Yıldız Tilbe: I decided to ask for my legal right!

Famous singer Yıldız Tilbe was lynched because of her social media dog account. Tilbe filed a criminal complaint following these allegations.


Singer and songwriter Star Tibewas on Turkey’s agenda with the post he shared about dogs on his Twitter page. The famous artist said that after what he said about stray dogs, many comments were made. “until harassment and lynching” filed a criminal complaint alleging that

Star Tibe


Famous artists Star TibeWhile recently sharing about stray dogs from her social media account, “Man dies, animals die. You die” He used his words. Tilbe said the reactions after this sharing reached a large scale and his lawyer Handan Bakbak He went to the Çağlayan Palace of Justice. Reflecting on the lenses, singer Tilbe reminded members of the press that she posted messages on social media after seeing the children being attacked by dogs.


The famous singer, who went to the Çağlayan courthouse to file a criminal complaint, resisted the reactions in front of the cameras. “Then let them sleep. But let the children roam comfortably on the street. Let the old go to the mosque in the morning in peace. children play in the parks, let the elderly walk freely. If other dogs are being rehabilitated, let them go. used expressions. Recalling that there are also those who help the visually impaired among stray dogs, Tilbe argued that these animals should be made useful to people. Tilbe, “We all agree with that, but dogs that tear each other apart, I repeat, should be killed. Because they are savages. That’s why I think children are people’s priority in life. I am not an animal enemy, they declared me an animal enemy” noted.

A journalist directed to the famous singer “What did you experience after tweeting? » Tilbe said she was insulted too much on the matter, “Neither my mother, nor my father, nor my body, nor my personality, nor my art, they left nothing. That’s why I was very strong. is it because I defend people? Children, the elderly, dogs should not tear them. Is it because I said so? he said. After these remarks by the artist, his lawyer Bakbak declared that Tilbe had 4 cats at home. Bakbak, the famous artist’s lawyer, who is trying to create the impression that he is “against animals”, has also pointed out that he helps stray animals.

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Expressing that she cried for days because she was called a “murderer” and she didn’t deserve this, Yıldız Tilbe continued her words as follows:

“Finally I decided to pursue my rights legally. Because these people are trying to question me until I’m sane because I said, ‘Wild animals be eradicated’. This are lawyers too, that’s too bad. I mean, a dog can tear your child, your aunt, your mother, your parent. It shouldn’t be like that. We, as sensible people living in this country, should we join hands and find a solution to this. It should be done and everyone should be comfortable. Not everyone is the same, not everyone likes dogs. Man has snakes in her house, do I like snakes? “I have 4 cats, one of them gave birth to 5 kittens yesterday. So everyone’s love for animals is different, but people have to come first. If there is a human, there is everything, if there is no human, there is nothing. And we have to protect our children, the elderly, our women, our farmers. Why do we protect our grandfathers who go to the mosque with dogs?” tearing it up, isn’t it a sin?”

Yıldız Tilbe filed a criminal complaint


Tilbe’s lawyer, Handan Bakbak, said the famous singer suffered severe trauma. Bakbak said the basis of the artist’s reaction was the instinct to protect children. “But she has become an element of profit by people who have been diverted from her purpose and who have different goals. Mrs. Yıldız has 4 cats at home. She is ashamed to say so. There are animals that need of aid that she operated. She is our artist, known for her humanitarian identity. This process is extremely unfair. It is important that everyone wakes up. I want to stress that this is a social lynching, aimed at the deprivation of the freedom to work” used expressions.

After their statements to the press, Tilbe and Bakbak presented their petition to the Istanbul Prosecutor General’s Office.


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