A taste stop for three generations

BToday we are at Bulut Et Kasap, which offers the most natural form of meat in Kemalpaşa village, Yukarı Kızılca, in Kemalpaşa district of Izmir. This time we took the road to Butcher Uncles. We breathed in Bulut Et Butcher, one of the last representatives of the recent tradition of butchery-catering. In the recent past, there was a concept called neighborhood trader in our society. We have always met our daily needs from them. The heart of the district was also a grocery store, greengrocer, butcher. Don’t look at the fact that today’s multi-storey shopping malls are indispensable to our lives recently. Everywhere in the world, life flows in the convenience stores of the neighborhood, at the greengrocer who wets the counter with lettuce in hand, at the local butcher’s uncle. The spirit of life is there.

For example, you can enter the neighborhood butcher directly from the street. From the smell of oil paper at the grinder of a meat grinder, from the aunt who came to buy leftovers for cats to the retiree who bought 150 grams of fixed ground meat, the neighborhood butcher has a warm soul. One of the last exponents of this tradition, Bulut Et, began his profession as a trade in live animals (celep) by the butcher grandfather Tevfik Bulut, and is still practiced by his grandson Tevfik Bulut. Serving three generations since 1954, Bulut Et Kasap is a family business. Tevfik Bulut is an indispensable name for the inhabitants of the region. Shopping at Bulut Et Kasap is both enjoying the delicious meat and witnessing a story that keeps its naturalness intact. The village of Yukarı Kızılca is famous for its organic honey, olive oil, livestock and, of course, cherries.

Bulut Et Kasap is the address of flavors for those who come to Yukarı Kızılca Village, which nature lovers and nature lovers visit especially on weekends. The two-story non-alcoholic service, constructed from wood, is almost preferred by families as it is a picnic environment with its natural ambience. 3rd generation grandson Tevfik Bulut…. He continues with the same love and affection for the work he received from his grandfather from his father. The legacy he inherited from the dynamic and successful young grandfather is to successfully run both the celebrity, the butcher and the restaurant. Small-headed lambs buy the famous lambs from Balıkesir and Eşme regions. Their livestock takes the animals which are fed in the open air from the Erzurum and Kars regions.

He served major hotels in Marmaris for 15 years as ‘Cloud Meat Butcher’. They supplied the meat needs of approximately 80 to 100 hotels and restaurants in the region. They serve both as a butcher and as a restaurant for 100 to 150 people. The meat you love in its most natural form is cooked at the same butcher’s price and brought to your table. Some of the meat is due to them keeping it in their own corrals. They will buy the meat themselves in the form of carcasses from the region. They don’t export meat in bulk because they want their customers to eat the best meat. They throw the meat directly into the barbecue without any treatment. No cooking or extra cost is passed on to the meats here. The butcher’s price is applied directly to the meat. You can eat at your table for the same price as at the butcher’s.

The sausage, beef tenderloin steak is removed and the whole beef is discarded. The sucuks are their own production, without additional oil, a real butcher’s sausage without any fermentation. I especially advise you to taste the famous clean Ottoman sausage instead. 400 kg of sausage are consumed per week. On order, the tandoori is made with heads of kid and lamb in the oven. Revani dessert with poppy and tea is served for dessert for free. Tevfik’s mother, Semiha, cooks poppy seed revani dessert herself at home.

There is a lunch and evening service on site. After enjoying your meal, you can buy raw meat from the butcher shop. Lamb chops, lamb cutlets, beyti, lamb skewers, Turkish delight, lamb muff, veal chop, entrecote, T-bone, steak tenderloin, Adana varieties that do not use tail fat other as the lamb’s own fat are also available. You should especially try the meatballs. It is made from lamb and veal, mainly veal. They want their customers to get the real taste of meat by using the spices in the meatballs in moderation and in doses.

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