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He presents his experiences and recommendations as an appetizer alongside his own raki. To those who love, to those who understand… He said I wrote that. I said, if it is allowed, I would like to share it with our readers. You’re in luck! Read and see what the rabbit is, what it is not, what it eats, what it drinks…

It is an animal that we do not know very well, on which false information is often given. Mine will be 5 years old in January. Let me give you some information.

– “Rabbits don’t drink water” is totally unfounded. Remember to always put fresh water daily.

– “Rabbits stink” is another completely unfounded but proverbial phrase. Rabbit piss only smells. It’s true that they say “it doesn’t smell or contaminate” about their stools. If you wash it with shampoo, you will notice its good smell when it passes near you for 2 weeks.

– “We had some too. It was dirty everywhere…”. You couldn’t train. The rabbit is well toilet trained. If anyone is interested, I will explain in detail. I put newspaper under the fence. I change it when I do. When excited, it may release a bead or two. Good luck. When his intestines are disturbed, stool sticks to his buttocks. It should be followed. It should be taken with a tissue and the area should be washed if necessary.

A college boy dropped mine at a pet store, I bought it with its crate, it was a puppy. I don’t know of course bunny so I get sad when I think about it. Then I noticed he was peeing in the bait bowl of his cage. I left the bait bowl as is. I bought a new wall mounted bait bowl. She continued to pee in her old manger. I bought a soap dish with a grid. He used to wash there. This time I bought a fairly large cage. I put that in. I also bought a small white bowl. I place a metal trivet on it as a glass grid. Anyway, I’m trying to figure out how to do it in the cage, he jumped in and peed. Now, in the living room and the bedroom, the newspaper pigeon grids are used as a toilet in the box with the photo in the comment below. I told this story so that you can learn more about the behavior of the animal. It is wrong to keep animals in cages. Now let’s find a good solution to the question of how to teach. It’s normal for the rabbit to enter places like under the counter, especially when it’s a baby. Closing areas beyond your control will prevent dirt from getting caught and the cable from chewing through. Create a recreational space for your rabbit in the room you use the most, with a 3-4 m2 wire-wrapped toilet, boxes and food supplies. Follow the toilet habit here. If he grooms himself in the affected area, let the rabbit out of the room. Remove the threads if the usual toilet habit continues. If the habit persists, make the other rooms accessible. Of course, create a few more toilets.

– “They eat carrots.” I haven’t seen mine eat in 4 years. They are fed with 3 types of dry food, fresh vegetables and water. As dry food, mine eats muesli with fruit. Cracked oats or barley can be an alternative. Fresh vegetables; It can be a combination of dill, parsley, broccoli leaves, lettuce, spinach. Always have those three because he eats things whenever he can think of them. They will also be happy if you feed them lean olives and very little breadcrumbs for breakfast. You can rarely give apples, bananas, grapes, etc., but remember that fruits contain sugar, they can also spoil their intestines, follow up. They like dried clover. You can give without limit.

– “Look in the cage.” This sentence pisses me off as much as feeding fish in a bowl. Like a cat and a dog, he roams the house freely, eats when he’s hungry, sleeps when he’s sleepy, goes to the toilet when it’s time to pee, and if he wants to be loved, he’s within reach. tomorrow. Mine is waiting at the outer door of the chalet, when I open it, it walks without breaking the distance with you. He knows there’s a cat and a dog on the street, so he doesn’t walk away from me. When the cat arrives, it passes behind me. 🙂 SIkIIInec own househewhere is it?

– Mine is hairy by breed. Moulting is twice a year, she sheds a lot. Other times it’s not really a feather problem. It is quite easy to clean your body hair compared to a cat and a dog. Also, for safety reasons, he sleeps in places like the back of the sofa, under the bed or the coffee table. It has nothing to do with many sofas and beds,

that’s why the hairs usually stay on the carpet, they don’t touch you. Also, a doctor I spoke to said that because rabbit hair is soft, it couldn’t get into the liver, so it didn’t form a cyst. -In my personal opinion- the most beautiful furry bunny I have ever touched in my life. I’m sure it’s in your pet for you too. :)

– !!!Rabbits are extremely social animals. For this reason, if you don’t stay home much or don’t have a family at home, look for another pet. They are really depressed. I went out of town for a job interview. Neither did my family. The animal did not communicate with me for a year. He also screamed at the touch. We did an X-ray because it hurts. It’s psychological. If you buy a couple so they don’t get bored, I don’t know if they’ll bond with you or educate themselves, but it’ll be 1,000 a year. There are also sources that write about 30 days gestation, 40 days for a common rabbit. I don’t know if they can get along with their fellows.

– Not an animal that veterinarians know. Unfortunately, there is no medicine. Don’t forget that he was very sick for a while, extremely weak, not eating, not going to the bathroom or something like that. The vet fixed it by doing injections of cat antibiotics and probiotics for 1 week. Endless thanks.

– It is said to have a lifespan of 7 years, I heard that it can live up to 10 years. Some sources gave the common rabbit 10-12 years of life.

– “Does it gnaw? it definitely bites. Rabbit teeth grow forever. That’s why you have to gnaw it to be able to file it. As mine is a small breed, he is not used to gnawing much. However, he likes charging cables, chewing cardboard, but is still the usual suspect, be careful. I’ve read that adult house rabbits gnaw on carpeted furniture, wooden electrical wires, etc. They also eat salami, do not give any.

– “Does it bite?” It definitely bites. For a rabbit, to bite is to take scissors. Also, because of the hierarchy, “I’m superior to you” can bite. But it doesn’t bleed. If you put your hand where he sleeps while he sleeps, he will bleed. Speaking of which, they are nocturnal animals. They sleep during the day, usually when you go to work.

– His fingernails are growing because he can’t dig at home. Suffers on hard ground. It must be tracked and cut. Their nails have a fleshy part like those of a cat. It must be cut carefully, leaving a distance.

– Common rabbits are good diggers. They measured in a video, he dug 3 meters. I haven’t seen mine dig more than 5cm. It was also a ground hoe.

– “Does it wash?” The ears are washed with the utmost care to leave no water leaks.

– We have two games with mine, sprint and boomerang. jostle; I run, he runs, I run. He hides when pressed. An essential game to avoid gaining weight and not being constipated. Boomerang; I grab the bunny and throw him on the couch and beds, he comes running back, I throw him again and he comes back. It doesn’t come when you’re bored. She enjoys it a lot.

– While common rabbits are 2-7 kg, mine is only 2 kg.

– Let’s come to my race. Mine is a lion head breed about 5 years old. She is a bunny with blue eyes and white fur. I write empirically by comparing what I’ve written with countless articles I’ve read, disagreements with other rabbit lovers, and most recently Wikipedia. I would appreciate you considering the breed and gender of my rabbit when evaluating what I have written.

(Source: Çağdaş Hüsmenoğlu)

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