Yıldız Tilbe is one, wild strays and all of you!

I have already written about the problem of stray dogs three times in this column. Now I’m talking about it again. I’m afraid we keep talking about deaths and serious injuries caused by stray dogs. Because 9-year-old Mahra, who lived in Antalya and was hit by a truck while fleeing the dog’s attack, also died. Just like Rabia, a university student who died for the same reason some time ago.

The question ceased to be a problem and “Terror of Stray Dogs” it’s back now. In this country, people are dying because of stray dogs. In this country, small children pursued by stray dogs are trapped under trucks. In this country, savage races tear people who walk on the road, tear off their ears, smash their skulls. BThere are countless stray dog ​​attacks in this country every day. These attacks are reported countless times. Videos are taking over social media. Images that chill the blood of all who watch are spreading. Corn All these events in this country are not enough to stop this brutality.

In the past month, two of her mother’s lambs have died as a result of accidents caused by dog ​​attacks. 21 years old Rabia to Isparta9 years Mahra to Antalya, They were run over by cars as they ran away from dogs that attacked people because they couldn’t find food. Rabia, who was hit by a car, fought for 7 days. His family was waiting for hope. But that was not the case. Rabia is deceased. Little Mahra, meanwhile, got trapped under the truck as she ran away from the dogs. He fought for his life for days, first his leg was amputated. Your baby hasn’t had enough life. The delicate body could not lift him. Mahra died at the end of the 23rd day.

Rabia and Mahra of course It was news, but we didn’t talk about it. Someone didn’t want to talk about their painful death in this country. Someone has turned a deaf ear to the cries of his family. ‘Cause someone couldn’t get over their love of stray dogsThey didn’t even want to hear about the death of Rabia and Mahra.

Why weren’t the dead mentioned, why weren’t they on the agenda, why weren’t they made up of chains of sharing? who is this someone?
Because in this country“agencies” that control the social media agenda, He didn’t want to talk about dogs that attacked people, caused their death, were handicapped.
In fact, these agencies manage their accounts. Celebrities were unable to say on social media that Rabia and Mahra died as a result of the wild dog attack. With the harshest sentences for Gezi trees, for olive groves, for stranded dolphins, for HEPPs, for cats, for dogs. celebrities who reveal their attitude, political position, ideological art, song, poetry, show and follower, interaction they ignore the savage attacks of stray dogs. They can’t write. cats and dogs create social media interaction material, This way, freaks with a lot of followers, who show how good they are, can’t put these deaths on their agenda.

Aside from celebrities and social media freaks, municipalities that have to deal with stray dogs aren’t doing their part. President Erdogan last December During the ‘Consultation and evaluation meeting of mayors’ Despite calling the mayors and giving clear instructions, stating that the place for stray animals is the shelters, not the streets. no progress has been made. Only the municipalities of Beykoz and Başakşehir have opened above-standard shelters in Istanbul. However, there are countless stray dogs only in Istanbul. For which department are these two refuges sufficient? What are the municipalities of the AK party waiting for, despite President Erdogan’s instructions? Will they act when opposition parties say their stray and feral dogs are a big problem and the streets are becoming uninhabitable?

The only name that keeps the issue of stray dogs on the agenda and speaks loudly is the artist. Star Tilbe. He expressed his reaction without fearing food associations and lobbies that bless stray dogs and those that make the defense of animal rights more humane. Yıldız Tilbe took a big risk. He was lynched. Concerts have been cancelled. Why is that? For saying “death” to wild dogs attacking people. A criminal complaint has been filed against him. He was exposed to countless threats, insults and swearing on social media. But Yildiz Tilbe Although the wording of his first statement was wrong, the place he was standing was correct. Take the risk of falling in the courtyards, the corridors of courthouses,He acted alone against the terror of okak dogs. What Yıldız Tilbe said: “Children can walk freely in the street. Let the old go to the mosque in the morning in peace. Let the children play in the parks, let the elderly walk comfortably. Is it animal cruelty? Is it the lack of humanity? The decision and interpretation are yours. However, this problem is growing day by day, it is heading towards a dead end. If we don’t talk about it, we don’t take action and build healthy living environments for stray dogs; savage attacks, aMurderers will continue to roam the streets.

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