“Guest Suitcase” met its audience in Nuremberg

The play “Der Gastkoffer (Guest Suitcase)”, compiled from the stories of guest workers who came to Germany from Turkey for 60 years, was staged in Nuremberg.

Written by Burcu Fırat Uygur, the play “Der Gastkoffer (Guest Suitcase)”, which tells about the lives of workers who emigrated from Turkey, met the audience of the Gemeinschafthaus-Langwasser in Nuremberg on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of migration. The mostly amateur cast included the children and grandchildren of guest workers who arrived in the country 60 years ago. The play was staged by “Kunstfabrik”, the house of culture and art established by Ayvalık Art Factory in Nuremberg last year. Directed by Burcu Fırat Uygur and one of the founders of the Ayvalık Art Factory, former Ankara State Theater actor Yavuz İmsel directed the play, which told of the hardships faced by Turkish workers left for Germany 60 years ago as workers.

It was prepared in 6 months, it has a giant staff of 15 people

Burcu Firat Uygur, who gave information about the play, which was supported by the Presidency of Foreign Relative Societies and the Culture Department of Nuremberg, and watched by the Consul General of Nuremberg, Serdar Deniz, said : “The play, which was prepared in 6 months and was staged with a huge cast of 15 people, was accompanied by a dance team of 13. Dr. Oya Uysal Koğ and Dr. Faik Can Koğ from l he Dance Anatolia and Mind and Dance team undertook the choreography of the piece by Meltem Kulaçatan and Vidan Özdemir Kara. Uygur said: “Most of our friends in the cast are amateurs, but they are the children or grandchildren of our guest workers who came here 60 years ago. since the day of their arrival, their linguistic difficulties and their desire for their families have been put forward.”

“We try not to make our children forget their mother tongue”

Director Yavuz İmsel also said that basic drama, theater and acting lessons, in front of and behind the camera, trainings are given to the children of the Kunstfabrik: “We try to help our children and young people , which we see as our future, to learn our native Turkish language in the best way, not to forget their native language, and to instill a love of theater.”

“If we stand together, we will show our strength in the society in which we live”

Nuremberg Consul General Serdar Deniz said: “The proliferation of non-governmental organizations that value culture and art for the future of Turkish society, which numbers 3.5 million people in Germany and succeeded in different professions, is nice. I wish success to the Kunstfabrik, its leaders and its players and continue your way at full speed. Consul General Deniz, “The division does not bring us anything. If we are in unity, solidarity and solidarity, we will show our strength in the society in which we live”.

“I understood what my father meant when I watched this play”

Deputy General Secretary of the Bavarian Social Democratic Party (SPD), Arif Taşdelen, said he came to Germany as a child from a working family and said: “When we asked my father what what you did for us, he replied, “I brought you to Germany. When I watched this play, I understood what my father meant, I laughed sometimes while watching the play.” “The children of our first generation citizens, who have encountered great difficulties in this country , succeeded in German society. The children of Turkish workers, Uğur Şahin and the Özlem Türeci couple, also made history by finding the BioNTech vaccine,” he said.

Erdal Çeç, Rudi Lehnert, Yağmur Utku, Voker Otto and Thomas Köstler of Quantensprung Music Group added color to the game with the music they played. Due to the establishment of an art factory in Nuremberg, director Yavuz İmsel, playwright and director Burcu Fırat Uygur, consul general Serdar Deniz and deputy Arif Taşdelen cut a cake together at the end of the room.

Ali Rıza Aksu, Aylin Yalçınkaya, Bülent Fırat, Cenkay Sezer, Fatma Tozan, Figen Kalkandere, Güler Bahça, Gizem Kolay, Hülya Ersoy, Levent Fırat, Melisa Şengün, Milana Uygur, Nasır Turunç, Yeliz Rabbit and Yunus Emre Çanak participated to play it. In addition, the performance of the dance group was watched with interest.

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