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The following day the following news appeared in the printed newspapers of the same organizations:

“Horse Bold’s legendary rider is dead…”

The newspapers reported the death of the most heroic horse that Turkey had ever seen, with all its details and history.


In addition to this news on one of these sites, the following short sentence caught my attention:

“God rest the soul…”

There was a big story behind that little phrase.


The other day I watched an extraordinary film in a special room in Istanbul which tells the extraordinary story of this horse and the people who accompany him.

First name “Champion…” Rather “Champions for us”…

It hits theaters on December 7. I was lucky to have watched it before.


We were only 4 people in the lobby…


We were all crying at the end of the film.

Half of my tears were from happiness, the other half from sadness, and let me say beyond the math, the other half was from my admiration for a heroic ancestor and his people.

I will first tell you the story of this hero horse.


May the soul rest in peace for a dead horse

THIS The story of the hero horse began on April 21, 1993.

bold pilot That day Fat Persian and Rose Palumbo He was born as a colt of named horses.

He was born as a racing colt from a racing sire…

He had racing in his genes, but those same genes had prepared him for a bad future.

bold pilot He had a grumpy character…

He didn’t put anyone on it. Even getting in and out of the barn was a problem.

It was even very difficult to get into the starting box where the race was going to start.

A foal in trouble Daring pilot…


Most likely his racing life would be over before he even started.

But the fate that had given him this sullen character would have given him two other things.

An extraordinary owner and an extraordinary rider he sired…


bold pilotis the first chance “whisper to the horses” who is a human Ozdemir Atman’was to enter the wing of .

As he enters this wing, fate is somewhere far away. bold pilotShe was preparing another surprise for him. There, a young man came to Istanbul from his village.


This young man “whisper to the horses” was a human. His life was devoted to horses.

big jockey idol Mad Believerhas been…

First name Halis Karatasit was…

Coming from Adana, in a quiet farm in the Kaynarca region of Sakarya. Ozdemir AtmanHe started working with.


Two horses are preparing for the race.

One is calm, the other is sullen. Daring pilot…

Atman Turkey’s champion, an experienced jockey with a grumpy horse that won’t let anyone near him. Mad BelieverShe wants him to continue.

But fate is there, Halis Karatasthrowing himself on his back bold pilotThis changes with the following statement regarding:

“Sir, I will stay here. Let the believer’s brother take the other…”


Demand Bold’The story begins with this sentence…


This sentence is also Halis Karatasthe Ozdemir Atman’daughter of begum This is the moment when the great love between them begins. Begum’Not even the deadly disease of fame can kill this great love and their love of horses.


Turkey cried after the death of a horse on April 30, 2015…

This horse and the story of a great love behind it will be presented to all of Turkey in cinemas on December 7.

Let me tell you right away, the famous story of a horse that marked the whole world. “Sea Cookie” It’s a much more impressive film, much more human than the film…

I liked it so much…

I’m sure you’ll like it very, very much, too, your love of animals and people.
this wonderful film about your love…



May the soul rest in peace for a dead horse

BOLD driver In 1996, when he was 3 years old, he took first place in a formidable race against his world-class rivals.

He won 70% of the races he participated in throughout his life.

It is now Boldi’s SuperstarEast…


Then long years of horse pass for a horse…

year 1998 Boldi This will be the year when the end of the race comes for him.

suffers from an injury

with the last race ” Prime Minister “ finishes the race fourth.

It is not an animal used to being crossed…


He bids farewell to the tracks with a special jubilee in 2013. This is the only jubilee for a horse.

The people filling the Veliefendi racecourse gave him a standing ovation for a few minutes.

Now is the time to raise a child.


Bold’will have 32 foals.


11 of them
races win…


Turkey’s Legendary Horse bold pilot He passed away on April 30, 2015…

behind Turkey “Bless Your Soul” noted.


Haras Atman-Karataş in Kaynarca, Sakarya, where he spent most of his lifeHe was buried in his barn at…


From December 7, the Turkish public will see this horse and the people around him and his love, the great love, the drama and the story of human happiness of the stud owner’s daughter with a jockey.


As I left the movie, I realized once again that…

The horse is not just an animal…

And in this world that has turned into a nightmare, we still have a lot of people left…


I cried a lot… But I had a lot of hope, I was very happy…


May the soul rest in peace for a dead horse

PRODUCTION: Ay Yapım, Med Production


DIRECTOR: Ahmet Katiksiz… The shots, the frames, the moments and the emotions are great shots…

Mostly Halis KaratasI will never forget that moment of dramatic silence in Veliefendi with the scene of horses running sideways as .


SCENARIO: Ahmet Katiksız, Serkan Yörük… Adapting real-life stories to movies is both easy and very difficult.

It takes great art to supplement the moments when real life falls into monotony with dramatic fiction. The writers successfully played on the real-life timeline and created wonderful drama.


PLAYERS: Ekin Koç: It proved how much of a face game that leaves its simplicity and dosed gestures can become, and how much can be explained with less.

Farah Zeynep Abdullah: The Butterfly’s Dream and tart applesI loved it too. It’s great here too.

Fikret Kuskan: in the movie Ozdemir Atman He puts such a wonderful person in front of us in his role that you watch with hope and love. A person who whispers to horses, a wonderful father, an extraordinarily understanding stud owner…

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