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DEVA Party Milas District Chairman Süleyman Demirtaş, who said he takes back with a ladle what he gives his citizens with a teaspoon; “While they and their supporters live on sugary wages, they almost laugh at our sanity, saying foreign powers or opposition parties are responsible for turning the country into this. You know, they have a slogan saying “If they do it, the AK party will do it, no one else could really bring this country to this state,” he criticized the government for telling citizens to “tighten your belts.”

The statement of the Milas District Chairman of the DEVA Party, Süleyman Demirtaş, is as follows:

“Those who declared the minimum wage hike, effective Jan. 1, 2022, as the ‘biggest raise in the history of the republic’ must have forgotten that they took the minimum wage off the minimum wage along with the hikes. made from thread needle even before I got the raise, that the toll at Çanakkale Bridge, which opened on March 18, was ‘200’. They said ‘Lira’. In a sense, they said that 200 Lira, the largest currency in the Republic of Turkey, has no purchasing power. This statement alone is an indication that the country is in economic crisis.

They blame foreign powers or opposition parties for their own incompetence, ignoring the fact that they have taken the country back to when a penny was needed in the 1970s, in about 3 years since June 24 2018. They have come to believe their own lies.


Unfortunately, from September of last year, in the country where we reverted to real three-digit inflation with exchange rate fluctuations, we were able to sleep with a raise and get up with a raise. Not a day passes; No increase in fuel, food, basic needs and maintenance products.

Returning from his trip abroad, Mr. President said to journalists in the air: ‘There is no problem with our food stocks’, before the wheels of the plane touched the ground, there has a 31% increase in sugar, 35% in natural gas in residences, more than 50% in industry. Either our President ignores the realities of the country or the ministries concerned. What one says does not match what the other says. What type of management approach is this?

As the manufacturer wondered what to do with the increase in cost due to the increase in sugar as we entered the blessed month of Ramadan, the citizen who gave up the Ramadan dessert that he would put on a dining table. iftar tasted bad at least.


While the pensioner who is struggling to survive on a minimum wage and a salary of 2,500 liras is struggling to make ends meet, Mr. President says that every evening he mixes buffalo yoghurt with Medina dates and eats them at curative purposes. Enjoy it, Mr. President. Of course, you’re right, but while you’re eating them to heal yourself, your low-income, retired, minimum-wage citizen is tired of calculating how to get bread home in the evening.

How fair and just is it for you to say “tighten your belt a little more” to your fellow citizens, when you don’t save anything by saying “the reputation cannot be saved”?

While you eat buffalo yoghurt and Medina dates, millions of mothers cannot afford a liter of milk for their children. While you are consuming them, mothers who don’t know what to put in their school child’s lunch box, think about how to put out the fire in the kitchen and what kind of food to put on the dinner table. Remember that most of the 83 million people don’t get salaries from three or five places like some bureaucrats close to you. In short, the citizen does not even dream of what he eats for the purpose of healing.


Party leaders with different political views come together and try to put an end to the country’s bad trajectory. As the joint statement they issued revives the hopes of citizens, by making changes to the electoral law with your junior partner, on the one hand, it seems that the will of the nation will translate to parliament by lowering the threshold of 7%, and on the other hand, you make calculations to have the votes of the parties which will pass under the threshold recorded at home.

No matter what calculation you make, you will not be able to prevent the rise of the DEVA Party. Because the proposed solutions from DEVA executives who believe in each other are more than enough to eliminate the destruction caused by your abnormal system. In the first election, you will see how the Turkish people will own the ballot box that will be placed. This time, the cats won’t be able to enter those transformers, and even if they do, they won’t be able to change the outcome.

Increase in domestic violence with the economic depression you created, incompatibility between spouses and even increase in divorce cases, this great nation whose spirit you laugh at, will send you away from the beginning of this country forever since the urn she brought.

That lifestyle and cost of living that you consider a favor to your own retiree, your own employee, your own farmer, your own producer, and your industrialist will be your ticket to leave.

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