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April 3, 2022 Adana Horse Racing Predictions


The number 4 Alator stands out again with its high race winning character.

There will be similar conditions to the race he won.

He is close to following the race in the lead group and winning with an efficient straight run.

We recommend it as an alternative bank for those who want to take risks from the first step.

Their opponents will be Cigar 3 and Flash Past 2, competing in the same series as Alator.

On that day, these names had started in very heavyweight and had finished the race near the alator.

Today, in this race where the weight differences balance each other out, they are definitely well placed.

We would like to suggest 2 other surprise names beside these horses.

The number 1 Red Orchestra, which must take the lead, can finish as it did on the adana track with good preparation.

With the reduction in weight by putting on the apprentice, the odds have increased even further.

Finally, let’s add Great Disaster number 9 to the coupons.

This horse will usually end up as it left in a race where it remains vacant.

Adana attracted attention with its excellent preparations.

Today, with its empty weight, it can be ambitious.

We might even have suggested a favourite, were it not for its style rival, the Orchester Rouge.

Let’s say he got lucky.

Follow the Great Disaster, including this race.

Our rankings for this race are 4, 3, 2, 1 and 9.

2. FOOT:

We expect a very fast pace in the Short Term 7 short-distance grass track race, which will be attended by Brits aged 4 and over.

We believe that fast horses such as Ardaşah, expectancy, golden ruller, sinesipse and stark will definitely take the lead in this short distance race.

Golden rolls and waiting might be a bit more patient, but others will surely pick up the pace.

At this rate, our favorite will be Lorenzo #8.

When he establishes his perfect sprint, he is effective without an opponent.

In this race which will continue to be fast today, he will be very efficient towards the end.

His first opponent will be number 5 Sun Time.

It should be noted that he did the vigor races very well.

He can follow the race in the middle group or behind.

We predict he will definitely make an effective straight run.

Then let’s add Antiochos number 6, who won his last race with heavyweight.

Even if the group hardens today, there is an appropriate weight and a trend in favor.

Finally, we can write Golden Ruler number 7, one of the names that will compete in the leading group.

Under Ayhan’s guidance, we expect him to run efficiently while waiting patiently at the front.

Our rankings for this race are 8, 5, 6 and 7.

3. FOOT:

Our favorite for this race will be Cool Boy #3.

Serin Child, who came on after the break and won a race on wet sand, showed he was under the influence of running vigor in his next race.

He left the race early because he couldn’t take the lead.

Few riders today will not have an opponent who insists on leadership in this race.

If he manages to impose his rhythm, he can still win with his magnificent stubbornness.

We think his most serious opponent will be Victory Weapon #5.

He showed he had reached the form to win in his last race.

Today, with the choice of Ahmet Çelik, his chances have increased a little more.

We consider these two sufficient for small coupons.

Soldiers can add Denso number 4 and Wonder Girl number 6.

Our overall ranking is 3, 5, 4 and 6.

4. FOOT:
Group 1, we will see a very pleasant race in the Mediterranean derby.

We expect a steady pace in this race where 7 horses will start.

Delawera number 4 and Sword of Nartin number 5 are horses that can certainly run away and succeed.

Although Delawera will take the lead, the sword of the nart will not leave him alone.

Right behind them will be number 3 Cagner.

Number 3 Cagner has once again shown in his last job that he is in the best shape of his life.

Today, he can maintain the leadership he will take in the straight line up to the photo.

However, there are good sprinters today.

Osman Bey, number 7, found the conditions he was looking for. In this type of sprint races, he will put his weight on the race at the end.

We enjoyed my 6th son Doruk’s last run. If he does a similar race, he will have a high probability of winning again.

No. 1 Deli Tahir and No. 2 King Man Go are the names that will step in if the race picks up early and their opponents run out of power early at the end.

In this run, let’s look at a comfortable run by writing all names indiscriminately.

Because the race goes fast, the logic of sprinters winning doesn’t work in such races.

In front of us, very resistant horses.

Despite the fast pace, let’s not even overlook horses such as Delawera and the Sword of Nartin.

Even though we interpreted this race as horse names, our order of luck will be different.

Our favorite is Osman Bey, number 7.

Their first opponents will be Cagner number 3 and Son Doruk number 6.

then we can add #1 Deli Tahir and #2 King Man Go, #4 Delawera and #5 Nart’s Sword, depending on the budget.

5. FOOT:

In the short term 7 years, age national race, we will propose a bench.

Aypars, who has shown a good performance in the difficult groups in his last races, made up for a group according to his teeth today.

In addition, conditions within the race will evolve in their favor.

With the exception of Mr. Said, his style has no rivals.

Considering he’s also in great form these days, it’s safe to say that Aypars can set his tempo easily.

Under Karataş it will be very difficult to catch up with an Aypars who have set their tempo.

In order to speed up the race from the start, if there are no other horses that lack style, Aypars number 3 will win this race.

The bank can be written.


We want to give the first chance in the last stand to number 3 of Destanyazar, who is in a very surprising position.

We have seen that the Thoroughbred, which was observed to have reached last season’s form, is excellent in its final works.

He caught our attention with his new appearance in post-intermission races.

However, he failed when he failed to respond to promptings.

There are jewelry changes today.

If he runs at full capacity with their contribution, he can even win easily.

Coupons must be written in the first line.

We will only offer 2 horses with you.

Add to the coupons Babahakki number 7, who maintains his perfect form, and Chief Nuri, number 9, who are expected to run well in this group.

Our rankings for this race are 3, 7 and 9.

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