Sleep PDF Download Link?

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Who is the author of the book Osman Aysu?

Osman Aysu is one of Turkey’s most famous authors with his crime novels. He was born in Istanbul and raised in Istanbul. His family, whose lineage comes from the Ottoman Empire, has lived in Istanbul for 3 centuries. After completing his primary and secondary education in Istanbul, the author continued his academic studies at the Faculty of Law of Istanbul University.

After completing his studies, the writer practiced his profession as a lawyer for a long time. Meanwhile, the author, who was a regular at the works of foreign mystery writers such as Mike Hammer and Philip Marlowe, struggled with not being able to find local mystery novels.

After completing Haydarpaşa High School in 1955, he graduated from Istanbul University Law School in 1961. He published his first book in 1994, after working as a freelance lawyer for six years, starting in 1972.

As a responsible Turk, he found it necessary to deal with detective literature so as not to be condemned from foreign sources. During this time, he wrote five or six detective novels. He started publishing his books on the advice of his wife, who read one of the first book drafts.

All his works come from detective literature with the effect of his profession and his curiosity. The author, who values ​​fluidity in his works, thinks it is important for the reader to be able to read the book without getting bored and to reach the end of the book with curiosity without leaving it halfway. -path. The author states that with the influence of his intuition, he can write works predicting events in the future or in the future. He cites the book Executioner as an example. He claims Susurluk’s accident has another appearance and says that anyone who carefully observes the events of the times he lives in can easily predict what is happening around him and what may happen in the near future.

Considered as the pioneer of detective novels-thrillers in Turkey, the author has produced many works until today. With these works, he also sets an example for those who will come after him. Detectives, spies and agents form the main characters of the author’s books.

Today, the author continues to write psychology-intensive detective stories that include more carefully calculated events and crimes. The author describes this leap in his works as “writing a first class work?” set as.

The writer, who wants to be a journalist in his youth, thinks that journalism is the preliminary step to writing. He says police reporters can be good crime writers in the future with their observations and experiences in their profession.

Books by Osman Aysu – Works

  • No Exit
  • Loss
  • To spy
  • cold stones
  • bloody passion
  • Snowball
  • bunny sleep
  • Government secrecy
  • Blade edge
  • sacred image
  • A love story
  • The secret of the mansion
  • Trauma
  • Secret
  • bloody dream
  • desert scorpion
  • Lost Bible
  • bloody sunday
  • Double jeopardy
  • pliers
  • Cross-border
  • Secrets in the shadows
  • A screen tale
  • freedom trap
  • Angel of Death
  • Murder Pain
  • Elissa
  • Birthday: December 15
  • trap
  • sky gate
  • wild passion
  • Night Raid
  • Ponytailed Man
  • octopus arm
  • Lord of Darkness
  • Love in the Armistice Years
  • gramophone disc
  • Dangerous attraction
  • Heritage
  • Pigeon cliffs
  • fake agent
  • game of death
  • Seventh expert
  • love game
  • horror house
  • Executioner
  • devil mask
  • Moonlight
  • London-Moscow line
  • The big showdown
  • Long night
  • Blackmail
  • wolf sanctuary
  • The author and his love
  • sweet little girl
  • burnt face
  • silent cry
  • Black Widow
  • The snow man
  • purple mansion 1
  • power scale
  • leopard tracks
  • Pink dots on dark background
  • Tamara’s Tears
  • Across borders
  • The Curse of Osman Hilmi Efendi
  • Shock wave
  • Enameled walls
  • To concentrate
  • Lenin’s squad
  • Blue White Rhapsody
  • There is a miracle in marriage
  • cry of crows
  • foggy memories
  • There’s a wound in my heart
  • Operation Caviar
  • Crete
  • chain of doubt
  • Nimrod’s Wrath
  • whispers in the dark
  • Bird cage
  • love first
  • I loved a young woman
  • In the shadow of terror
  • Captive of passion
  • The hidden truth
  • Blow
  • Ransom
  • beyond doubt
  • purple mansion 2
  • Unquenchable fire
  • fox war
  • There is an Incident – Between Can and Canan
  • Dead or alive
  • There’s a conspiracy on the menu
  • Meeting on Turkish grammar issues

Osman Aysu Quotes – Lyrics

  • Looks like you’re of the romantic age. He is chivalrous, noble, always considers it his duty to protect women, and is kind and gentle… (Operation Caviar)
  • “Was it grudges, hatred, regrets, or the love I could never tear from my heart? (love first)
  • But his imagination had betrayed him (No Exit)
  • I guess that’s what love is called; It’s like a change in a person’s chemistry, their unconscious excitement and bewilderment when they see it. (The secret of the mansion)
  • As with most loves, the girl knew that as long as the feelings were one sided, the fire inside was bound to go out in the end. (freedom trap)
  • Why didn’t you get married before that age? he asked almost out of the blue. I smile. “Most people who know me ask me that question. Probably a matter of luck. There is no specific reason. Zahir, I have yet to meet anyone who will blow my mind.” (A love story)
  • “They used to say that even if the mosque was destroyed, the altar would remain…” (A screen tale)
  • You are a traitor and have betrayed your country. I would like the law to punish you, but I will have no remorse for shooting you. (Tamara’s Tears)
  • This nation of men was so stupid; sometimes he couldn’t see the simplest truths. (Lord of Darkness)
  • I was young, I had a large fortune inherited from my family and I was very handsome. Hundreds of beautiful women were running around me…I had real estate that a young man of my age would never have dreamed of owning, my businesses, a beautiful beachfront on the Bosphorus, three chalets of summer on the Mediterranean coast, and money in the banks provide a comfortable life even for the children of my grandchildren. But I was not happy…I wanted to die… (Angel of Death)
  • “Betrayal is inexcusable.” (cold stones)
  • “The desire to be beautiful was rooted in a woman’s self-respect.” (Pigeon cliffs)
  • It was as dark as possible and the silence of fear enveloped him. As in this unhappy night… (Blade edge)
  • “Doubt led people into unrealistic doubts.” (desert scorpion)
  • “Excuse me,” muttered Evelyn. (Snowball)
  • For no mortal shall live divinely, for death is the inevitable result of nature (The secret of the mansion)
  • “Sometimes even the people we trust the most can mislead us.” (cold stones)
  • He knew very well that he had to adapt to this new life. (wild passion)
  • After all, I was an old-fashioned man for my age, you hate young girls’ masculine clothing which they maintain as fashion under the guise of comfort. Feminine elegance is now a thing of the past (Unfortunately) (Pink dots on dark background)
  • He should have killed that woman, even though he hated what she was about to do. (trap)

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