Sekter thank you very much Hıncal Baba, he will frame it and hang it in the corner

Hurriyet Editor-in-Chief Ahmet Hakan, Aysen Inci’Writer Sabah, who shared the story of her cat Sekter in her corner through the book of ‘Psychological Stories’ Hincal Uluc’thanked him.

Hakan’s message “Secretary thank you very much, Hıncal Baba” In its section titled:

“Ayşen İnci wrote a storybook. In a very creative format… Stories written with the “cats express ownership” approach. They are all very different, very beautiful, very cute… The title of the book is ‘Psychological Stories’.

One of these stories was written in the language of our Sekter. It’s so well written that the story of Sekter, even Sekter couldn’t be told so well. Hıncal Baba shared this long story with his readers in his column yesterday. The sectarian was so pleased that… He will frame it and hang it in his corner at home.”

CLICK – The morning writer Uluç: His Cat Sekter talks about Ahmet Hakan

According to Uluç, the story that Sekter “wrote” to describe Ahmet Hakan was as follows:

Let me tell you from the start. You can find me smug, arrogant, arrogant. But you know, I don’t care if you think like that.

Because I have many reasons to consider myself superior to other cats and not to care what you think of me.

I am a Scottish Fold cat. There was no one who saw me and did not admire my beauty and nobility. I like the taste of the look, but I get goosebumps when some ladies try to show me too much attention to please Ahmet and start talking to me with a child’s voice like I’m a baby.

I meow: “Girls, don’t be silly, I’m not a baby! If you calculate my age in human age, you should bow down to me” but they don’t understand!

Here is the sectarian!.. God help Ahmet Hakan!.

Anyway, without further ado, let me introduce myself. My name is Sector.

Ahmet gave me this name because of my hard eyes. At first I was strange, but then I was very happy that I didn’t have an ordinary name like Boncuk, Samur, Cingöz, Sarman and so on.

Everything about me should be different and special. Oh, there was also a Muezza. His name is also different. He was also a genre. It’s not just soy, it’s also juice. He always had the upper hand over me. No, it was a cat of the Prophet, no, it descended from Müezza because it had a spot on the top of the palate. don’t ask. My star has not reconciled with him. Always fighting, always polemic, always tension. Anyway, eventually Müezza went to another house and I breathed a sigh of relief and my mood improved.

“I’m pretty sure no other cat has ever used the word ‘controversy’

The words I used surprised you, didn’t they? I’m pretty sure no other cat has ever used the word “controversy”.

Well, when you have an intellectual like Ahmet, of course, you are different from other genres. What, do you think I misspoke? I deliberately said “I don’t have, I have”. Don’t forget that. You can never own a cat. He becomes your owner. I am very lucky that Ahmet has accepted this situation and we get on well. If I said beautiful beautiful, I’m not talking about being so greedy.

We have a level relationship. I don’t like to be caressed or caressed. Laziness drives me crazy. Ahmet says I’m introverted, wild and antisocial. It’s true. I don’t like people, I don’t like cats and dogs; I don’t like surprises or change.

I am slow, lazy and lazy. I don’t care if the world is burning. I am such a reckless cat.

“Ahmet’s favorite trait is that he accepts me as I am”

But I love laziness and food. When a friend of his told me that I was fat, Ahmet immediately put me in front of diet food, but even with it I managed to gain three kilograms in two months. Besides, who cares about my weight? We have established an order with Ahmet, we get on well, it doesn’t matter if they don’t get involved!

Ahmet’s favorite trait is that he accepts me as I am.

In my laziness, in my bad mood, in my madness.

Because despite all my faults, I am a cat to love and he is aware of it.

As for Ahmet, he is my most precious thing. I am very sincere in my words.

This house, my favorite corner, even my favorite wet food comes after Ahmet. Because I have great love for him. Although I don’t show too much because of my character, he knows how deep my love is. I don’t know what other people think of him, but I find him handsome and charismatic with his gray beard and his glasses. I think the female sex agrees with me too. If you knew who I had to share it with!

You are very curious, aren’t you? Let me say. She was the first beautiful woman I met. Green eyes, black hair. It’s called… You’re really nice!

Do you really think I’m going to tell you about Ahmet’s private life? Am I an idiot so I can get in trouble! These are very dangerous questions. Breach of privacy, disclosure, etc.

