Everything you need to know about Cane Corso dogs

Dogs known as Cane Corso Italiano or Cane Corso are a famous dog breed, especially in southern Italy. In this article, we have compiled everything you need to know about the Cane Corso breed and its characteristics, which is known for its agility and intelligence.

1. Cane Corso dogs are basically hunting and fighting dogs. They are descendants of Canis Pugnax, a powerful war dog.

However, Cane Corsolar is slightly lighter and more agile than Canis Pugnaxes.

2. Also known as Cane Corso Mastiff or Italian Mastiff, this dog breed is famous in southern Italy

3. Cane Corsolar, used by soldiers for support or hunting purposes, was previously used in bull games based on dogs attacking bulls😔

italian mastiff bullfight

4. This breed of dogs, which almost disappeared in the 1980s, was saved thanks to contributions from different countries.

5. These dogs, best known for their athletic and agile nature, need daily exercise.

cane corso training

6. Therefore, it can hardly be said that Cane Corso is suitable for apartment living. However, let us add that if a sufficient environment is provided and their exercises are not neglected, they can adapt.

Cane Corsolar withstands long walks and runs. If you have a garden where you live, you can have fun with Cane Corso. It should also be noted that these dogs are happiest in open areas.

7. The coat of the Cane Corso is straight, short and dense. They are usually black, beige or striped. Since the moult is light, it does not tire its owner much.

List of cane corso feathers

The muzzle of these dogs can be black or gray and drooping. Some may have gray or black spots on their feet.

8. Some Cane Corsos have blue eyes due to weaning.

cane corso blue

We can say that these dogs, known as the Blue Cane Corso, are quite popular😌

9. Cane Corso dogs are not very difficult to maintain. You can comb the hair once in a while to remove dead hair, other than that, you don’t need to comb too much.

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10. The most common diseases in Cane Corso dogs with an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years are hip dislocation and cherry eye.

italian mastiff

Grain-free formulas should be given against the risk of hip dislocation (hip diplesia), and home-prepared foods should be preferred over ready-made formulas. You can give him plant food supplements once a week. Hip dislocation is determined by MRI results, but cherry eye rarely resolves.

Cherry eye is not a fatal disease, but it negatively affects the dog’s daily life as it causes a constant discharge of pus.

11. It can be said that the Cane Corsolar adapts to life with people because it is loyal to its family and easily trainable.

Sociability of the Italian Mastiff

They can even act as guardians as they are adapted to live outdoors. It is also suitable for guarding as it has the character of being self-confident, alert, hot-tempered and aggressive towards strangers. They are even used as police dogs.

12. Because he likes to act in his own style, he can force people to deal with dogs for the first time, but because he’s a quick learner, he can adapt over time.

13. It is important for Cane Corso dogs to get to know their family members. In addition, these dogs need obedience training.

cane corso obedience training

During this training, reward your dog by petting his head or giving him food to reinforce each positive behavior. This ensures that the behavior takes hold. For example, when you say “sit” and give the command to sit, bring your hand to the dog’s waist and press down lightly on the floor. If he does the deed, give him a pat on the head or a meal as a reward. Also, ignore his negative behaviors or say “no” with a clap. In addition to all this, let’s add that it will be better to educate your dog the first day you bring him home.

14. They don’t show much tolerance towards other dogs and are wary of strangers. However, once introduced, this problem may go away.

15. Cane Corso dogs, which have high protection, are loyal to children

cane corso boy

Cane Corso dogs can be used as close guards. Although they may seem tough on the outside, they are among the dogs that get along best with children.

16. Its average length is 64-69 cm for males and 58-61 cm for females. Its weight is about 45-50 kg in males and 40-45 kg in females.

cane corso woman man listed

17. They may have bloating issues. For this reason, the Cane Corso breed should be well balanced between meals and should not be allowed to consume too much food.

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