Amazing details about stray dogs! “It’s more haunting for the visually impaired”

Visually impaired people, who have overcome the difficulties they face in many areas of life despite their disability, are uncomfortable with the growing number of stray dogs. Visually impaired people who deeply feel the love of animals thanks to the guide dogs who are their life companions and guide them, stray dogsShe is afraid to meet him.

They carry in their hands white caneClaiming that dogs affected by the sound of flour perceive it as a threat and become aggressive, visually impaired people expect a solution to this problem without harming the animals.

Fatih Karadayı, President of the Turkish Association of the Visually ImpairedAA correspondent, other visually impaired like him recently, he said they were uneasy when they saw they were being attacked by stray dogs.

“We love dogs, but stray, ask”

Karadayi, “We normally like disabled dogs. We even have friends who use guide dogs. He trusts his dog more than a cane. I had no problem. But like all unforeseen problems, these strays are actually a problem. I don’t know how to find a solution to this.” noted.

Explaining that he stepped on a dog lying on the steps of an overpass, Karadayı said: “Our pet is right in a way. How would he know I’m blind or how should he feel. The dog barked when I stepped on it. He jumped, I jumped, we both thought we’d hurt each other‘ he said.

Karadayı said that stray dogs bit his mother-in-law in the area where they lived, “We called the service concerned. ‘Show the biting dog. If you create an examination at the hospital that you have been bitten, we will have the dog vaccinated. they say. Now I think of myself. I am visually impaired. How can I detect this dog if it bites me, how can I show it? It’s a big problem.‘ he said.

“We had to buy dog ​​repellent”

Karadayı said his wife is also visually impaired and his 10-year-old son is very afraid of dogs.There are many dogs where we are. Unfortunately, we had to buy a tool called “dog repellent”. We press the button when we hear the dog’s voice. The dog was disturbed by the high frequency emanating from the device. The dog is afraid and runs away from reality‘ he said.

Karadayı pointed out that a solution can definitely be found to this problem and said:

“It’s true that stray dogs haunt the visually impaired more. Because the cane we use thinks it’s going to hurt him, it perceives a threat and the dog acts accordingly. Thank goodness we haven’t heard talk about fatal case so far.”

Local governments have great responsibilities in this regard.

The association’s vice-president, İbrahim Holat, who is visually impaired, said that local governments, in particular, have a lot to do about stray dogs, “We are really in great danger. For example, we want to get out of here at midnight and go home, but there are dogs walking around in the residential areas. People pick it up on a whim and then drop it in the street. There are species that are specifically forbidden to feed.” noted.

Stressing that stray dogs perceive the white cane in the hands of the visually impaired as a danger and attack in self-defense, İbrahim Holat specifically asked local authorities to find a solution as soon as possible.

“I bought an ‘electroshock’ device to defend myself”

The visually impaired member of the association, Şule Yazıcı, explained that she lives in Sarıyer and that she is always bitten by the stray dogs she meets.I’m not normally afraid of dogs, but when he bit me that feeling was inevitably reversed. The fear started. He bit me when I didn’t expect him to bite. This means that the right and the left are not clear, it should not be said ‘orphan dog’. My view was, ‘Why would a dog bite out of nowhere?’ But not anymore” he said.

Stating that he also uses a cane, Yazıcı said: “As I was passing, one of them decided to follow me. Then he came to bite my leg. I was surprised at what happened. He didn’t bite very deep, but that was a shock because I didn’t expect him to bite at all. I’m careful now. I feel anxious. For example, I bought an electric shock device. To defend myself if something happens. I never resorted to this kind of thing until I was bitten.” he stated.

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