The plague is on those who do not follow Erdogan’s instructions! Haykonfed had blocked the chef and complained! ‘Dogperestler’ darkened the child’s life!

The persistent attempt by a group known as “dog-dogs” to keep stray dogs off the streets has created new terror. The dogs turn the streets into chaos and gang upcauses injury and death, especially to children and women.

Little girl who was attacked by a stray dog ​​on her way to the cat nest and was run over by a truck Mahra Melin PinarA university student who fought for his life in the intensive care unit for 10 days and was hit by a car while fleeing the dog attack. Rabia KalliA few days after his death, another tragic event took place.

Dogs attacked while walking on the sidewalk

by Sivas Kumbet DistrictDogs attacked a child, whose name and age are not yet known, walking on the sidewalk in Istanbul. The boy, fleeing from the dogs, jumped in front of the passing vehicle. boy hit by carterribly exploded.

Severly injured

In the accident reflected on the security camera, the name of the child unknown was seriously injured specified. According to the date of the camera recordings, the event was seen to have taken place on March 12.

In the camera recording, it was determined that the dogs had attacked other people 2 minutes ago.

The neighborhood complained about the woman and the dogs before

It was learned that a woman named Hatice fed the dogs in this area and the citizens complained.

It was claimed that the residents’ complaints had not been taken into account by the municipality of Sivas.

Terrible detail: The accident took place in the neighborhood where the chief complained about Haykonfed

Kümbet neighborhood chief Erol Çakmak, who took action for the safety of neighborhood children last month, has started picking up stray dogs.

In this context, residents stray stray dogs on reactions to him Head of Kümbet District, Erol Cakmakwith his account on social networks, “I declare that I will donate 100 TL for each dog you catch and deliver.” he said.

Haykonfed targeted the leader who met the demands of the nation

Mukhtar Erol ÇakmakHaykonfed vice-president Haydar Özkan, who started a lynching campaign on social media, stopped stray dogs from gathering.

Complain to Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu and Governor of Sivas Salih Ayhan Haydar Ozkanaccused Muhtar Çakmak of having expanded the limits of his functions and powers and demanded that he be warned.

Governor Ayhan got his wishes

President Recep Tayyip Erdoganthose who do not comply with US orders for the seizure of stray dogs, and Haykonfedthe one who does what he wants without asking questions Governor of Sivas Salih Ayhanregardless of public reaction Mukhtar Erol ÇakmakHe had warned.

Governor Ayhan, who responded positively to Haykonfed Vice President Haydar Özkan’s provocative tweet on social media, said Muhtar Çakmak had been warned and necessary action would be taken.

Threat against Muhtar Erol Çakmak!

on the other hand Pawguards It was determined that the Twitter account named Mukhtar Erol Çakmak, which expressed the demands of the people, was targeted.

The so-called formation that doesn’t seem to care about the dead, Mukhtar Erol ÇakmakHe said they illegally took voice recordings while threatening.

arrogant by stating that they will be fired Paw guardsIt was a matter of curiosity where he got this injustice.

They disregarded President Erdogan’s instructions and blocked the areas.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was not indifferent to the serious injury of 4-year-old girl Asiye Ateş, who was seriously injured after the attack by stray dogs and caused public outrage.

After the incident, Erdogan, who ordered the collection of stray dogs, appealed to city leaders, including municipalities.

Animal associations and CHP municipalities opposed this call by President Erdoğan, who gave instructions for stray dogs to be recalled to shelters, and prevented the recall of dangerous dogs, using Law No. 5199 as an apology.

Officials such as Muhtar Erol Çakmak, who followed Erdoğan’s instructions, were targeted by the mob, known to the public as “dog herders”.

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