Hanau would revolt if 9 pandas died


Those killed in the Hanau attack, one of the bloodiest attacks in Germany’s recent history, were commemorated on the second anniversary of the attack. Many names attended the commemoration ceremony held in the city of Hanau in the state of Hesse. The families of the victims, Prime Minister of Hesse Volker Bouffier, Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser, Consul General of the Turkish Republic in Frankfurt Erdem Tunçer, Metropolitan Mayor of Hanau Claus Kaminsky and the party’s foreign affairs representative Vatan Ali Mercan and the representative of the Vatan party in Frankfurt Ayhan Menteş as well as many citizens attended the ceremony. The importance of the fight against racism was underlined during the event which was held next to the graves of the victims in the central cemetery of Hanau. Metropolitan Mayor Claus Kaminsky said the pain of the racist attack is still fresh in the city.

The mass commemoration event held at Heumarkt Square in the city center witnessed emotional moments. Çetin Gültekin, the older brother of Gökhan Gültekin, one of Hanau’s victims, criticized the humiliating attitudes and negligence of the police and later politicians in his speech. Recalling that there are still many question marks, Gültekin said: “If nine pandas had been killed in Hanau, everyone would have revolted and attacked the incident. But nine people were killed and the coalition government of Christian Democrats and Greens, which rules the state of Hesse, ignored the event,” he said.


A statement regarding the attack came from the European representation of the Vatan party. Ali Mercan, Foreign Representative of the Vatan Party, who shared his views on a bright Europe, stressed that racist attacks in European countries are “a product of this system, whatever form it takes. take”. Mercan said, “Racism is a cultural form of imperialism and the liberal system,” and continued, “It is the continuation of colonialism and Eurocentric cultures of superiority. Today, racism taking the form of “Turkish-Islamic hostility” in Germany, especially in Europe, is an indicator of this. Showing racist attacks outside the system means hiding the source and erasing the order.


However, commemoration activities continued throughout the week. The Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (DITIB), headquartered in Cologne, organized an event in which President Kazım Türkmen participated as a speaker. Relatives of the deceased, Çetin Gültekin and Armin Kurtovic, also participated in the event. Recalling that the pain of the incident still exists in his opening speech, Türkmen said that 9 people who had dreams and targets died in the attack. Expressing that those dreams came to an end in the attack, Türkmen said, “All those dreams were buried in an instant.” The Turkmen continued his remarks as follows: “We say that ‘fire burns where it falls’. This sentence expresses that the pain is the highest, especially for family members and loved ones. No matter how much empathy we show, no matter how much pain we feel, the pain of families continues. Although memories bring back pain and suffering, remembering and remembering is also honor and honor for those who have passed away. They live on in our prayers, memories and memories.


The Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB) has not forgotten the anniversary of the Hanau massacre. YTB ​​officials, who held a commemoration ceremony in Maktul Gökhan Gültekin’s hometown of Ağrı, opened the “Martyr Gökhan Gültekin Library” at the Türk Telekom Primary and Secondary School in the district’s Tahir town from Eleşkirt. Speaking on behalf of YTB, which also held a commemoration program in the city cemetery for the anniversary of Gültekin’s death, YTB Chairman Abdullah Eren recalled that they visited Hanau after the attack and took a big walk there, and organized awareness campaigns to remember the terrorist attack. “Reaction marches were organized there with the participation of the Turkish and German communities,” Eren said, adding, “Since then, we have been working on an awareness campaign so that this incident will not be forgotten. Every year, we organize different activities on patrol,” he said.


In the racist attack perpetrated in Hanau two years ago, 9 people, including 4 Turks, lost their lives. The attacker, named Tobias Rathjen, opened fire randomly attacking 2 cafes in 2 different areas of the city, one after the other. It was reported that the 43-year-old racist attacker then drove to his home, killed his mother and then took his own life. The Hanau massacre case was closed after the Federal Attorney General’s decision not to prosecute in December 2021.

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