Pet insurance from Zurich Insurance

Pet11, the brand of N11 which brings together all pet services, products and services under one roof, has launched “Pet 11 Pet Insurance” service for its dear friends in cooperation with Zurich Sigorta and Sigortadı

Pet11, Zurich Insurance and I Pet11 Pet Insurance was developed for the treatment of health issues that pets may encounter, including emergencies. Pet 11 Pet Insuranceprovides the treatment of cats and/or dogs in a carefully selected network of veterinary clinics under contract or in any desired veterinary clinic by paying only a contribution.

Why pet insurance?

Pet11 Pet Insurance It was developed taking into account all the needs of dear friends. Insurance owners can receive free washing, nail trimming, and eye and ear care services for their pets once a year. Insurance is offered for sale at prices starting from 560 TL per year.

How to buy?

With the most suitable package that can be chosen from the alternatives, the health of pet owners’ cats and/or dogs is ensured by expert veterinarians. Besides; Various support services such as examination, hospital treatment and surgery if necessary, interventions such as suturing, insertion of serum, examinations such as x-rays, analysis and modern diagnostic methods, and the drugs used in the treatment can also be used throughout the insurance period.

Ahmet Acar, Life Category Director at

“Our priority is animal rights”

Declaring that it has implemented Pet 11 in the e-commerce sector with an approach that respects animal rights, Ahmet Acar, Life Category Director at“At, we provide many services and services for our dear friends in addition to our wide range of products and brands on our platform. The most important reason why pet11 came into being is that we realized the need to offer much more than shopping in order to give our friends the love and support they need. To this end, pet11 Pet Insurance, which we launched in cooperation with Zurich Insurance and which I insured , is an important project for us and our pets. As pet11, we will continue to work for the health, protection and adoption of all animals in need as well as the pets mentioned.

A first in Turkey

Emphasizing that pets have a positive effect on our lives, Zurich Insurance Strategy, Marketing and Project Management Director Şölen Soya“86% of pet owners said their pets provided them with companionship during the Covid-19 pandemic, 78% found significant benefits in reducing stress and anxiety, 75% % boredom and 74% felt depression says pets bring hope As Zurich Insurance, we have developed the first comprehensive pet insurance in Turkey for the different needs of our pets. pet11 Pet Insurance, which we offer exclusively to customers in cooperation with, pet owners, pet11 pet insurance animals from all over Turkey can protect the health of their cats or dogs not only in an emergency, but also in the event of skin diseases, stomach ulcers, ulcers, kidney stones, otitis media.They can also cover many different diseases such as cancer. We will continue to develop our products and services according to the needs of our dear friends who give us hope. noted.

Orçun Kiziltepe, deputy general manager of

Convenience in healthcare spending

Orçun Kiziltepe, deputy general manager of“With the pandemic, the number of pets in Turkey is increasing day by day. There are 21 million households in total in Turkey. 20% of these households have cats and 6% have dogs. Although we spent a lot of money for our dear friends at home, such as food, clothes and accessories, health expenses come first Pet insurance, which is widely applied all over the world, now makes part of the preferences of pet owners in Turkey.While many similar pet insurance today only come into play in case of emergency, Pet11 Pet Insurance covers the treatment of many health problems that may be encountered. We are happy both to benefit our customers and to support our dear friends in their treatment and care with this campaign, which we have carried out with the responsibility we feel for the environment, nature and all living beings in cooperation with pet11 and Zurich Insurance.

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