Motor couriers pass ‘tough test’ with stray dogs

Since the start of the Covid-19 epidemic, the number of motorcycle couriers has increased with the change in shopping culture. Couriers, who race against time to deliver goods or orders to their address on time, fear being attacked by a dog or having an accident while being protected from it, while driving on two wheels.

Some couriers change course when they see the dogs walking in packs, while others lose control of the steering wheel and fall out of fear. These accidents, which occur on busy streets and streets, can also cause chain accidents from time to time.

– “They should live in the forest, not in the neighborhood”

The couriers, who argued that fewer stray dogs would directly affect these traffic accidents, expressed their support for measures to protect both lives.

Murat Tomris, president of the Courier Federation, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that dogs wandering in a herd between neighborhoods make motorcyclists nervous.

Stating that some stray dogs, affected by the noise of motorbikes, showed an aggressive barking attitude, Tomris said he was not an animal enemy and loved animals, especially dogs. Tomris pointed out that he regularly feeds dozens of stray dogs living in wooded areas on his own.

Stating that dogs should live in forest areas, not between neighborhoods, Tomris explained with examples that stray dogs in city centers can attack people and thus loss of life can occur. Tomris said it is important to listen to the suffering of the parents of the children who died as a result of the dog attack.

Noting that a solution to the problem of stray dogs must be found, Tomris said, “Let them be left in their natural habitats and areas. We also voluntarily raise them there as social responsibility projects, but their place is n t’s not in the streets, there are cars. A cat or a dog that was hit by a car every day, is dead. disappeared, we see it, we’re sad. Why aren’t these animals Adopted or left at a nice living space while picking up?Those are our only problems.Otherwise we are people who really love animals, but as I said, it’s a big danger especially for bikers.Because that they have an accident. They are already in the slightest concussion in terms of balance. We are even having difficulty, and the attack of the animal in this momentary panic is unfortunately a great obstacle.” he said.

– They try to prevent the attack by giving meat and bones

Explaining that couriers who come across herds of dogs in the order delivery area sometimes have to jump over the fence or wall, Tomris continues:

“When the dog sees a stranger, it attacks to protect its territory. So you cannot leave the pack and escape, you have to jump over the wall or the fence. There are also certain areas that we have marked ‘There are dogs here, should we buy meat or bones when we come here? Let’s give some so he doesn’t attack us. There are many areas we are calling. We are calling the municipal police and let’s warn them because “stray animals are aggressive”, they are so busy now that they can’t prevent this situation.” he said.

Stating that some people put on a “show of force” with dangerous dogs, Tomris pointed out that dogs become brutal at the hands of evil people.

– Prepares to support social responsibility projects for dogs

Tomris, who warned animal lovers “don’t adopt an animal you can’t care for,” said he found the microchip app, which was implemented following the protocol signed between the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Turkish Association of Veterinary Doctors, to prevent pets from being left on the streets.

Expressing that they can support all kinds of social responsibility projects to be carried out on this subject with their members, Tomris added that they are ready to take responsibility for any project created by the state and in which they are involved.

– “It’s a remorse for us”

Tolga Bektaş, vice president of the Courier Federation, said that stray dogs were attacking motorcycles and causing traffic accidents.

Explaining that his colleagues and the dogs were injured in the accidents, Bektaş said, “When he suddenly gets out of the vehicles and jumps in front of the engines, we hit them. It’s remorse for us. We would be very happy if measures were taken for them.” mentioned.

– The dog got scared when he barked and hit the woman

The neighborhood constantly asks, “Is there a dog there?” Expressing his unease, Bektaş said, “It’s less common in areas such as the highway and E-5, but all of our friends who distribute parcels between neighborhoods face this problem. In fact, it A week ago, a friend of ours was throwing packages between neighborhoods, when the dog barked, he got scared, “He’s hitting her, she’s got tissue damage. They took our friend into custody for one night. Stuff like this happens to us all the time.” used expressions.

Stressing that he thinks the number of traffic accidents will decrease with the removal of stray dogs from city centers, Bektaş said: “We are 100% sure that even if motorcycle accidents between neighborhoods are not completely eliminated, accidents will decrease by 40 percent and 50 percent.” made his assessment.

Bektaş noted that they can support the project to be carried out in this regard with at least 2-3,000 motorcycle couriers.

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