10 things everyone should know about cat care

We all love cats, one of our unusual furry friends, but do we know enough about their care? Before adopting a cat for the first time, you should know some important cat care information. In light of this information, you can make your cat much happier and healthier by watching and loving it a lot.

We like almost all cats, except for a small group of frightened or allergic people. Without a doubt, it is one of the most compatible animals to live with at home. Nevertheless love is not enough to take care of a cat. If you are going to adopt a cat for the first time, there are some important cat care facts you need to know. This information will make your cat happier and healthier.

Before going into details, remember that we are using the word property on purpose. Keep in mind that animals in trade suffer from major psychological disorders and health problems. Anyway, wherever you turn your head, you will definitely see a cat in need, why give money to traders who torture animals? Let’s take a closer look at the care information you need to know before adopting your new feline friend.

Here are the basics you need to know about cat care:

  • Comb their hair every day.
  • Always make sure he drinks fresh water.
  • Have extra kitty litter.
  • Check to see if he urinates in the sand.
  • Be sure to teach him how to use a scratching post.
  • Have a special transport box.
  • Don’t neglect dental care.
  • Choose your veterinarian wisely.
  • Have regular vet visits.
  • Be sure to sterilize your cat.

Brush your hair every day:

Cats clean themselves with their special tongue and swallow their dead hair. However, it is not very pleasant to throw up those feathers later. Therefore, with a special comb Brush your cat daily and remove dead hair. You’re still lying for fun. During the scan, you have the option to check your cat’s body. The sooner you discover his injury, sore spot, or anything else unusual, the better.

Make sure he always drinks fresh water:

cat care

Let’s put some water in a big bowl and drink it for days, it means your cat has come into contact with the air and This means drinking poor quality water. Just like people buy and drink a new glass of water every time, so should your cat. Some cats don’t like to bend down to drink water. You can consider using different water fountains available in the market.

Have extra kitty litter:

cat care

Many people think that one litter box is enough for cats. However, many experts he says it is better to put an extra litter box. Don’t forget to clean his litter frequently and check his stool during this cleaning. Many health problems can be detected early this way.

Check if you are urinating out of the sand:

cat care

If the litter in the box is dirty, most will go elsewhere. But that’s not the only reason to urinate in the sand. seen in cats following certain urinary tract infections Such behavior has been observed. For this reason, it would be best to show your cat to a veterinarian before scolding him.

Be sure to teach him how to use a scratching post:

cat care

Cats need to scratch to renew the dead layers of their nails. but they don’t have to scratch the fine furniture. Give your cat a scratching post he will love and patiently teach him how to use it. The scratching post will be good for both his nails and his muscles because he will make strange movements while scratching.

Have a personalized transport box:

cat care

You always transport your cat in a transport box outside. However, many people leaves her cat in the next seat on a car trip and that’s how it goes. We are talking about cats; Isn’t it obvious how much of a risk that is? Get a special transport box that you can use in the vehicle and make your cat travel here by getting used to it.

Do not neglect dental care:

cat care

The dental health of cats is just as important as that of humans. If maintenance is not done gum disease and rotting teeth may occur. In fact, certain bacteria in the teeth can cause many different diseases by mixing with the blood. On the other hand, cats do not brush their teeth easily. For this reason, you should consult your veterinarian and have regular dental care.

Choose your veterinarian carefully:

cat care

Although all veterinarians receive similar training, each has a different specialty. Therefore, before choosing a veterinarian, you should do a good research and you should choose a veterinarian who has worked with cats for many years. Such a choice would be best for everyone.

Have regular veterinary visits:

cat care

When you observe an unusual situation in your cat, you should go to the veterinarian immediately. But don’t necessarily expect it to be a special occasion to go to the vet. Establish a schedule of visits as often as the vet recommends. Thus, your cat’s weight is regularly monitored, vaccinations are applied regularly and teeth cleaning is done regularly.

Sterilize your cat:

cat care

sterilization process it doesn’t just prevent cats from breeding. Through sterilization, uterine infections, ovarian cancers, breast tumors, testicular cancer and prostate problems in both men and women are prevented. Castration also prevents males from moving around and marking their territory.

Before adopting a cat for the first time We’ve talked about some cat care information you should know. and we have explained the details on the subject. What we say is for informational purposes only. Your greatest helpers in caring for cats will be veterinarians.

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