The Presidency of the State Archives has transformed its garden into an “open shelter” for stray animals

The Presidency of the State Archives of the Presidency has established its own shelter in the garden to create a safe environment for the stray puppies that inhabited the building’s campus when they grew up.

The open shelter in the garden of the presidential building is home to a mother and 7 puppies and 8 stray dogs.

President of the Presidential State Archives Prof. Dr. Uğur Ünal said that two years ago, a stray dog ​​gave birth to her puppies in the building campus, and they saw the puppies grow up here.

Stating that the puppies grow over time, Ünal said, “Many visitors come to our archive, we have employees here. With urbanization, dogs now see humans and human beings as a threat to each other. an environment, and we did not allow them to interfere with each other, in other words, our two peoples would be harmed. The thought that these strays shouldn’t be harmed, led us to look for cures, and that open shelter you saw was brought back to life.” he said.

Expressing that they are also very interested in animal vaccines and treatments, Ünal said: “We allow them to walk around our large garden, especially after working hours, and thus, we have both protected our inhabitants. living in this region of threats. and prevented these animals from being perceived as a threat by humans, we are extremely happy about that. noted.

Explaining that there are many documents related to stray animals in Ottoman history, Ünal said the relationship of human beings with the animal world dates back to ancient times.

Expressing that this relationship increased with urbanization and increased community life, Ünal said examples of this can also be seen in the Ottoman Empire.

“For example, the Ottoman state is very sensitive to the protection of living beings, animals and strays, it has many instructions in this regard.” Uğur Ünal said, citing the 1587 qadi decree, which states that “horses and mules used as beasts of burden should not be loaded beyond their capacity”. Unal said: “We see an example of compassion towards living beings in the Ottoman state and our Islamic societies. We can see an example of this in thousands of documents.” he said.

Fines for those who run over puppies in the Ottoman Empire

President of the Presidential State Archives Prof. Dr. Uğur Ünal said in another document dated 1905 that the person who accidentally ran over puppies in Skopje was fined. Expressing that they are protecting this legacy of the Ottoman Empire, Ünal continued:

“Our friends, dedicated employees, neighbors, friends around us have helped form such sensitivity and we have created an open shelter that you have seen. Our souls stay here at certain times of the day. At other times moments, they can walk comfortably in our garden. Currently, we have 8 dogs in total. In the next period. All their care and vaccinations are in progress, and these treatment processes will continue regularly.”

Waste in the canteen for stray animals

Stating that the employees also show the necessary sensitivity regarding the care of the animals, Ünal said: “At the same time, leftovers from the cafeteria are also important here. Because you know, our presidency is very sensitive to waste. Some studies are in progress. Ms. Ms. also has very strong efforts in this regard. But products are brought in that these creatures can somehow benefit from, and they fill that need. In this regard, it is extremely important. he said.

“We hope it will serve as an example for many institutions”

President of the Presidential State Archives Prof. Dr. Recalling that April 4 is World Stray Animal Day, Ünal said:

“We also hope that our initiative will serve as an example for many institutions on the occasion of April 4, World Stray Animals Day. Our President also said that we must prevent these stray dogs and animals from harming people or harm people”. “Our duty is to take these precautions. It is our duty to protect these creatures, but also to protect our people. Therefore, living together, creating common living spaces and being able to provide them in a way that will not harm each other is a requirement of both our Islamic civilization and our Ottoman tradition.”

He devotes two hours a day to his dear friends.

Hacı Sarıtaş, a researcher working at the Presidency of the State Archives, who voluntarily took care of stray dogs for 7-8 years, said he liked taking care of animals.

Expressing his satisfaction with the establishment of the shelter, Sarıtaş said that he spends two hours a day with the animals while coming to the shelter. Sarıtaş said, “Let them take care of their strays. They are truly homeless, they have no one but us.” noted.

“The souls we love are safe now”

Büşra Şahin, a university student who lives near the archive building and voluntarily takes care of the dogs since birth, also said that the conditions for the dogs are better with the construction of a shelter. Şahin said, “It’s been a nice caring environment for strays for people who don’t like or are scared, and for us, the lives we love are safe now. It makes me happy to know that they are safe.” he said.

Wishing to create such environments in all public institutions, Şahin said, “I think if a decision is made jointly with such volunteers, the animals will be safe, the volunteers will be comfortable and it will be a good solution for people who are afraid. of dogs.” mentioned.

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