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When the corpse was brought in front of the house to be halal, the imam called; “Actually, we are innocent of this Sabii, we don’t have a face to get halal from our angel daughter, but still, let him find his place.”

Imam said these sentences during the funeral of our late baby Mahra Melin Pınar who was hit by a truck while fleeing from the attack of stray dogs. There’s been a lot of talk lately about attacks by “stray” or outlawed races, not to mention adult children. First off, I feel compelled to say; I have 3 dogs, a cow and 8 poultry. Because if I don’t specify it, it’s not even sincere that I am declared an animal enemy. It’s one thing to love animals, it’s another to turn a blind eye to this brutality. Of course, in this case, the authority to blame is unclear. However, state institutions are organizations created to find solutions to problems that the public cannot overcome. The murderers who made unimaginable comments after our baby’s death under the guise of an animal lover on social media is also an issue that needs to be considered separately. There is a rumor that needs to be investigated by the state in this regard, that the market for companies producing food used to feed stray dogs has grown significantly over the past 10 years and that food producers that raise funds for stray dog ​​food have an impact on the stray dog ​​population. If you write “The mask is from the association, from the sales company” you can find a good article.

On the other hand, despite these attacks, there is another piece of news that is not even on the agenda of “animal-loving” individuals, who blame the puppies as much as their hands: “The Ozcan family , which makes a living from herding in Denizli, 70 of 150 vaccinated small ruminants, most of which are pregnant, perished within 25 days. The tears the family shed over their dead animals were heartbreaking. The animals of breeder Özkan K. perished in the Bala district of Ankara. According to the news, the breeder claimed that the cause of the animals’ death was the vaccination given to the pregnant ewes. Medine K., the daughter of breeder Özkan K, said the condition of the animals deteriorated after the vaccine. He said the lambs died because they could not get food from their mothers who perished and called for help. Although not on the radar of animal-loving friends, it seems like something that will give us a lot of headaches in the period to come. In fact, whether it’s for the globalist-pumped switch to artificial meat doesn’t come to mind.

By saying that nature is a whole, we say that man threatens natural life. Man threatens not only by invading their natural space, but sometimes by multiplying animal populations. For example, it has even been the subject of international documentaries that parrots, which have been moved from Africa to cities for years and released uncared for, threaten generations of other bird species. in these regions with their solid structures, and even destroy them in some regions. These days we hear a lot of news about the animal gangs that roam the streets of our country and the people they can defeat, deem a danger and attack. Yes, we know that breeds of dogs that are allowed to be kept are man’s best friend, provided they have undergone some training and are under the auspices of man. But in their essence, predators, especially if they may have been a herd due to their nature, are no different from the herds of wild dogs in the wild. The state must tackle it as soon as possible. The existing herds are already too many, so there are no new additions, by controlling the dog owners more closely, in the event of a possible release on the street, penalties can be applied up to a prison sentence if necessary. I am also in favor of treating those who breed prohibited breeds as unlicensed gun carriers.

Also, according to a stat I found on the internet (tell me if it’s wrong); Humans spent $189 billion globally on pet products in 2021. It’s expected to top $200 billion this year. That’s an average of $1480 per dog per year. Annual global aid to the entire African continent is $49 billion. Come on, be well.

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