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The SaveRalph-Save Ralph video, which shook social media for 2-3 days, broke the hearts of viewers. Let me summarize if you haven’t watched it yet: The subject of the film is rabbits used in dermatological tests. It is a very gripping film to understand how human beings cause pain to other living beings in the name of beauty. Well, we watched the movie, we felt sad, we had empathy, is it over? Is that all? Is there anything we can do personally? Also, the only problem is that these creatures are used in experiments for cosmetics? Here is the answer…



try it Yağmur Özgür Güven, chairman of the charity It is fortunate that the subject of animal experimentation came to the fore with the story of Ralph the Rabbit and that the film raised awareness. Trust “In 2017, Turkey banned the testing of cosmetics on animals, similar to EU countries. Alternative methods that can be used in testing instead of animals have also been determined by the directive. For example, you can see in the video the rabbit Ralph. ‘draze’ test. It is forbidden to inject flammable chemicals and other drugs into the eyes of the animal, and alternative methods to the ban are also set by the guidelines.


then this “Can we use any cosmetic product we buy commercially in Turkey – as animals are not used in the tests – with peace of mind?” you mean? Trust ‘No’ He continues: “The products you buy off the shelf must not be tested on animals at any time, as stipulated by the legislation. It’s true. Anyway Before purchasing the product, it is necessary to check whether there is any logo or phrase on the package. Why is that? Because legislation may not be implemented in practice. Businesses can source content from other countries. For example, Let’s say any substance for use in headlights… It’s imported from the supplier country… The company can’t test on animals, but it’s not clear if the supplier’s product is subject to such a test. The law does not cover these details. Whether each ingredient in the products is vegan or whether the brand in question does not test on animals to the white group it is coming in. If the brand does not experiment on its own, but the ingredient supplier does, the brand to the gray group it is coming in. Black who do not deny that they experiment on animals and It consists of the brands we use the most in our home. In the packaging of the product you will buy ‘Cruelty Free’ Where “Not tested on animals” and a bunny logo, you can be sure it wasn’t tested on animals. Also, we list the most visited cosmetics stores in Turkey and ‘inexperienced’ we named our android app You can also check the products on it.

Let's save Ralphi the rabbit but how



This Why did the video affect people so much? The answer is actually simple. We were confronted with a fact that we knew, but to which we closed our ears, and we sympathized. Experimental animals such as rabbits, mice, and monkeys lose their living parts during various tests or die painfully because they cannot stand the administered chemicals, especially during the development of cosmetics. Trust without rain ‘There is more’ He keeps on: “Worse still, the killing of injured animals is not allowed. It can be used in another experiment as long as the animal lives. An industry of violence where they don’t even have the right to die! The tests applied in cosmetics are only the visible side of the profession.. The use of animals in experiments is between 3 and 5%. In many countries, including Turkey, more animals are being used in the pharmaceutical industry or as educational materials.



“In the legislation applied in Turkey ‘Local ethics committees for animal experimentation’ HADYEK There’s a concept called Let’s say you have a private experimental lab. According to the regulations, you must obtain authorization from HADYEK and this ethics committee for any work you do on animals. (Is the appropriate number of animals used? Are the ethical rules respected? The council is watching them.) There are also NGOs within this HADYEK. The tragedy begins here. As an association, we applied to 101 councils through CIMER and said “Who are the NGO representatives in your local ethics committee?’ we asked. 38 came back. The organizations of which the NGO representatives in the HADYEKs are members are the following: Egirdir Tourism Promotion and Nature Sports Association, Turkish Accounting Professionals Association, Kahramanmaraş Photography and Cinema Amateurs Association, Sakarya Contractors Association, etc. Only three administrators are members of associations created with the aim of protecting animals. We have nothing to do with these associations, but it is terrible that such irrelevant people have a say in a decision about whether or not animals survive! “It’s done for science and humanity” they think like. The system is clogged due to a lack of control. such as On average, 260,000 animals are used in experiments in Turkey every year.



The film depicts the daily life of a rabbit named Ralph. Working as a guinea pig in a laboratory, Ralph the rabbit seems to have accepted his fate. He talks about the damage to his eye, ear and back as if it were an ordinary situation. Ralph brings to light the distorted thinking behind animal testing by saying that man is the supreme being and does it for them, that their suffering doesn’t matter.

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