Poodle Traits and Care: How to Care for and Raise a Poodle?

The poodle, also known as the poodle, is a dog breed that has been seen frequently in shows since ancient times. Because they can be trained easily and adapt to the commands given to them. As they are social dogs, they can get along with other animals. As with other dog breeds, there are some things to consider when caring for poodles.

Characteristics of the Poodle

The general characteristics of the poodle are as follows:

  • Physical properties: Poodle dogs have curly, dense hair. It is possible to mention that these feathers are relatively hard. In addition to poodles with different shades of different colors such as white, black and brown, there are also poodle dogs that combine several different colors. However, their eyes are usually dark in color. It creates a different cute look with its oval shape. One of the specificities of poodles is their ears. The prominent ears extending from both sides of their head create a factor that enhances the cute appearance of Poodle dogs.
  • Average weight and height: Poodles have 3 different types in terms of size. However, from smallest to largest, all Poodles have similar characteristics aside from size. Standard Poodles weigh 20 to 32 kilograms and measure 38 to 62 centimeters. The smaller Miniature Poodles have an average weight of 7 kilograms and a height of 30 centimeters. The smallest immature poodles, on the other hand, average 3.5 kilograms and 25 centimeters in physical characteristics. Female poodles are lower in weight and height than males.
  • Characteristics: The most important characteristics of Poodles are their minds. Moreover, they attract attention with their proud nature. Unlike many dog ​​breeds, they can easily get along with other dogs, children, and cats. However, it is important that they are socialized from an early age. These are dogs that can be trained. Since they are quite energetic and active, they also like to play games. They don’t like to be alone because they are very fond of their owners. They are also called water dogs because they are good swimmers.

How to Care for a Poodle

Information that people who own or plan to own a Poodle dog should know:

  • Poodles, like other dogs, need 2 meals a day. However, meal quantities vary for Poodles of different sizes. The dog’s age, weight and daily activity should also be taken into account when adjusting the amount of food. Increasing the number and quantity of meals can pose a health hazard to the dog and can lead to negative consequences such as joint disease. Food selection should also be done with expert support. It is advantageous to favor a quality food produced with respect for the consumption of poodle dogs. You also have to be selective about home cooking because some dishes can harm the health of Poodles.
  • Since the hair structure of Poodles is different, shed hair can be collected among other hair. As a result, the feathers can turn into felt. The presence of matted hairs can be understood when a dullness appears in the color of the feathers. To avoid this, it is useful to comb the hair every other day. Faced with insurmountable problems, shortening the hair and even shaving stand out as strong options.
  • Since odor problems are not very common in poodle hair, the frequency of baths can be adjusted to 1-2 times per month. However, when there is significant contamination due to extreme situations, maintenance in the form of washing should be done. For this, it is necessary to take care to choose the appropriate shampoo.
  • For oral care, it is necessary to brush your teeth up to twice a week. Likewise, attention should be paid to nail trimming. Poodles should be checked from time to time for problems such as injuries, as the skin of poodles is also not visible due to their dense hair.
  • It is possible for Poodles with orthopedic problems to live up to 20 years with regular veterinary checkup and proper nutritional care program.

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