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Saturday April 2, 2022 Istanbul Horse Racing Predictions


We want to give Lenora number 6 the first chance on the first foot.

Lenora is normally a quick and fleeting name.

However, he can’t get into the lead early due to a problem off the start and fails as he can’t execute his style.

Today, with the preference of the outside corridor, if he does not linger too long at the start, he can even come forward and take the lead.

Because there is no other fast name than him.

If Lenora takes the lead and imposes her rhythm on her opponents, it will be very difficult to pass.

Even if we see the probability of winning so high, we cannot recommend a name, a bank, likely to linger at the start.

Always our favorite.

His opponents will be Madam Ludmila number 2, Gleamy number 1 and Anatolian Princess number 9 who will follow him closely.

We consider these four names sufficient.

Among the remaining foals there are names with high ability, but we didn’t rate them today due to the pace of the race.

Our rankings for this race are 6, 2, 1 and 9.

2. FOOT:

We thought we had to follow Ezelhan, number 4, who we had drawn attention to during his previous race, for his next race.

He’s a colt that won’t separate grass and sand, and we’ll hear his name in much better grass groups in the future.

Today he is close to winning the long distance, which he will love, alongside decent opponents.

His first opponent will be #5 For Pleasure.

We really liked the last race of this colt.

Taking the initiative and taking the lead later, the colt showed himself very well in the race and in the home straight.

If he takes the lead from the start, his chances of winning will increase in this round where there are no fast opponents today.

Anatolian Tiger number 2 and Kanaga number 7 are the names that must be added for insurance purposes.

Our rankings for this race are 4, 5, 2 and 7.

3. FOOT:

Even though the 4-year-old Arabians’ struggle for sales seems quite difficult, the long distance changes the conditions.

If the distance was short, we may have to close this trail.

Because of the long distance, we will try to pass through this place by writing 3 horses.

Our favorite would be Storm #1.

This time, Mehmet Kaya took advantage of the favorable conditions with his advantage.

Whether he takes the lead or continues the race for second place, he will definitely be in the fight for first place when his style is not on his opponent.

His first opponent will be number 6 Acarsu.

Görkem Özçelik is a name we very much hope to race in these conditions.

We have to write.

Finally, we can add Nurgülcan number 5 to coupons.

It is a very formal name. We don’t know exactly how he will run the distance today, but if he runs today, we think he will win his first short-mid distance race.

That’s why he deserves a chance today.

Our rankings for this race are 1, 6 and 5.

4. FOOT:
Race favorite No. 1 By Reisoğlu is a better name than this group.

But to win, the race must go fast.

Today, there are quick names such as ragner and sinan reis.

Sadekar and afşar are the names that will be at the front in order to raise the tempo a little more.

In our opinion, Number 1 By Reisoğlu will be able to assess these conditions and win.

The thoroughbred that Görkem Özçeliğ rode and won once before, can be banked on the same track and the same distance today.

5. FOOT:

Note the Gold Water 3, which has been observed to recover in its work on the inside track.

This may upset those who won and did not write today.

The n°5 Homeland Fire participates in this race with his excellent preparation.

If he can follow the race a little closer to the front, his chances of winning will increase.

If Günyeli number 6 is normally a better name on the grass, it should not be neglected in this race where the boom will remain empty.

Tanir’s #1 girl, despite the weight difference, is a name that needs to be written at this slow pace.

Because there is no name against Güneyeli.

If Gunyeni goes down the straight early, the rider can take the lead and finish without getting caught.

Finally, let’s write Petekkan number 7.

It deserves to be written for both its style and its jockey.

Our rankings for this race are 3, 5, 6, 1 and 7.


In the final stage, we can split the race between the No.9 Saetta and the others.

Saetta is a name with a high winning character.

He does not forgive when he finds conditions in his favor.

It’s a little behind in overall rating, but it can be in the top 3 of AGF rates.

Today he will race in conditions where he will be empty at the front.

It has no style rivals.

It is possible that it will end as it came out.

It’s clearly our favorite.

The reason we don’t recommend the bench is that we have a few hunt horses on this track.

We expect an efficient race especially from the Eliminator #7.

It will be his first race after the break.

He was actually entered in a race on March 19, but they didn’t take the risk due to snowfall and they were kicked out of the race.

By targeting today, his future can be ambitious in this race.

Kocavezir number 2 and Big Guns number 5 are the names that are spoken on the pitch. We have to write.

Queen of Spades number 11, King Cha Cha number 1 and Juno number 10 can be added to coupons as they are ruthless under these circumstances.

Our ranking for this race is 9, 7, 2, 5, 11, 1 and 10.

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