Yıldız Tilbe’s countermove… He didn’t forgive those names!


Artist Yıldız Tilbe spoke about stray dogs on his social media account on March 12 and used the expressions: “Let the people of the region give poisonous meat to the groups of attacking dogs, so that they all die, what is it to tear people apart”. After the sharing, some animal lovers and institutions protecting animal rights filed a criminal complaint against Yıldız Tilbe with the Istanbul Prosecutor General’s Office.

Yıldız Tilbe, who went to the Istanbul Courthouse in Çağlayan over the matter, filed a criminal complaint with the prosecutor’s office against the people she allegedly threatened and insulted through her lawyer Handan Bakbak.

“I’ve come a long way”

Giving a statement to members of the press regarding the criminal complaint, Yıldız Tilbe said, “I think human life is also important, God first created man and created everything for man. When I see the torn children, there are about 300 of them, one has no face, one has no eyes, no arms, no legs. I was so impressed that I made a few sentences about aggressive dogs. Because I’m a Muslim, I said, “People are dying, animals are dying, you are dying.” This word came to me a lot. Then he should be asleep, but children should be able to walk the streets more comfortably, the elderly should go to the mosque in the morning, the villagers would be torn to pieces on the way to their fields. Let the children play in the parks, let the elderly travel comfortably. If other dogs are also rehabilitated, if not, there are dogs walking blind, former minister, bringing newspapers. Let him be trained, let him be useful to people. We all agree on this, but shredder dogs should be put down because they are savages. That’s why I think children and people come first in life,” he said.


“I finally decided to ask for my legal right”

Continuing his explanation, Yıldız Tilbe said: “I ate a lot of insults, I ate curses that I have never heard in my life. Neither my mother, nor my father, nor my body, nor my personality, nor my art, they left nothing. That’s why it was too much for me, in fact I was going to succeed in this event, but why should I be insulted so much? To defend humanity? Is it because I said “Don’t let the dogs tear the children and the elderly apart? Let the dogs be cared for, not wild, not attacked, I say this. Otherwise, every living thing has the right to life , but no living being that harms people has the right to life. It becomes a scorpion, a snake, a bear descending from the mountain, a pig. Anyway, the priority should be people. I think human life is sacred. Animals should also be merciful, shame on them too. Why should they tear people apart, why should they be killed ? Let them be educated, domesticated, cared for. I think so. I had no other intention. I didn’t deserve it at all, they call me a “murderer”. I cried a lot, I cried for days, and finally I decided to claim my rights legally because these people try to question me as much as possible because I said that the wild animals must be eliminated. Those who do that are also lawyers, it’s a shame. It could also tear your child, the dog, our aunt, our mother, our parent apart. It shouldn’t have been like this. We as sensible people living in this country need to join hands and find a solution to this,” he said.



Yıldız Tilbe’s Twitter posts created an event. Arguing that aggressive strays should be killed with poisonous meat, the singer wrote: “Stray dogs should be collected from animal shelters and cared for by sane, animal-loving officials. That the people in the area where they attack groups of dogs give poisonous meat so that they all die, what is human dismemberment?” Reactions to Tilbe’s suggestion of “poisonous meat” grew like an avalanche.

Tilbe then shared a message of apology: “I’m so sorry to the dog owners whose hearts I unintentionally hurt. I also apologize to the people who lost their loved ones in the dog attack. and whose heart was broken.After that, I referred the people to whom I was injured to Allah.



*Ajda pekkan: “We must show our position against war and violence against brutality and oppression in all areas of life and against all living beings. I am really sorry. I cannot remain silent on any death warrant against the oppressed. We exist to survive. Stray animals are not unsupervised.

* Basak Dizer Tatlitug: “Have you ever seen a dog die screaming and vomiting blood for hours from poisoned meat? We are ashamed of your conscience. Should this be the solution? Or sterilize en masse, rehabilitate and reduce their numbers? We are talking about an animal that lives a maximum of 10 years. This problem would have ended long ago with sterilization in 20 years.


*Tan Tasci: “We must learn to ignore artists who make sensitive subjects speak for themselves by making them an element of a magazine and who only take advantage of this weakness of society instead of practicing their profession. What benefit can those who are not even good for themselves bring to society, the environment and nature? »

* Ainur Aydin: “What conscience is there to take advantage of a soul’s hunger and ‘kill’ it (!) with poisonous flesh? Hearing this from Yıldız Tilbe, whom we love very much, made me desperate.

* Leman Sam: “Friends are upset. Do not tire yourself in vain. This woman doesn’t understand, she doesn’t care.”

* Gonca Vuslateri: “Why would you make such a statement, Yıldız Tilbe? Why is that?”

*Ceylon Ertem: “I won’t be singing ‘The Hand Man’ for a while. Those who come to the concert should come and find out.

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