Who is Bekir Yildiz? Books and Sayings by Bekir Yildiz

The life of Turkish novelist Bekir Yıldız is under investigation. So who is Bekir Yildiz? Where is Bekir Yıldız from? When and where was Bekir Yıldız born? Is Bekir Yildiz alive? Here is the life of Bekir Yıldız… Is Bekir Yıldız alive? When and where did Bekir Yıldız die?

Turkish novelist Bekir Yıldız is curious about his literary personality, his story and his works. Book lovers try to find out more about Bekir Yıldız in search engines. We have prepared Bekir Yıldız life, books, words and quotes for you. Here is the life, works, words and quotes of Bekir Yıldız…

Date of Birth: 1933

Place of birth: Urfa, Turkey

Date of death: August 8, 1998

Place of death: Istanbul, Turkey

Who is Bekir Yildiz?

Bekir Yıldız (born 1933 – died August 8, 1998), Turkish short story writer and novelist.

He was born in 1933 in Urfa. He finished printing school and went to work in Germany as a laborer. Bekir Yıldız, who opened Asya Printing House when he returned home, recounted the lives of people in the Southeast in his stories. Some of his stories have been scripted and filmed. She worked in May, Halkin Dostları, Yeni a, Yazko Literature magazines. Many of his writings have been collected in the book “Out of Time”. In 1971, he received the Sait Faik Story Award with his work Kaçakçı Şahan. He died on August 11, 1998 from a heart attack. He was buried in Karacaahmet Cemetery.

Books by Bekir Yildiz – His Works

  • marriage society
  • Smuggler Shah
  • Ringed slave
  • Aga rubbing
  • and Cruel and Believing and Karbala
  • black carriage
  • Harran
  • white turkish
  • army of bees
  • iron doll
  • german bread
  • orphans
  • A rider crossed the world
  • Blow
  • family wars
  • people of the apocalypse
  • The orphans – A rider crossed the world
  • Human Paste Southeast Dungeon
  • steppe bride
  • Turks in Germany
  • immortal poplar
  • blind pigeon
  • Yaman Migration
  • straight man
  • Featured Stories
  • Interviews
  • Valley of the Falcons
  • Through the time of judgment
  • orphans

Bekir Yildiz Quotes – Lyrics

  • Working for a sack of wheat, lying in the shade of the lord, had put Gaffar’s father on the bed… The ground was now almost eager to punish and take under this man who had drilled and fertilized it for years. (Smuggler Shah)
  • “Would it be better if you were reduced to ashes?” I said to myself. “You’re gonna be paper for the kids, hey spoiled poplar. What more do you want?” (immortal poplar)
  • There are especially the first days of your father’s police work… Look where you come from… He was ashamed to go out in the street the first few days. I was also embarrassed when I put on the first layer… That’s when I knew what shame is and what it isn’t. (family wars)
  • In our society, regardless of the age of the child, they are immature suckling lambs for the parents. (Yaman Migration)
  • The first condition of success in our time is to be united. What’s wrong with one hand, two hands have a voice. (army of bees)
  • While mistakes and sins were lost among the crowds in the big cities, here every mistake and every sin was blotted out with lead. (Aga rubbing)
  • “The Man in the Oven…In an apocalyptic oven…A person in the show of taking someone on their back while the fire isn’t burning or burning. But when the temperature rises, when the feet are burning, a person is in the race to ride on the back of the one he threw into the fire…. (people of the apocalypse)
  • As if the mode of exploitation changed, exploitation disappeared! (Harran)
  • What was love? How was the family? How lives dedicated to love were gradually forgotten and transformed into new devotions. (Blow)
  • The Turks, who once attacked with their swords, now infiltrated Europe with their passports… (Aga rubbing)
  • “A town without people is different, but a town where people can’t go out is different.” (people of the apocalypse)
  • Knowing nothing and doing nothing is more painful than knowing. (iron doll)
  • God created human beings in the most extraordinary quality, and at almost zero cost. However, each doctor’s hand stretched out towards humanity, which suffered the wrath of nature, had large gluttonous claws.Aga rubbing)
  • “We feel like it,” he said. “The desire for water is like a plant, we want to speak Turkish. The lady is going to work, you cannot see it. While you are walking the streets, you are afraid to speak Turkish with your children. Oh. .. Oh , how comfortable it is to speak in your mother tongue…” (Yaman migration)
  • If, instead of tearing each other apart like cats stuck in a bag, we could talk about those who put us in the bag…Blow)
  • Do you think the worker’s Turkish will be German? (german bread)
  • He wanted to think. However, thinking meant living. Live too; It was about coming to terms with the past, the present and even the future. (Blow)
  • Those below rejoice. Because it’s the turn of the people downstairs to die in gas ovens after three or five seconds. (A rider crossed the world)
  • Because books are immortal, if they are written. (white turkish)
  • The stigmatized people, the people who have become ugly, have come together with their hopes in God. (black carriage)

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