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As the pandemic changes everything from its roots, marriages have been known to be blessed for a while.


The years 2020-2021 are full of disappointments for couples who fail to meet the crowd and plan their wedding. But I wouldn’t have guessed that this change would change the lives of pets like this.

It takes place in the United States, where most trends are born. 37-year-old fitness coach living in Dallas Tara Helwig and epidemiological data analyst, 22 years old Makayla WilsonBrussels Griffon dogs Twixie and cowboy Having a good time together, they decide to marry them off as dog parents.

wedding, girl side TwixieIt takes place in the garden of his house. And 40 other Brussels Griffons are invited, with whom the dogs get along well in the parks. 37 of them attend the invitation. The cost of the magnificent wedding is 25 thousand dollars. The two families share the bill. Of course, refuges also have a part in these marriages. Wedding guests pay an attendance fee ($25) and that money goes to shelters. And suddenly, the author of our newspaper, faithful reader of this column, who wrote the title Mehmet Ireneas told, “Let Them Bark on a Pillow” With their best wishes, the people and the guest dogs leave the fun wedding.


Okay, everything is over the top in the US, everything is beyond our memory, and we agree that they blew things up on most issues. Here too we can bear in mind the possibility that they used dogs for their own amusement. Still, I respect that people start families with cats and dogs, sometimes go to extremes with them, and never fail to help shelters amid all the excesses. I watch with a smile.


Let them bark on a pillow
RUSSIADue to the occupation of Ukraine, more than 3.5 million people had to leave the country. This number increases all the time. Of course, those who separated from the lands in which they lived took their dear friends with them. Images that tear the heart and also upset because of the bond that unites them are served every day by all the agencies of the world. Among those who had to leave their country, an Instagram phenomenon cat stepan there are. The tabby cat, who has 1.2 million followers on Instagram and as many followers on TikTok, has become a phenomenon due to his images as he sits at the bar and watches. stepanshared his house because of heavy bombing by Russia. AnneHe left Kharkiv with . 13 year old tabby cat AnneHe arrived in Poland with Financial aids exceeding 9 thousand dollars
and aims to go to France thanks to the help of people.



TO KINDNESS Ramadan, the month when our predisposition reaches its highest level, has arrived. There are several memorized topics that come to the fore every Ramadan: We relive how intolerant we are of each other, and once in a while we see the beautiful iftar tables and say, “What was the need? we say. I hope that Ramadan will be the one with the highest social peace and the one who best understands his state of satiety and hunger. My request from you is this: there are cats, dogs and street animals that need water and food in shelters and on the streets. Please don’t neglect them either. Happy Ramadan.


POSITIVE Of course, it is very nice to use science to extend human life and make it more comfortable. But in doing so, putting the human at the center of the whole world and neglecting or ignoring other living beings has long been annoying, and it only gets worse. You read in these pages, American scientists are preparing to breed allergy-free cats using genetic technology. While about 15% of people are allergic to cats, and the solution is as simple as not keeping those people and cats in the same environment, another species is vulnerable to human spoilage. It would seem that it would be better for us to use the positive sciences for good works for all living beings in the world.



OUR READER Oya Özdemirdog yodaHe shared his photo with the following note: “His name is Yoda. The name comes from “Baby Yoda” because of his eyes. His eyes see very little. Our job with the family is to love it. He teaches us to love diligently every day. yodaWe send our love to I await a photo of your cat and dog from you.

Let them bark on a pillow

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