I owe these different words to having watched too much television and listened to Ahmet’s speeches. Especially when Ahmet starts the program on TV, I watch it very carefully. I have a lot to learn from him. After watching the programs, I decided on this.

Sometimes a few people lined up around a table, arguing, shouting and choking so much that I looked at them in amazement.

I say if I was in front of them I would cut my nails and scratch them, but Ahmet manages to stay calm.

I love this way of her.

I learned these words “controversy, violation, disclosure” and many words that are not in the cat dictionary of these programs.

The fact that Ahmet is such a well-known and popular person inevitably causes great jealousy among the other cats in the neighborhood.

One of them is the cat of a retired officer who never married, and the other is the cat of a young man trying to be an actor. When the young man started a TV series, Samur immediately informed me: “Ali Ağabey will now appear on TV and become famous”, he said arrogantly.

Uh, we saw it! He appeared like this in the three-hour series. “There’s someone who wants to see you,” he said simply.

The next day I did not leave the window, to see the Sable and meow in derision, but he never appeared.

I lied happily all day.

Like Ahmet, I also pay the price of being a celebrity.

Jealousy, competition. Once upon a time there was a cat named Shero. Actually, he wasn’t a bad cat, I liked him. When they won the elections, they got into a good mood. I saw it on TV, it was itchy so don’t ask.

What you call a cat is a little mature, a little digested. I immediately unsubscribed him.

The Kulliye also has a cat, I saw his photo. I am not commenting on it at this time.

If I say beautiful they’ll say shit, if I say ugly they’ll start an investigation or something.

I’m just saying God bless their owners. As you can see, I finally learned to be political too.

Ahmet has a friend. His name is Melih. I say friend, but I don’t really understand the relationship between the two. I couldn’t tell if they loved each other or not.

We cats express our feelings very clearly and precisely. However, people are not like that. Sometimes they have to hide their true feelings and look different.

Either way, Ahmet’s correspondence with Melih never ends. I finally decided that they liked each other, because there was a smile on their lips while writing and reading.

Ahmet showed me a photo recently. Oh, like me!

Melih bought a cat of my breed. When I looked a little closer, I saw that he looked like me but didn’t have any of the charisma that I had.

Melih wrote:

“Two cats of the same breed. Which is the friendliest? ” He asked.

Ahmet immediately replied with a mischievous smile. “Your cat is a loser, my cat is pasha.” Long live Ahmet!


With these feelings, I continued to see myself at the center of the world for a long time. Until he watches the news.

A man named Karl Lagerfeld left his entire legacy to his cat.

The cat’s name is even weirder than mine: Choupette. The man was really in love with his cat. He ate meals with her, never leaving her with him.

This cat also appeared in the advertisements of many famous brands.

Karl took fifty pictures of himself every day.

He was traveling in a private jet with his own iPad, designer clothes and diamond necklaces. She has 275,000 followers on her Instagram account. Karl left most of his fortune to this cat in his will.

Now, as the richest cat in the world, she lives in Paris with two carers and bodyguards.

This news suddenly upset all my balance. My feeling of jealousy spread to all my cells, my hair in waves. When I saw the photo of the cat, I confessed that he was very handsome, but it really bothered me to be so passionately attached to a cat. Crazy ideas started swirling around in my head:

1- Why does Ahmet attach me not with love but with a familiar love?

(I gave up. Too much love overwhelms me anyway.) 2- Why doesn’t he take so many pictures of me? Or does he not find me beautiful enough?

3- Why doesn’t he organize commercials or TV shows for me when he has so many circles?

4- Why doesn’t he think of buying me an iPad and opening an Instagram account?

5- Should there be an advertisement saying “Blue Diamond is every cat’s right”? Even a small diamond necklace wouldn’t be bad.

6 – What does he foresee for my future?

I stayed in my corner for a few days, searching for answers to these questions in my head, but unable to find them.

Last night Ahmet reached out his hand to me so I could look at him. Made by a friend. A postage stamp with the Republic of Turkey on the top and my picture below the PTT on the side.

I opened my eyes and looked again.

Yes… There was actually a picture of me on it. So everyone knew how much Ahmet loved me and how much he appreciated me. At that point Karl and his handsome trillionaire cat disappeared from my mind, never to be remembered again.

Living with someone who loves you so much, growing old was the greatest wealth. A meow of thanks, a mixture of happiness, pride and joy, fell from my lips.

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